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CERN Veronique Boisvert CERN EP-ATR/TA1 Introductory meeting October 22 nd 2002

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1 YPP @ CERN Veronique Boisvert CERN EP-ATR/TA1 Introductory meeting October 22 nd 2002

2 Outline What is Young Particle Physicists (YPP)? YPP Local Chapters YPP@CERN Young = Non-tenured!

3 What is YPP? It all started… Snowmass 2001: YPP (Young Physicists Panel) started at FNAL in May 2000 in preparation for Snowmass Decided to do survey: Survey on the Future of HEP (hep-ex/0108040) Received 1500 responses over 2 weeks, results shown at Snowmass Ntuples of data available Some conclusions: Young and tenured physicists tend to agree on issues Disagreement on site of future machine correlated to respondants location

4 What is YPP? It all started… Snowmass 2001: YPF (Young Physicists Forum) at Snowmass: Steering group formed before the conference: Decided on a plan: have a town meeting to discuss basic issues, perform live votes, come up with conclusions to be presented at the Forum in front of all participants Formed working groups for the different issues and produced document to steer the Town meeting Outreach/Building the field Globalization Balancing a program of physics Presented results at the Forum and at Closing Plenary session See: and proceedings hep-ex/0110027 A lot of excitement generated from young and not-so young!

5 What is YPP? Organization Local Chapter Local Chapter Local Chapter Local Chapter Representative Body Executive Committee Working Groups Elects Executives Approves budget Amends bylaws Admits new chapters/WG Ensures communication between local chapters Proposes budget Administers funds Chapters: Labs: BNL, CESR, DESY, FNAL, SLAC Universities: Boston U., U. Chicago, Florida State, U. Pittsburgh, U. Washington Working Groups: Outreach to Government Outreach to the Public Globalization Young Physicists Issues Charter and Bylaws YPP membership:~150 Ambassadors

6 What is YPP? Funding Funding of local activities is left to local Chapters Funding for YPP wide activities is sought by YPP treasurer NSF grant submitted (~10,000US$) Will be used for holding a 1 day workshop on Outreach activities at the end of the APS/DPF conference Will also be used for paying for extra hotel night for young physicists interested in attending (US and non-US)

7 Local Chapters: SLAC YPP@SLAC: ~80 members YPP@SLAC SLAC core group: 7 members Outreach: February 2002: HEP funding 101 given by J. Dorfan March 2002: met with H. Quinn about Outreach at SLAC April 2002: How to Get the Press your Physics deserve given by N. Calder Started 3 questions Project with local high school Physics related: May 2002: 4 lectures on Physics at an e+e- Linear Collider by M. Peskin November 2002: 3 lectures on Astrophysics Started YPP Journal Club

8 Local Chapters: FNAL Working in collaboration with GSA and UEC Anybody trying to access young physicists Young Physicists Issues: Health care for students, day care Outreach: Started collaboration with Chicago Museum of Science and Industry for a HEP display Get more young physicists involved in lab tours, etc. Physics related: Lepton/Photon 2003 in Chicago Encourage young physicists participation with poster session Etc.

9 Local Chapters: DESY Started recently Young physicists issues: July 2002: Minister of Research went to Hamburg to discuss the new law 'Hochschulrahmengesetz December 6 th : Podium discussion: Ministry rep., DESY rep., Hamburg U. rep., etc. For YPP and moderated by YPP CERN German YPP members interested? Video conference could be arranged

10 Working Groups Outreach to Government: August 2002: letter to Congress sent by young physicists in view of budget considerations Every year: FNAL UEC and SLAC SLUO go to Washington, YPP is planning to be part of future trips Outreach to public: NSF grant: Workshop at APS/DPF A lot of activities in local chapters

11 Working Groups Globalization: June 2002: talk at FNAL by R. St-Denis on New Visa Class or You Want a Law, You Write It DØ control from remote location Project DESY controlled Tevatron in November 2001 Young Physicists issues: Snowmass survey found that main reason for young physicists leaving the field: lack of permanent positions New survey is planned to study in more detail the reasons for leaving the field

12 Ambassadors YPP is asked to send representants in national committees 2 in a national committee on how to attract more students into HEP 2 in 2 national committees sponsored by DPF on outreach to the public and to the government Job: to represent YPP views

13 YPP@CERN Main Goal: Information Information TO the young physicists at CERN What is the future of the field? Do you know enough about your experiment? How are other young physicists doing outreach? Etc. Information FROM the young physicists at CERN With activities we will show we ARE excited about the LHC And that we ARE interested in keeping the field attractive 2 types of activities Local activities YPP wide activities

14 YPP@CERN: Organization Steering group: Suggest activities and lead them through Poll local young physicists for activities and concerns Find funding Connection to YPP wide Web page Email lists

15 YPP@CERN: Possible Activities Outreach to Government: CERN funding 101? Other ideas? Outreach to public: CERN is very active in outreach Talk about all the different activities, so that young physicists get involved? CERN young physicists could go to the APS/DPF YPP workshop and share experiences Organize similar workshop at EPS? Other ideas?

16 YPP@CERN: Possible Activities Globalization: Participate in the DØ operation from CERN? ICFA held one of their meeting here recently Structure of a future international lab Physics related: Series of lectures on future colliders? e+e- Linear Collider, CLIC, VLHC, muon storage ring Other lectures Participate in the YPP wide project of increasing young physicists participation at lepton/photon 2003

17 YPP@CERN: Possible Activities Young Physicists issues: CERN doesnt have a grad student association The ACCU doesnt have a young physicist rep. CERN can be a big place: We could have YPP subgroups according to groups: Theory Accelerator Atlas, CMS, LHC-B, Alice, LEP experiments, … Subgroups could discuss issues related to their group Atmosphere issues Young physicists Journal Clubs/Seminars?

18 Conclusion YPP is a world wide organization (progress toward a KEK chapter!) of young particle physicists CERN is a crucial place for the field: for its young physicists to be part of YPP would be a big asset! YPP@CERN will do what YOU are interested in YPP@CERN Contact me to be part of Steering group Ill contact you about email list

19 Conclusion The physics that WE will do is being decided on now… we should take part in the discussion! Young Particle Physicists

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