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Agricultural Biotechnology in Sri Lanka

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1 Agricultural Biotechnology in Sri Lanka
Kumudu Fernando Seed Certification and plant protection Centre, Department of Agriculture

2 Tissue Culture Micropropagation -1.Mass production 2.Virus elimination
Embryo Rescue Anther culture Secondary metabolite production Protoplast culture In vitro conservation

3 Applications Mass production potato Seed potato production D.O.A.
Orchids Anthurium Gerbera D.O.A. Ornamentals University Pineapple Private Strawberry sector Medicinal plants

4 Virus elimination Micrografting (citrus)
Meristem culture Potato Banana In vitro conservation Root & Tuber crops D.O.A.

5 Although tissue culture has been carried out since the mid-seventies, the benefits to the farmer have not been satisfactory

6 Issues Need for a central laboratory for technology development and dissemination Need for collaboration among institutions preventing duplications and enhancing complementation. Need for extension programmes to ensure the delivery of products to farmers. Need for increased farmer participation

7 Increased attention should be given to:
Biopesticides Biofertilizer Product development through biotechnology Sufficient attention has not been given to the above although they are important for Sri Lanka and although the techniques involved are relatively simple

8 Modern agricultural Biotechnology
Applications MAS – markers for pest and disease resistance in crops e.g. GM, BPH, BLB thrip resistance in rice- D.O.A resistance against bacterial wilt in tomato

9 Issues Need for national & international collaboration
Training- long term & short term Expert visits Need for financial support for R&D Need for continued supply of chemicals Need for knowledge/experience in bioinformatics

10 rDNA technology The following should be considered prior to embarking on rDNA technology Need to evaluate broader impact on on-going agriculture. Impact on economy- cost effectiveness Who are the beneficiaries Appropriateness of the technology for the target group Impact on biodiversity and environment IPR protection Biosafety

11 Issues Government support for R&D Need to identify the institutions
Need for collaboration and establishment of partnerships Need to identify the modes of collaboration Need for capacity building International support on specific technological problems as Sri Lanka is far behind in DNA technology Biosafety mechanisms in place Information sharing and public awareness

12 Molecular diagnostics
Identification of plant quarantine pests & diseases Pest detection for plant protection Testing of GM crops

13 Molecular characterization of crop germplasm and their wild relatives
Markers (biochemical and molecular) for seed certification Varietal protection Identification of desirable genes Data base development

14 Thank you!

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