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L2Bot L2Bot LLBot Introduction to L2Bot (Low-cost Laptop roBot) CJ Chung Associate Professor of Computer Science Founder & Director of Robofest.

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1 L2Bot L2Bot LLBot Introduction to L2Bot (Low-cost Laptop roBot) CJ Chung Associate Professor of Computer Science Founder & Director of Robofest

2 L2Bot Software development has been focusing on non-mobile computers

3 L2Bot Now laptops, notebooks are everywhere

4 L2Bot The idea

5 L2Bot There are four key advantages to using robots for K ~ PhD education robotics is multi-disciplinary, robots make abstract concepts concrete, robotics is hands-on, and students usually have higher motivation through robotics

6 L2Bot Low-cost Laptop roBot Born in Intelligent Systems and Robotics Lab at LTU Two motors and a webcam with a laptop as a single brain (No micro-controllers). Free sensors from the laptop! Affordable (about $200 ~ $240 w/o labor) Flexible/Adaptable – Modifications are easy Expandable – Lego Mindstorms, NXTs or Handy Boards for motors and sensors Programming Language Independent Safe – Not too fast!

7 L2Bot L2Bot History The first one: 2002 C++

8 L2Bot 2003

9 L2Bot 2004

10 L2Bot

11 2005

12 L2Bot 2006

13 L2Bot 2007

14 L2Bot L2Bot Line Following Demo Video

15 L2Bot Features of L2Bot 2007 edition Serial Port (cf. old: Parallel Port) Lighter Simpler Lower cost 100% Java

16 L2Bot 2008

17 L2Bot L2Bot 08 Block Diagram

18 L2Bot Six essential components of robots Brain Body Sensors Actuators Power source Communication mechanism

19 L2Bot Brains (Processors) Your laptop, notebook Multiple NXTs

20 L2Bot 20 LEGO NXT Processor: 32 bit ARM Atmel AT91SAM256, 50 Mhz Memory: 64K Static RAM, 256K Flash

21 L2Bot Robot Body Designed and built from off-the-shelf components from: – Home Depot or Lowes – Jameco (online robotics store) – Digi-Key (online electronics store)

22 L2Bot Body: Drive Train and Gearing Front-wheel drive 3-inch pivoting wheels - rotate freely on the axis in both directions One 3 Swivel Caster Wheel

23 L2Bot Actuators: Motors Torque @ Max. Efficiency (g-cm)3200 Current @ Max. Efficiency (mA)82 Gear Case Size (Diameter x Length) (inch)1.5 x 0.7 Gear Ratio100:1 Motor Size (Diameter x Length) (inch)1.3 x 1.0 Shaft Size (Diameter x Length) (inch)0.2 x 0.5 Rated Voltage (VDC)12 Terminal TypeSolder Speed @ Max. Efficiency (RPM)60

24 L2Bot Actuators: Motor Control LoCoMoCo: An H-bridge - electronic circuit which enables DC electric motors to be run forwards or backwards Motor commands to robot sent through laptop RS- 232 Serial port interface

25 L2Bot Actuators: Lego NXT Servo Motors Each motor has an embedded rotation sensor 360 counts per rotation The counter can be incremented or decremented

26 L2Bot Sensors Web cam(s) Laptop Microphone – Sound sensor USB Mouse for proximity Available LEGO NXT sensors – Default sensors by, – 3 rd party sensors:

27 L2Bot 27 chung NXT Sensors Light Touch Ultrasonic (Distance measurement) Sound (microphone) Rotation – embedded in the motors Timer – Internal sensor Received Bluetooth messages NXT buttons

28 L2Bot Available NXT 3 party sensors EOPD (Electro Optical Proximity Detector ) Compass Sensor Acceleration / Tilt Sensor IRSeeker (135 degree view) Gyro Vision Subsystem Pneumatic Pressure Sensor Many more!

29 L2Bot Power Source One 12V 7 Amp Hour battery for motors and motor drive board Can last for an hour Manual stop switches for battery power Laptop has its own rechargeable batteries which also provides power for the webcam NXT has its own (rechargeable) batteries – 9V

30 L2Bot Communication Mechanism L2Bot can be connected to the network through the wireless card on the laptop NXTS provides Blue Tooth communication mechanism Microsoft Speech synthesis and recognition Engine is possible

31 L2Bot L2Bot Java Software Architecture OS Devices Java APIs (JMF, javax.comm, etc) JVMDLLs with JNI Applications (*) VB, C#, MSRS, and MSRS VPL version will be available in the near future

32 L2Bot Performance Specifications Length14 in (35 cm) Width16 in (41 cm) Height9.25 in (25 cm) Weight without laptop10.5 lbs (4.8 Kg) Weight distribution* (left/right/rear) 3lb / 3lb / 4lb (1.37Kg/1.37Kg/2Kg) Motor RPM60 Motor voltage12 Volts Max speed.875 ft/sec (25.9 cm/sec) Battery LifeMore than 2 Hour (*) To be updated

33 L2Bot How to Use Your L2Bot Charge your 12V battery – Do not charge more than 14 hours… – Use voltage meter to check, if fully charged Connect battery terminals Connect your laptop with the serial cable Run your program Turn on the switch It is highly recommended to unconnected battery terminals after using it

34 L2Bot Tools needed to assemble your Robot A screw driver (power drill) Wrenches: 3/8, ½, and 9/16 (or one adjustable one) 3/32 size L-wrench:

35 L2Bot L2Bot website Software installation of for L2Bot Sample programs Videos Online books

36 L2Bot L2Bot line following video clip

37 L2Bot Collegiate Competitions with L2Bot Fall Mini UC Robofest Mini UC

38 L2Bot 2007 Challenge StartEnd

39 L2Bot 2007 Mini Urban Challenge Video

40 L2Bot 2008 Challenge

41 L2Bot Fall 2007 Mini Urban Challenge

42 L2Bot Fall 2008 Challenge 3 ft DEAD END

43 L2Bot 2010 Challenge Start

44 L2Bot Advanced Projects Based on the learning from L2Bot IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition) RoboCup DARPA TARDEC project

45 L2Bot Summary & Conclusion Robotics reinvigorates curriculum Robotics excites students Robotics encourages teamwork L2Bot has been a good tool for classes due to the following reasons: – Affordable, simple, light, extendable, and safe – Work at home

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