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1Robofest Robofest 2005 Informational Meeting Lori Birman and CJ Chung Lawrence Technological University.

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1 1Robofest Robofest 2005 Informational Meeting Lori Birman and CJ Chung Lawrence Technological University

2 2Robofest Agenda Introductions & Overview of Robofest 2005 Regional & International Competition Sites Unique features of Robofest Previous Robofest Challenges 2005 Rules 2005 Game Demos Information for Host Organizers Tips on Starting a Team Technical Workshop Schedule Warm-up Competition Q & A

3 3Robofest What is Robofest: Competition – require two robots that interact with each other Exhibition - to show off any creative autonomous robotics projects Robofest is an annual autonomous robotics contest for students grades 5th - 12 th. Students can compete in two ways:

4 4Robofest Goals of Robofest: To spark young students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Promote students' creative and innovative thinking Challenge and advance the scientific and engineering skills of students Recognize students' achievements Promote good teamwork and work ethics Build our future technical work force

5 5Robofest Competition Divisions: Junior Division: 5 th -9 th Easier Problem Icon-Based Programming Language Senior Division: 9 th -12 th More Difficult Problem Professional Programming Language such as C or Java

6 6Robofest 2005 Robofest Regional and International Competition Sites: Alpena Community College, Alpena, Michigan, April 2 Canton Charter Academy, Canton, Michigan, April 9 Hanul & Kid, China, (City and Date are TBD) Delta College, University Center, Michigan, April 9 Hanyang University, Ansan, Korea, February 19-20 Hillside Middle School, Northville, Michigan, April 9 Lawrence Tech University, Southfield, Michigan, April 9 Macomb Intermediate School District, MISD, Clinton Township, Michigan, April 9 Milk River School, Alberta, Canada, Date TBD Robotech Center, Nashua, New Hampshire, Date TBD Washtenaw Community College, (Tentative) Ann Arbor, Michigan, Date TBD

7 7Robofest World Robofest, April 23, 2005, LTU, Southfield, Michigan: Top Winners from each Regional and International Competition Site will move on to Compete at World Robofest, April 23, on the campus of LTU. The number of teams to advance from each region will be decided in proportion to the number of teams for that site/division after the registration is completed We estimate there will be 20 junior competition teams, 16 senior competition teams, and 5 exhibition teams are invited

8 8Robofest Unique Features of Robofest: Focused on learning computer technologies The dimension of the playing field is unknown A part of the competition problem is unknown until the day of competition -- even the condition of the playing field is dynamic Competition requires two robots per team Maximize students' learning - No direct adult help is allowed Teams can use any robotic platform Can use any programming language

9 9Robofest Unique Features of Robofest Continued… Can use any number of actuators, passive sensors, and 3 active sensors Can use glue, tape, and any materials Nominal fees - $30 registration fee per team; $20 on-site check-in fee (tentative) Free Technical Workshops for registered Teams Offers on-line resources for teachers, coaches, and all participants

10 10Robofest Unique Features of Robofest Continued… It is simple, easy, modular, portable and affordable to set up fields; playing field materials can be reused every year Centralized support for all Hosting Sites Every registered Student, Coach, and Team Volunteer will receive a personalized framed certificate Medals for all Registered Students

11 11Robofest Unique Features of Robofest Continued… During World Robofest, each registered Student will receive an individual trophy at World Robofest; Winning Teams in various categories will receive large trophies [New] The top robots will be kept in a Robotics Display Case (Museum) at LTU – Teams will get reimbursements for their robots

12 12Robofest 1 st Robofest, 2000 RoboTag FireFighter Race

13 13Robofest 2 nd Robofest, 2001 Registration had to be closed early… Handy Board Division for High School Teams was introduced RoboMessenger

14 14Robofest 3 rd Robofest 2002 Challenges: RoboRescuers Construct two robots to save Lego citizens trapped in a burning building. The robots interact with each other to transfer the oxygen masks and use robotic strength to remove the wall that blocks the victims.

15 15Robofest 3 rd Robofest 2002 Challenges: RoboRescuers, Advanced Div. Any robot programmed with High-level programming languages Must blow out the fire! The location of the birthday candle light is unknown

16 16Robofest 4 th Robofest 2003 Competition Mission Possible Unknown challenges introduced

17 17Robofest 5 th Robofest 2004 Competition Earthquake Challenge

18 18Robofest 6 th Robofest 2005 - RoboRelay Complexity is similar to 2002s RoboRescuers Junior Division

19 19Robofest 6 th Robofest 2005 - RoboRelay Senior Division No Line

20 20Robofest RoboRelay Junior Division The brightness of the competition area is unknown

21 21Robofest

22 22Robofest Game Rules: Unknown missions will be unveiled right after opening ceremony For each round, whenever the team is ready to compete, come to the on-deck circle, staging area with the robots 2 minutes per game are given 2 chances (rounds) are given for each team Only two players are allowed in the official playing field. One minute will be allowed for setup before each round Team members are responsible for catching the robot if it falls off; Check the track

