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Innovation and Design Excellence from Lawrence Technological University.

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1 Innovation and Design Excellence from Lawrence Technological University

2 Overview Team Introduction Previous Design History New Platform Design Process Innovative Platform Features Sensor Development Global Grid Path Planning Jaus Summary Q & A

3 Team Introduction Paul Wright, BSTM -Team Leader Ryan Mathews, BSCS -Programming Team Leader Jonathan Ruszala, BSRE -Electrical Design Leader CJ Chung – Faculty Advisor Mechanical Team Paul Wright – BSTM Stephen Osterhoff BSBME Philip Bigos– BSRE Anthony Knapp– BSRE Path Planning Team Dan McGee – BSEE Daniel Anderegg – BSCS JAUS Ryan Matthews – BSCS Global Grid Jonathan Nabozny – BSCS Vision Processing Christopher Kawatsu, MSCS Jiaxing Li, MSCS Taiga Sato, MSCS

4 Previous Design History Culture Shock I 2009 Culture Shock II 2010 Vulture I 2011

5 Previous Design History Performance – Low center of gravity – High Power 24V motors – Low moment of inertia – High-performance computer systems – Cambered wheel design – Dual Chain tensioners Safety Gel Batteries Reliable E-stop Audible & Visible alerts Speed-limiting via Motor Controller

6 Previous Design History Reliability & Maintainability – Durable materials – Modular construction – Passive sensors Small footprint – Increased maneuverability – Ease of testing

7 New Platform Design Process Reduced Camber angle to 7 Revised Suspension for more durability Built Sensor Test Cart for sensor development 12VDC Monitor eliminates inverter Continuous design improvement

8 New Platform Design Process Built Sensor Test Cart for sensor development

9 Stereo Vision System Low cost web cameras. Open source stereo vision software (Emgu, C# wrapper for OpenCV)

10 Disparity, Rectified, and Obstacle Images Disparity Image Obstacle Image Left Camera Rectified Image

11 Global Grid: Configuration Sampled Coordinates: 42.67994, -83.19578 42.67990, -83.19420 42.67798, -83.19565 42.67788, -83.19411 Grid Bounding Lines: North = 42.67994 South = 42.67788 East = -83.19411 West = -83.19578

12 Global Grid: Configuration

13 Global Grid: How It Works

14 Path Planning:

15 Software Design (JAUS Challenge) Message Manager PayloadHeader Message ComponentControlElement Local Pose Report Identification ServicesStatusVelocity

16 Innovative Platform Features Cambered wheel design- Single sided mounting Low center of gravity for neutral balance Low moment of inertia for easy turning on axis 12VDC Monitor eliminates inverter Custom SAE-JAUS COP Proprietary Stereo Vision Camera image processing

17 Innovative Platform Features Ease of Use: Reconfigurable Upper structure Ease of access to electronics and batteries Accessible controls Low weight Lightweight materials Integrated sensors Low power Passive sensors DC-DC conversion

18 Summary Evolutionary Design through Continuous Improvement

19 Q & A

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