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Joseph A. Formaggio University of Washington Young Particle Physicists Present and Future.

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1 Joseph A. Formaggio University of Washington Young Particle Physicists Present and Future

2 Who are we now? Using the momentum gathered at Snowmass, YPP has established the structure needed for an international organization. Many local chapters have been formed and are working together in the global YPP, each with representative members 1 : National/International Labs: BNL (V. Jain) CERN (V. Boisvert) CESR (M. Palmer) DESY (G. Moortgat-Pick) FNAL (B. Kilminster) SLAC (W. Walkowaik) Universities: Boston U (D. Marfatia) U Chicago (R. Scalzo) Florida S (T, Adams) Ohio S (G. Fleming) U Pittsburgh (J. McDonald) U. Washington (J. Formaggio, Chair) 1 As defined by YPP bylaws and charter.

3 Organization Representative structure to allow ease of communication between local chapters: Local Chapter Local Chapter Local Chapter Local Chapter Representative Body Elects Executives Approves budget Amends bylaws Admits new chapters/WG Executive Committee Ensures communication between local chapters Proposes budget Administers funds Working Groups

4 Organizational Activities Activities at local chapters provide a forum by which young physicists can interact and address issues of immediate concern. A number of projects have been sponsored by the YPP, specific to local needs. An example set of lecture series at SLAC (with ~80 members): Outreach Opportunities at SLAC How to get the Press your Physics Deserves HEP Funding 101

5 Working Groups In addition to local chapters, members can participate in number of Working Groups, which are task- oriented: Issues: Plans: Outreach to the Public Are physicists doing enough outreach to the general public? How can we utilize this unique resource (young physicists) to bring physics to the classroom? Develop HEP classroom kits to be used in local schools which illustrate key concepts in particle physics. Sponsor summer workshop which will bring teachers undergraduate students, and YPP members together to share information about projects and improve public education. Applied for NSF grant for 02-05

6 Working Groups (cont) Young Physicists Issues What quality of life issues are of importance to young physicists? New survey being developed to address quality-of-life issues for students, post-docs, and young faculty. Issues: Plans: Are physicists doing enough outreach to government law-making and funding agencies? Are physicists well-informed on relevant science bills and budgets proposed? Assist YPP members in contacting their representatives in the national and local government Provide information regarding current legislation of interest to the physics community via website links & resources Issues: Plans: Outreach to Government

7 Summary YPP is becoming a stable organization to represent issues of concern to young physicists in the US and abroad. Local chapters provide a number of resources and programs of interest to young scientists. The YPP as a whole provides an natural platform for educational outreach to the public. A number of programs proposed in the near future that specifically address issues of importance to young physicists. A great start, a bright future!

8 The YPP & DPF What can YPP bring to the table? Group of enthusiastic, energized participants. Local structure, global network. Focus on issues such as pblic outreach, etc. What can DPF bring to the table? Stable, organized structure Forum, audience, conferences… Questions: A number of plans are being drawn for new machines. Are YP part of the decision process? Can DPF help in making sure YP get adequate profile in the physics community?

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