23 23Robofest In Case of Any Failure: Team may start the first robot from the beginning for perfect score, or Team may retry only the second robot by starting it manually

24 24Robofest Extra Points: If all missions are completed in a sequence from the beginning till the end without any human help, then extra 5 points will be given. Flash Extra Points: To encourage teams to try early in the first round, the first match teams will get 3 extra points. (If there are two official playing fields, then two teams will get the extra points). The second match teams will get 2 points, and the third match team will get 1 point

25 25Robofest Robot Specifications: The length of the robot must be less than or equal to 12 However, during the game, the robot may extend its dimensions. You may use up to 3 active sensors; any number of passive sensors You may use any number/type of motors/servo motors Any material to construct your robot You may use tape, glue, bolts and nuts, etc. only one robot controller for each robot Icon-based graphical programming language for the Junior division.

26 26Robofest Playing Field Construction: Final shape and length will be unveiled on the competition day For the 2 nd robot, the path from the start line to the crossroad is straight and the length is unknown. The number of black lines between the start line and the crossroad is also unknown. The distances between those lines are uneven. All the edges (not the center area) of the shelves will be taped together using transparent packaging tape (2 width). If your robot is using skids, make sure they can slide over the tape.

27 27Robofest RoboRelay Senior Division: Same as the Junior Division. Differences are: Recommended programming language is a text based high-level programming language The unknown parts denoted with the ? marks will not contain any lines, but they will have combinations perpendicular corners The length of the white board is unknown. The length of the straight black line at the end of the path for the 1 st robot is unknown

28 28Robofest 2005 Contest Divisions Division Name Robot Type Used Recommended Programming Languages Grds Team Size Challenge Junior Robot Competition Any robots Icon based visual programming language 5-92-7RoboRelay Senior Robot Competition Any robots High-level programming language such as C or Java 9-122-7 Advanced RoboRelay Exhibition Any robots Any5-12 Min: 1 Max: 1+(2 x #Robots) Any unique & creative project

29 29Robofest Recommended topics for Robofest 2005 Exhibitions Legged robot version of RoboRelay Legged robot dancing Using data logging capabilities of robots

30 30Robofest How to Register Teams: 1. Coach registration on the web at January 12 Robofest 2003 and 2004 coaches may used old account 2. Confirm the registration at your email account 3. Log on the coach account 4. Select one regional site 5. Register team(s) 6. Pay registration fee ($30) online using PayPal 7. Upload team and robot photo

31 31Robofest Roles of Coaches: Responsible for facilitating and overseeing team members Email to the coach is the primary and official communication method between the team and the Robofest organizer. Recruit team volunteers including technology mentors Provide at least a volunteer for either setup or cleanup at the hosting site Responsible for entering/updating the team data and uploading team photos Collect Consent & Media Release Forms. Submit at check-in

32 32Robofest Robofest is Not for Adults: There will be judges/proctors in the competition area. If any adult wants to give help to their team for any reason, the adult must get permission from the judges/proctors Only team members with badges are allowed in the pit (team table) area No adults are allowed to be in the pit area, except team coaches with badges in case there is a need It is strongly suggested that, for security purposes, the coach must watch the team table area, especially when the team plays

33 33Robofest Team's Responsibility Prior to Opening Ceremony: Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. All the teams must check-in by 8:30am. Teams must use the team table assigned by the organizer. Please do not change the team tables. Judges may visit the team tables Teams must have inspection and interview before the competition begins. Submit the hard copy of your program to judges during the inspection

34 34Robofest Team's Responsibility During Competition: In the competition round 1, each team member must introduce her/his role and accomplishments using a microphone to Judges & the public. Each team will have one minute for the team introduction. Exhibition team member must introduce her/his role and accomplishments using a microphone to Judges & the public, too. They will have 5 minutes for the presentation and demonstration of the project.

35 35Robofest Team's Responsibility During Competition Continued….. For the competition, teams need to implement new additions for the unknown missions and adjust programs to allow for the variation in the new environment. It is the team's responsibility before the game to ensure the track is in satisfactory condition. Lego teams only: whenever new programs are downloaded, both your robot and the IR tower MUST be covered by a box.

36 36Robofest Team Checklist for Robofest Competition Day: $20 check-in fee (tentatively) A laptop for each team Hard copy of programs to give to judges Only for exhibition teams: poster boards to introduce the exhibition description and all the necessary materials for the exhibition. A power strip and power cord Cardboard box to cover your robot and ID tower when downloading (Lego teams only) Extra batteries Signed Consent & Media Release forms

37 37Robofest Competition Winners: There will be winners for various categories, including Best Performance For Best Performance, the average of two rounds will be used to determine finalists Best Performance winner is selected from performance during the Finalist Round, not from the cumulative average of the three rounds. (There will be no Semi-finalist Round.)

