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NAACP Smart & Safe Initiative Effective Law Enforcement Campaign March 2010.

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1 NAACP Smart & Safe Initiative Effective Law Enforcement Campaign March 2010

2 NAACP History & New Program Oldest civil rights organization in the U.S. Informing criminal justice issues since inception: 1910 Pink Franklin Racial integration in law enforcement & military Rodney King: model use of force standards & diversity in law enforcement New Criminal Justice Program: Smart & Safe Criminal Justice Initiative

3 Smart & Safe Initiative Four Campaigns Advance Effective Law Enforcement Elevate the voices of crime survivors Eliminate Employment Incarceration of the Formerly Incarcerated Reform Punitive Sentencing & Support Voting Rights for the Formerly Incarcerated

4 Framing the Problem Goal of Campaign: Increasing Public Safety – Trust is imperative Trust undermined by community fringes Anti-cooperative, anti-snitching community members Officers seen to needlessly resort to violence

5 The Tension The Tension Anti Snitching/ Cooperation Community Law Enforcement Collaboration Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement

6 Incidents that Undermine Community/Law Enforcement Collaboration Reports of excessive/deadly use of force by law enforcement Incidences of anti cooperation by community members Three examples: Rockford, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

7 Rockford, Ill. – August year-old Mark Anthony Barmore Domestic complaint Chased and shot dead in front of day care students at church Unarmed; 3 shots in the back, one in neck Witnesses report intimidation Increase in racial tensions in community Lack of trust between community and police department

8 Rockford, Ill. – Mark Barmores Children

9 Chicago, IL- September year-old Derrion Albert, honor student Walking home from school because school bus services were cut Killed by neighborhood group Witnesses were present Witnesses refused to collaborate with Law Enforcement to identify killer

10 Chicago, IL- Community Impact

11 Pittsburgh, PA – January year-old, honors music student, Jordan Miles Approached by undercover officers, asked about money and drugs Chased, beaten, hair pulled out, choked What officers believed was gun, was Mountain Dew bottle Charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault Community outrage and outcry in support of Miles

12 Pittsburg, PA – Jordan Miles

13 Our Approach Fight Anti Cooperation Stop the Funerals; New Haven Project Community Policing Elevating Voices of Crime Survivors Fight Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement Partnerships/Coalition Building Model Policies/Standards All Alert Online Citizen Reporting Tool

14 What We Hope to Accomplish What We Hope to Accomplish Strengthen trust, increase public safety: Work together: advocates, law enforcement, experts, lawmakers Effective Law Enforcement Coalition Model policy/standards on use of force Establish citizen review committees Support for community oriented policing Partnership: Be allies; share information/input to build trust Participate in developing model policies/standards Implement model policy in jurisdictions across U.S. Better Understand the Problem – All Alert

15 Keep in Touch! Robert Rooks, MSW Director, Criminal Justice (410) Dr. Niaz Kasravi Sr. Manager, Law Enforcement Accountability (410)

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