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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar? the guitar? Section B 3a-3b.

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2 Unit 1 Can you play the guitar? the guitar? Section B 3a-3b

3 Where there is a will, there is a way.

4 swim speak English sing play soccer paint play chess dance play the guitar Chain work A: Can you ……? B: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. Can you …. C: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. Can you …

5 play the violinplay the trumpet play the piano play the drums play the guitar

6 a rock band play the guitar play the trumpet play the drums They’re musicians. What can they do? Who are they?

7 Musicians Wanted 招聘音乐家 for School Music Festival 学校音乐节 Do you like _______? Can you sing or ______? Can you _____ the piano or the violin? Can you play the_______ or the drums? Then you ______be in our school music festival. Please _____ Mr. Zhang at 622-6033. music dance can guitar play call Complete the ad with the words in the box. 3a guitar can call dance music play

8 7 Read 3a again, then fill in the card. Event ( 事件 ): _____________________ Wanted: ___________ Requirement( 招聘条件 ) : __________________________ _________________________ Host ( 主办者 ): ________ Phone number: __________ School Music Festival musicians sing, dance, play the piano,the violin, the drums or the guitar Mr. Zhang 622-6033 can

9 be in 成为 …… 的一员 ( 1 ) be in 与 join 是 近义词。 一 般来说, be in 表 示状态, join 表 示 " 加入 “ 这 一短暂性的动作。 You can be in our rock band. ( = You can join our rock band.) 比较: Jim is in the soccer team. Jim wants to join the soccer team. 选词填空完成句子。 Alan wants to ____ ( join, in ) the basketball club. Now he is _____(in, at) the basketball club.

10 9 3b Make a poster. Ask help for an event at your school. …………………………………… …………………………………… …………………………………… …………………………….. Please call _____ at_____. ________ Wanted for School ___________

11 _____________ Wanted for ________________ We want eleven good football player for our sports club. Can you ____? Can you_____? Can you _____________? Please ____ Mike ____111-4873. Football Players School Sports Club run call at jump play soccer

12 1. Gina wants to j____ the music club. 2. Can you s_____ English? 3. I can play the guitar but can’t play the p_____. 4. Can you h____ kids with swimming? Ⅰ.根据句意及词首字母写出单词。 oin peak iano elp

13 1. Tom wants ________ to you. Are you free? A. to tell B. tells C. to talk D. talks 2. Can you help me ________ my English? A. with B. of C. learning D. about 3. Here ________. A. is some informations B. are some in formations C. are some information D. is some information Ⅱ. 单项选择 C A D

14 4. Bob can play _____ tennis but can’t play _____ violin. A. the, the B.×, × C. the, × D. ×, the 5. Can you paint? ________. A. Yes, a little B. Yes, little C. No, a little D. No, little 6. Please call me _______ 8989766. A. in B. at C. about D. with D A B

15 7. ____ like to go swimming _____summer. A. Children, on B. Children, in C. A child, on D. A child, in 8. Miss Read is good ______ music. She can be good ____ children in the music club. A. at, at B. with, with C. at, with D. with, at 9. The young _____ plays the ____ very well. A. pianist, piano B. piano, pianist C. pianist, pianist D. piano, piano B C A

16 10. --What can you do, Lin Tao? -- ________. A. I like sports B. I am well C. I want to join the music club D. I can do Chinese Kung Fu 11. Hi, can I help you? ________. A.Yes, please B. No, I can’t C. Yes, I can D.You are welcome 12. ______ you can _____ our school concert. A. Maybe, in B. Maybe, be in C. May be, in D. May be, be in D A B

17 Ⅲ. 将下列句子译成英语 1. 我想当一名艺术家。 2. 我想加入艺术俱乐部。 I want to join the art club. I want to be an artist. 3. 琳达很会唱歌。 Linda can sing well. /Linda___ ____ ____ ______. 4. 麦克喜欢和我交谈。 Mike likes to____ ___ ___. 5. 请给 Bill 打电话 1234567. Please ______Bill ____1234567. callat talktome is good at singing

18 5. 你会游泳吗 ? 6. 她会弹吉他吗 ? 会。 7. 你们会画画吗 ? 不会。 8. 他们会说英语吗 ? 会。 Can you swim? Can she play the guitar? Can you draw? Can they speak English? Yes, she can. No, we can’t. Yes, they can.

19 Exercise: 对划线部分提问. 1. He can sing 2. They can play basketball. 3. She can play the guitar. 4. Amy can dance. 5. Tom can draw. What can he do? What can they do? What can she do? What can Amy do? What can Tom do?

20 1.I can play chess.( 变成一般疑问句) _______ you_____ chess? 2.She can play the guitar.( 变成一般疑问句) ______ she_____ the guitar? 3.They can play basketball.( 变为否定句) They ______ ______ basketball. 4.He can dance.( 否定句) He_______ dance. 5.We can speak English.( 提问) _______ ______ you ______? 6.I can sing and dace. ( 改为否定句) I __________ sing __________ dance. Canplay Can play can ’ t play can ’ t What cando can ’ t or 句型转换


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