38 38Robofest Judging and Prizes: Top winners will win large trophies Competition Performance winners are directly decided by the final competition results Judges Award winners are decided by several categories including, but not limited to: performance (reliability), originality, creativity, functionality, programming, construction, teamwork, team spirit, presentation, and new technology used Every registered student will receive a framed certificate of achievement and a medal

39 39Robofest How Teams Advance to World Robofest - Competition Division: Average performance score – 80% (note that finalists will use the average of best two) Robot Inspection & Interview – 5% Team public presentation – 5% Source code inspection – 10%

40 40Robofest How teams advance to World Robofest - Exhibition Division: Originality (creativity) – 40% Public presentation performance (reliability) – 20% Usefulness – 10% Complexity and functionality – 10% New technologies used –10% Source code inspection – 10%

41 41Robofest Check List for Regional and International Host Sites: Time Schedule for Hosting Facilities: AM Event: Three hour Friday evening setup recommended, Actual event from 8:00 am-12:30 pm (4.5 hours, no lunch ) PM Event: 9 am- 12:30 pm setup, Actual Event 12:30 - 5:00 pm One table with chairs and an electrical outlet per team, (3x 6 or banquet rounds) One table for check-in with chairs, and one table for awards If 20 teams, two playing fields and two practice playing fields are needed (LTU will provide each site with the playing fields.) Chair or bleachers for spectators Stop watches for Judges

42 42Robofest Check List for Host Continued… Gym Score Board or Multimedia Projector & Screen Sound System Arrangements for the playing (or singing) of the National Anthem(s) Optional concession stand (could be a school fundraiser) Ropes to surround official playing fields Facility Host official to make welcoming remarks, assist with awards presentations Access to photocopier Support and volunteer staff 2 Competition Judges per playing field

43 43Robofest Check List for Host Continued… 2 autonomous robotics experts for Judges awards One score/time keeper On-site program for all attendees, LTU will provide site hosts with copy and logos Optional Video and Camera crew Optional Public relations assistance for press releases

44 44Robofest Materials LTU Provides to Hosts: Official playing field materials Official Robofest Banner Directional yard signs Team signs for team tables Name badges and framed certificates of participation for all registered students Winner Trophies for 20%-25% of the registered teams T-shirts and small gifts for volunteers and staff

45 45Robofest Services LTU Provides to Hosts: Promotion of your organization through Website, New Paper articles, Press Releases, etc. On-line Team registration for all competition sites; each host will have an administrative account to get/manage all the team info On-line account to recruit and manage your volunteers Judge training at LTU, practice competition on March 5 at LTU Template files, copy and logo for designing your on-site competition program flyer Signage, badges, trophies, certificates, medals, etc.

46 46Robofest How to Start a Team: Ask us to give a presentation at your school Find students who already has Lego Mindstorms ($199) at home Find parent volunteers (engineers) who are interested in helping Register your team on the web on Jan. 12, 2005 Put together a playing field Ask students to attend free workshops at LTU Assign some of the team work as (group) homework Integration as an after-school program

47 47Robofest Comparison of FLL and Robofest - I FLL (FIRST Lego League) Robofest WhenSep-DecJan-April Registration fee$150$30 Tournament fee$40- $60$20 (tentative) Playing field material (must buy every year) $50 + shipping and handling. Must purchase from FLL. Cannot be reused. Initially around $50 and reusable every year. Can be purchased at local stores Required TableCosts $200-$400 (w/o labor) None (crates or equivalent) Team size / No. of robots Up to 10 / 1Up to 7 /2 Robot / Programming Lang. Lego / RCX code or RoboLab only Any

48 48Robofest Comparison of FLL and Robofest - II FLLRobofest Student Age5 th -9 th (middle school only) 5 th -12 th (Middle and High) Direct adult help?, not checkedNot allowed, checked Exhibition?NoYes Personalized certificate? NoYes National Championship? Yes (in April)Yes, April 23, World Robofest Encourage adaptable solutions No (dimension of the playing field is known and fixed) Yes Research Presentation Yes No

49 49Robofest Registration Schedule: Tue. January 11, 2005, around Noon, finalized official rules will be posted on the Robofest website Wed. Jan. 12, 2005, registration on the web begins

50 50Robofest Free Workshop Schedule: (All Sessions will be held at LTU) Sat. Jan. 29, 2005, 9am-Noon, RCX code workshop for registered teams Sat. Feb. 5, 2005, 9am-Noon, RoboLab workshop for registered teams Fri. Feb. 11, 2005, 8am-1pm, Robotics Exploration Day for invited High School students Sat. Feb. 12, 2005, 9am-Noon, LeJos Java workshop for registered teams Sat. Feb. 19, 2005, 9am-Noon, NQC workshop for registered teams Fri. Mar. 11, 2005, 8am-1pm, Robotics Exploration Day for invited High School students

51 51Robofest Warm-up Competition: Saturday, March 5 at LTU – all Teams will need to pre-register with LTU. Any team, both Competition and Exhibition Host Organizers may want to attend for on-site practice Practice & Training for Judges Volunteers may want to attend for on-site practice

52 52Robofest 1010 Thank You Robofest – Inspiring Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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