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NGIC and BINAsia Jong Bhak NGIC KRIBB Korea.

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1 NGIC and BINAsia Jong Bhak NGIC KRIBB Korea

2 Acknowledgment APCTT Biotec Participants from Asian Countries
Organizing staff MOSTfor support

3 NGIC Chronicle 2001. 04 : National Genome Information Center Proposed
NGIC History 2001. 04 : National Genome Information Center Proposed 2001. 07 : Detailed Establishment plan : NGIC Launched : Designated focal point for research data deposition : Initiation of BioInformation Portal Service : Data analysis system launched : National BioInformation Center Proposed : Detailed Establishment plan : (Konbic) Korea National BioInformation Center to be launched

4 NGIC present 연구비단위 : 백만원 약 4,000 이상 PC용 서버 20대 운영 3,754 Opteron Cluster급 2대 도입예정 3,504 PC급 서버 15대 PC급 서버 7대 Opteron Linux cluster Opteron Linux cluster 1,997 Origin3400 PC급 서버 3대 약 60명 Storage Storage Origin3400 Storage 55명 41명 Sun server Sun server Sun server Sun server 33명 Xeon Linux cluster Compaq server Xeon Linux cluster Xeon Linux cluster 2003 2004 2005 2006 인원 연구비 장비운영현황

5 Operation network of NGIC
KNIH Human Genome Frontier Microbial Genomes Large- scale Data GRID NGIC Proteomics Frontier Plant Resource Frontier Application GRID Cattle Research Centers Crop Plant Frontier Agriculture Research Centers KISTI ETRI

6 포탈 서버 분석 2ndary Info 2ndary DB Ome file 자원 Bio Resource DB Info Type
Matrix Genome Transcript Proteome Interactome Functome Textome 자원 file Sequence Structure 자원 Expression 분석 Pathway 분석 Pipeline Regulation Bio Resource BioEngine Network DB BioDiversity Info Type Materials Bank 포탈 서버 2ndary Info 2ndary DB

7 Automatic BioInformation Pipeline Processing System
진핵 유전체 SiRNA TF Explorer Active Promoter Repeatome GS2PATH SIGP Biozine BioPortal PSIMAP PDS LoCalodom Stroke Textome IEA …. HapMap FESD PEIORF SNP Comp Genome Bio Engine KUGI SAGED NormPipe ArrayPort . . . Gene set Analyze BioWiki Bio Journal

8 BioEngine Protein Structure Protein Interaction Chimpanzee Gene
Regulation Biological DB Bioinformatic Tool BioPipeline 2ndary DBs Inhouse Bio Tool SNP BioEngine Cancer Microarray Chemical Genomics Stroke SOL siRNA Biomarker

9 BinAsia as I see 1st stage: Biotechnology Introduction Network for Asia 2nd stage: Bio Information Net for Asia Information Infrastructure Information experts and staff IT hardware infra Virtual network interfaced with web. Regular meetings by focal nodes and focal node technicians

10 Practicals of BinAsia Establishment of working BioInformation Net
BioTechnology List for local nodes Agricultural BT Biofertilizer, BioIndicator, Bioremediation Biopesticides Biogas Commercialization of local knowledge Training program in BioInformation Handling Language issues  Inglish ?

11 Todos Establishing working National nodes for BinAsia
Establishing working a central information node Integrated BioInfo DBs for local nodes Basic information gathering by local and central node Value-added information generation & dissemination Analysis of Asian BT and BioInfoTech Next meeting in Thailand? Adjusting BINAsia funding and operation. License issues 

12 Basic Info. Gathering Traditional knowledge in BT
Statistics on BT (industry and schools) Bit BT projects Shrimp genome Casava genome project Translating local language to English

13 Future Asian Biotechnology Information Network  Virtual Regional Center In workin with other Asian BioInformation Centers AMBL eIMBL Counterpart to EBI BT info. network for AU (Asian Union?)

14 Virtual Bioinformatics Center

15 CJK bioinformatics Training course
5th CJK bioinformatics training course Expansion of Training and Teaching program

16 Proposed Role of NGIC for BINasia
NGIC collects biotechnology DBs, information servers, tools and education materials NGIC serves a fast website for managing the above function. NGIC mirrors site for backup. NGIC represents Korean node of BINasia NGIC supports BINasia meetings and administration

17 ASEAN and NGIC ASEAN + Korea bioinformatics network
From year 2007, NGIC is likely to get more funding for international project such as BINAsia.

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