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Robofest 2011 Judging Guidelines Feb. 19, 2011 Updated Feb 25, 2011 Please go to and click on >> Enter Robofest 2011 <<

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1 Robofest 2011 Judging Guidelines Feb. 19, 2011 Updated Feb 25, 2011 Please go to and click on >> Enter Robofest 2011 << link. This Webinar PowerPoint file robofest11judge.ppt and related reference materials will be available under the Judging section 1

2 This presentation is for all volunteers, coaches, mentors, site hosts, and team members

3 Judging Philosophy Judge Types and Roles Game BTOS Judging 9:35am – Unveiling UF for Round 1 Exhibition Judging RoboFashion and Dance Judging Announcements … 10:50am – Unveiling UF for Round 2 Agenda

4 Maximize Students STEM learning Objective and Fair Simple and efficient – Judges do not have enough time before the closing ceremony… Robofest Judging Philosophy

5 Judge Types and Roles Chief Judge Judges About 20% of teams Qualify for Regional and World Championships 5

6 2011 Game - BTOS Judging In order to stop the oil spill in deepwater, an autonomous robot is being sent to cap 3 leaking pipes. Learning objectives: logic, ratio, proportion, circles, angles, math operations, measuring, and Pythagoras' theorem.

7 Robofest 2011 Game Block the Oil Spill Video 7 The link can be found on 2011 home page

8 Playing Field Layout (Sr. Division)

9 Measuring Pipe 3 structure x y x is correct 9

10 Playing Field Layout (Jr. Division) 10 The rest of playing field is same as Sr.

11 Note to Site Hosts Velcro will be used instead of packaging tape to attached the pipe structures to the black foam boards. 11

12 Recommended BTOS setup Chief Judge 2 Judges / Group Timer** 3 tables* covered with black paper 2 Judges / Group Timer** 3 tables* covered with black paper (*) or two 8ft tables (**) can be shared

13 2 rounds, 2 minutes per round Unknown Factors (UFs) for each round will be different For each round, teams will be given 30 minutes after the UFs (a/b and c) are unveiled All teams must submit their robot to the impound table when 30 minutes has expired After each round, the robot must be returned to the impound table To Play Rounds

14 Maximum Size: 35cm x 76cm (or 76 x 35cm) Robots can expand their dimensions automatically (not manually) after the start Robot must have a team ID tag on top of robot (not on bottom) Robot Requirements

15 Two team members are allowed to play Robot must start with any part on or over the Home Base (aluminum tape) Parts of the robot may hang over the edges of the table, but must not cross the Home Base Line Teams decide the orientation Players may touch, modify, pickup, select another program, or load the cup when the robot is on or over the aluminum tape How to start the robot

16 16 oz. cups from Kroger will be used Teams may use any 16 oz. cup, only if Judge approves and Teams cannot permanently modify cups. (minor dent is acceptable) Cups

17 Penalty (-5) points (no more than two times - Judges will have 2 red cards): – If any part of the robot is touched outside of Home Base by a player – Robot drops off the table – Playing field (leaking pipes, pipe structure, broken pipe assembly, or Rock) is touched by a player – Robot touches a leaking pipe After the violation is announced – The robot must be re-started from Home Base – Playing field will not be reset Rule Violations

18 Check rule violations carefully during the run Score after the game by counting properly placed cups and number of red cards It is a teams responsibility to design robots in such a way that the measurement displayed on LCD can be shown within 10 seconds. For all qualifiers, we use 10 ~ 90 for the acceptable range of a+b Judging Tips

19 Scoring Sheet (1)

20 Scoring Sheet (2) 105

21 If a team achieves a perfect score, the time is recorded on the scoring sheet by a Judge (without a perfect score, time will not be recorded) Tips for teams: to avoid a touch penalty, it is permissible to leave the robot on the table for the remainder of the 2-minute round Game Ending 21

22 Winners in each division will be decided by average scores of Rounds 1 and 2 Tie breakers: 1)Completion time, if perfect score 2)Best score 3)Accuracy of the reported pipe 3 structure 4)Rerun, if needed How to determine winners

23 Can we use touch sensor to measure the length of the Pipe 3 structure (not Pipe 3)? Yes Can we get the points of reading pipe 3 structure, if Rock is still on table? No Can we use a light sensor to detect the location of Pipe 2? Though not recommended, Yes Is color of the leaking pipes always white? No, it is unknown Some FAQs

