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Author: Dr. Sam Slike Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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1 Author: Dr. Sam Slike Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Date submitted to – February 7, 2006 To contact the author for permission to use this PowerPoint, please To use this PowerPoint presentation in its entirety, please give credit to the author.

2 History of the Education of the Deaf
History, Education and Guidance of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Dr. Slike

3 Ancient Times Religious Restrictions

4 Classical Greek and Rome
Aristotle Romans Justinian Code Spartans

5 15th Century Rudolphus Agricola

6 16th Century Jerome Cardin (Gilrolamo Cardano) Ponce de Leon
Velasco Family Ponce de Leon

7 17th Century Juan Pablo Bonet Sir Kenelm Digby William Holder
John Wallis George Dalgarno Johann Konrad Amman

8 18th Century Henry Baker Jacob Rodriguez Pereire
Abbe Carlos Miguel de l’Eppe Samuel Heinicke Thomas Braidwood Dr. Jean Marc Gaspard Itard

9 Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
19th Century Abbe Roch Ambroise Sicard Laurent Clerc John Baptist Graser Fredierick Hill Joseph Watson Francis Green John Stanford Colonel Bolling and John Braidwood Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

10 19th Century (cont.) Horace Mann and Samuel Howe
Gardner Green Hubbard and John Clarke 1880 Conference in Milan 1880 Founding of NAD Edward Miner Gallaudet Amos Kendall Alexander Graham Bell

11 1880 Conference of Milan Many people represented supported the “pure oral method” Resolutions passed: Speech was superior to signing, therefore in order to “restore deaf mutes” to society the oral method should be preferred Signing and speaking was a hindrance to learning speech, lip reading and the grasping of ideas, therefore teachers should use the pure oral method

12 1880 Founding of National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

13 CEASD CAID A.G. Bell NAD CED RID Establishment of Organizations
20th Century CEASD Establishment of Organizations CAID A.G. Bell NAD CED RID

14 Notable Names R. Orin Cornett Max Goldstein Alice Streng
Edith Fitzgerald Notable Names Daniel Ling Helen Beebe William Stokoe Baker & Cokely Mildred Groht

15 1988 Deaf President Now

16 What’s Next? Cochlear Implants Sound Field Systems Technology Hair Cell Regeneration Human Genome Project Other Trends? ………..

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