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Unit 10 Section B Unit 10 Can you play the guitar? Section B.

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2 Unit 10 Section B Unit 10 Can you play the guitar? Section B

3 1 Listen to the music and what musical instrument is. piano violinguitar trumpetdrums Can you play the…?

4 piano

5 violin

6 guitar

7 trumpet

8 drums


10 Jinghusheng (笙) National instruments erhu bamboo flute xiao suona yaoqin hulusi guzheng

11 pianist drummer guitaristviolinisttrumpeter

12 a rock band

13 Listen and fill in the chart with the words in the box. can can’t Bill sing Jennifer Victor play the guitar, sing, play the drum, play the piano, sing or dance. play the guitar sing, play the drums play the piano sing or dance Report: Bill can play the guitar,but he can’t sing

14 Listen and circle the words you hear Violin sing dance trumpet drums piano paint

15 Look at the pictures, what can he/she do?

16 NameWhat can you do? Make a list --- What can you do in the school show. School Show Sunday 6:00 pm In the music room. What can you do? Come and show us! Li Xin Chinese Kung fu Report : In our group, _________can ___________;

17 Help Wanted Are you good with kids? We need help for our Beidaihe School Trip. Can you help with: sports music computer Come and join us!

18 1 What people do they want? 2 Can you join this school music festival? Why? Are you a musician? Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you play the piano, the trumpet, the drums, or the guitar? Then you can be in our school music festival. Please call Zhang Heng at 622-6033. Read this ad from our school magazine. Underline the things they want people to do for the school music festival. Musicians Wanted for School Music Festival

19 Complete the following poster with the words in the box Musicians Wanted for RockBand We want two good musicians for our rock band. Can you _______the _______?_____ you _______? _______you _______the ___________?Please call Bill at 790-4230. play guitarCansing playCan drums guitar can play can drums sing can play

20 Players Wanted for School Sports Day We want some players for our school sports day. Can you play basketball,…?

21 Name_____________________ Age _____________________ E-mail address __________________________ What can you do? _______________________ Why do you want to join the club? ________________________________________ Listen to the conversation and fill in the card Cindy Jones 12 I can draw. Because I want to learn about art.

22 A: Hi, can I help you? B: Yes, please. I want to join the art club. A: Good. May I know your name? B: Jones. A: What’s your first name? B:Cindy. A: How old are you ? B: Twelve. A: Can you draw? B: Yes, a little. I want to learn about art. A: Do you have an e-mail address? B: Yes, it’s cindyj A: Great. Thanks a lot. B: Thank you.

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