24 More Game FAQs & Clarifications Clarifications / FAQs of the Rules are be posted on the web. Will be updated constantly. Any questions regarding interpretation of the Rules, email to Judges at individual sites have the authority to interpret any and all questions that may arise during the competitions Judges decisions are final. 24

25 9:35am Now, it is time to unveil Unknown Factors of BTOS game Round 1

26 Unknown Factors for Warm-Up Round 1 Today (30 minutes given) c= 51 cm a/b = 1

27 Practice field as well as Official fields will be reset to have a/b =1 and c = 51. Some coaches may be asked to verify the setup Can teams use the official playing fields to practice? – yes, may be After 30 minutes, teams must bring the robot to the robot holding table. Note that visible Team ID is required on the robot Rules during 30 min.

28 Exhibition Judging An example of science related autonomous robotics project Sr. Division First Place 2007: Farmington Harrison High School, Michigan GPS guided robotic boat monitoring and measuring ecological data

29 Complete freedom to show off any type of creative autonomous robotics project Must employ sensors Human to Robot, Robot to Robot interaction strongly encouraged (see next slides) Math and Science components – No. 1 criteria (25%) Sharing online video (such as YouTube or SchoolTube) is highly recommended Exhibition Competition Category 29

30 Human Robot Robot Robot(s) Student programmed Host Computer Robot(s) Student programmed devices such as smart phones operated by human player Robot(s) RC (or Joystick) is not allowed. May be used only to start. Possible Interactions Allowed for FashionDance and Exhibition (Not for Game) 30

31 Claps/Knocks – Sound Sensor Flash Light – Light Sensor Color Cards – Color Sensor Waving Hands – Sonar Sensor Gesture – On-board camera … Human Robot Interactions

32 IR communication (For example, Lego RCX) Touch sensors Light/Color sensor; special color jersey RFID Bluetooth or ZigBee On-board camera – Robot gesture / visible signal... Robot Robot Interactions 32

33 Exhibition Competition Teams are supposed to demonstrate the project whenever they have visitors Silent Judges may visit team tables individually, as if they are spectators Official presentation when a group of Judges visits the team table: Teams will have maximum 4 minutes for their team introduction, robot presentation, and demonstration Michigan Regional and World Championship will have Peoples Choice award, decided by spectators

34 They must inform judges that this is a continued project They must add new feature(s), or significantly improve or change a feature If a team is continuing a prior years project…

35 Roles of Exhibition Judges (1) Before the competition date: – Visit team web pages – Watch team videos, if any are submitted Before the Opening Ceremony: Visit each team table to be familiar with the exhibitions

36 Roles of Exhibition Judges (2) Score the official presentation & demo Any time up to one hour before the closing: – Visit team tables to interview teams – Read their posters – Ask for re-demonstrations, if needed – Inspect program code and robot(s) – Select top 50% teams and submit ranks of them to the Chief Judge using the score sheet – Submit comments on ALL teams to the Chief Judge using the worksheet

37 Exhibition Competition Team Score is based on: Application of math and science concepts25% Originality (creativity and imagination; innovation)20% Wow! factor & public demo performance (reliability)20% Presentation methods and student attitude for spectators; Information on the team poster; Information on the web such as team video 10% Source code and robot inspection10% Complexity and number of functions5% Usefulness / Practicality5% Entrepreneurial ideas and mindset5%

38 When a Judge is not a technical expert of a field, for example, program code inspection… Ask other Judges about their opinions before you make final selections and ranking them Possible Problems of this suggested Judging method and How to solve the problem

39 Responsibilities of Chief Exhibition Judge One hour before the closing – Meet with all Exhibition Judges – Collect score sheets with ranks & comments – Calculate total rank for each team using Excel with help from Scorekeeper – Write comments for each team using Excel or paper During the closing ceremony – Briefly talk about strength and weakness of each team – Announce award winners as well as qualified teams to advance After the event, submit all the comments, sheets, and the Excel file to the scorekeeper

40 Exhibition Judging Worksheet A sample worksheet can be found on the web: – – Note that Robofest will *not* post these worksheets from Judges Only final Excel file from Chief Judge and Chief Judges comments will be posted

41 An example: 5 Sr. Exhibition teams, 3 Judges, and a chief Judge Chief Judge will decide if there is a tie. No. of teams to advance will be given team IDJudge1Judge2Judge3Total AwardAdvance A 121 4 1st placeyes B 555 15 C 212 5 yes D 55 3 13 E 33 5 11

