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The University of Tennessee

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1 The University of Tennessee
Visual Organizers Developed by Brenda Stephenson The University of Tennessee

2 What are visual organizers?
Visual organizers, also called graphic organizers, are a way to visually represent information for students. This tool can help deaf students understand concepts, relationships, analyze and organize data, and understand sequences and systems.

3 Why use them? Pare down the information to the main ideas
Give students a different way of looking at the same information. Can be used as a cross-curriculum tool.

4 Guidelines Consistent: Coherent: Creative:
choose standard set, establish a routine Coherent: label clearly, limit number of ideas Creative: use during all stages of lesson, use illustrations, group activity

5 Uses •knowledge •concept •analysis •discussion
•comprehension •cause/effect •synthesis •compare/contrast •evaluation •sequencing •problem solving •5 Ws (5 Ws +H)

6 Types •Webs •Flow Chart/Cycle Chart •Hierarchy/Tree Maps •T-Chart
•Venn Diagrams •Fun Graphics

7 Webs Also called Bubble Charts Cross-curriculum Uses include: concept
discussion relationships cause/effect 5Ws/5Ws +H

8 Concept Web

9 Character Description:
“Bride to Terabithia” Short hair, wore simple clothing, tomboy Intelligent, imaginative, adventurous Teacher pleaser Leslie Burke Character Creative thinker & problem solver Animal rights activist Opinionated

10 5 Ws + H King Arthur What Who When 5th-6th century, Middle Ages
Removed Excalibur from stone to become rightful King of England Who When 5th-6th century, Middle Ages British chieftain, probably just a legend King Arthur Character King Arthur goes on quest for Holy Grail, believe to hold great power British Isles, Area of England, Scotland, & Ireland today. Where Why Quest is basically a crusade to fight the heathen in the Middle East. How

11 Show at least 6 ways to achieve the middle number
Math Show at least 6 ways to achieve the middle number 2 x 6 6 + 6 8 + 4 12 20 - 8 3 x 4 24/2

12 Cause/Affect Web

13 Cause/Affect Web Cause Affect Heat Boils Water Freezes Cold

14 Flow Charts and Cycle Charts
Cross-curriculum Uses include: knowledge comprehension application sequencing life cycles

15 Flow Chart details details details

16 Flow Chart Topic: “Where the Wild Things Are”
He imagines a place where the wild things are Max gets into trouble Max misses his family details details details Max is not afraid of wild things They make him king They have a party with dancing & feasting. Max travels back to his bedroom where he fins his supper waiting. Max was misbehaving and his mother sends him to his room without his supper



19 Cycle Chart

20 Butterfly Live Cycle


22 Hierarchy Maps Also called Tree Maps Cross-curriculum Uses include:
knowledge comprehension analysis

23 Hierarchy Chart

24 Civilizations: Meso-America
Hierarchy Chart Civilizations: Meso-America Attribute Attribute Attribute Attribute Religion Social Groups Support Activities Writing Examples Examples Examples Examples Alphabet Stone csarving Calendars Record keeping Oral to written history Farming Basket making Irrigation canals Markets Roads weaving Temples Priests Rituals Human sacrifices Blood sports pyramids Priests Farmers Scribes Builders Slaves warriors

25 Family History & Relationships
Tree Chart Family History & Relationships Glenn Warren Mary Platt Charles Brown Maude ?? Garfield White Josephine Williams George Hanks Nancy Scarboro Lee Warren Anna Brown Fred White Bertha Hanks Violet Warren Alfred White Janie White Hensley

26 Venn Diagrams Limited Cross-curriculum Uses include: knowledge
analysis comprehension compare & contrast

27 Venn Diagram

28 State university located here
Compare & Contrast Knoxville, TN Chattanooga, TN 3rd largest city in TN Foot of the Smoky Mtns Was once the capital of TN 4th largest city in TN Borders Georgia Civil War battles fought here State university located here Located on river

29 One the lines below, write all the factors that make up the number
12: 1,12, 2, 6, 3, : 1,54,2,27,6,9,3,18 12 54 12 4 27 54 9 18 1 2 3 6

30 Types of Family Interactions
Mother Father Mother Father Children Children Mother Father Children

31 T-Charts Limited Cross-curriculum Uses include: analysis comprehension

32 T-Chart What I Know What I Need Know

33 T-Chart What I Know What I Need Know What I Learned

34 T-Chart What I Know What I Need Know What I Learned
Visual way to show information Venn diagrams Flow charts Tree charts How to use Where to find Different types Curriculum uses Guidelines: consistent, coherent, creative Internet sources, other teachers Hierarchy, cycle charts, webs Cross-curriculum Use as introduction, homework, group activities, tests

35 Fun Visual Organizers







42 Where do I find visual organizers?
Here are some websites : www. www. www. www. www. www.

43 Summary Visual Tool Guidelines Cross-curriculum uses Visual or Graphic
Organizers Planning necessary Many different types Variety of uses

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