42 Judges' Comments Team IDStrength Suggestions to improve A Excellent Science project Eye contact during the demo B … … C Very creative Need more reliability D E Very practical project No math/science at all Example of Judges Comments – Should be read before announcing winners

43 RoboFashion & Dance Show Judging Team SWATT, Kosciuszko Middle School, Hamtramck, MI Synchronization by Bluetooth communication

44 Two+ robots are recommended Human to Robot, Robot to Robot interaction / communication strongly encouraged (See previous slides) Stage – Two 6ft plastic (folding leg) tables should be used – Team decides orientation – Team will have freedom to design their landmarks by themselves – Bring the tables to the competition site! (or let us know if you need tables) RoboFashion & Dance Show 44

45 Human to robot, Robot to robot interaction / communication / synchronization is important. Human players just dancing to the music with robots is *NOT* human to robot interaction Note on Interactions

46 RoboFashion Judging Criteria Team Intro and Presentation delivery (10%) Wow! factor and Demo reliability (15%) Artistic Choreography, Performance, whole stage usage (15%) Creativity and Innovation (10%) Applying math & science concepts (15%) Robot Robot Interactions & synchronization and Human Robot Interactions (15%) Code inspection (10%) Robot mechanical design (10%)

47 Fashion & Dance Judging Worksheet A sample worksheet sheet can be found on the web: – – Note that Robofest will *not* post these worksheets from Judges Only final Excel file from Chief Judge will be posted

48 Basically each Judge selects best n teams and give their ranks to the Chief judge Chief Judge calculate total ranks Please refer to Exhibition Judging guidelines Roles of Chief Judge and Judges

49 Now, some announcements…

50 ROBOFEST IS NOW ON You may Like Robofest and join the Facebook Group for Robofest directly from the home page of our website Robofest Coaches Group - Discussion boards are available for the adult participants: coaches, site hosts, mentors Robofest Teams Group - Discussion boards are also available for the student participants 50

51 Registration Deadline 21 days (3 weeks) before the (qualifying) competition dateregister now! If a category at a site does not have 5 teams or more, teams registered in that category may be moved to another site; or teams can enter via video submission REGISTRATION FEES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO COMPETITION – if your team(s) registration fee(s) is/are NOT paid by the date of your event, your team(s) WILL NOT COMPETE on that date. We will not prepare certificates, unless fees are paid… 51

52 52 Submitting a Qualifier Video Video Submission in Games, Exhibition, and Fashion Show is available to teams who do not have a Robofest Qualifier in close proximity Game teams must contact prior to the video submission to get unknown factors When submitting a video, the coach must include the signed submission form available at 2011 link All videos must be received by 12:00pm EST Apr 2, 2011

53 53 Things to bring on Competition Day Check-in fee (if required by the qualifying host) A laptop or PC for each team Only for exhibition teams: –H–Hard copy of programs to give to judges, optional –P–Poster boards to introduce the exhibition description and all the necessary materials for the exhibition –V–Video sharing link Only for Fashion/Dance teams: –M–Music and appropriate device for playing it –Y–Your own stage A power strip and power cord Extra batteries or battery charger Signed Consent & Release forms

54 Team Photo/Data Update Please make sure your team/robot photos and accurate team member info have been uploaded NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT DATE These photos/info will be printed on all of the individual certificates! Any mistakes on the certificates cannot be corrected and reissued until after Robofest World Championship on May 7, 2011 – we need to charge fees, if the error is due to the coach

55 BTOS Game Field Kits Available Complete Game Field Kits available for purchasePICK UP ONLY from Robofest Office Kit includes: broken pipe structures; black foam board walls; styrofoam cups Price: $20.00 (does not include table for field) Cash or check only, please.

56 Northville, Sat., Mar 12, 9am-1pm COBO Hall, Thu, Mar 17, 1pm-5pm Redford, Sun, Mar 20, 1pm-5pm … Sign Up on the web at Wanted Volunteers! 56

57 Little Robots, Big Missions Questions? Contact: Dr. Chris Cartwright, Robofest Program Manager, Dr. CJ Chung, Robofest Director, Rule Updates Clarifications FAQs Warm Up Video

58 10:50am Now, it is time to unveil Unknown Factors of BTOS game Round 2

59 a/b = 1.2 c= 39cm Unknown Factors for Warm-Up Round 2 Today (30 minutes given)

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