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1 Technical Training CEO Orientation Meeting

2 Logging in and Accessing CEO online course Visit Choose the Rank Change link. Choose the CEO course link. Choose the Add Course to EduCart link. Choose View my EduCart. Choose the Checkout button Complete the demographic information page and choose next and then finish. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose return to website. You will receive an email stating you have a pending status. Once your application and fees are received by EPSB you will receive an email stating you are enrolled. Note: If you have already registered for a course through KyEducators you will need to register as a returning learner.

3 In the CEO course click on the communicate tab; this is where you will communicate and send attachments from course assignments to your coach or other cohort members. Under Course Mail there are three options: View Inbox, Quick Message, and Unread Message. From either View inbox or Quick message you have the option to choose any or all of the individuals in your cohort to send communications. Sending Course Mail

4 Quick Message or View Inbox is where you can compose your message and attach any necessary files. It is used the same way you would use your regular email, except it will allow you to choose any or all the individuals in your cohort. To do this click the TO

5 Under Quick Message or View Inbox click on TO and you will see the screen below: You can look up an individual by clicking on the first letter of their last name. You will get a list of all members of the cohort whose last name begins with that letter you can then simply check the box of the person you would like to send the message to. Once you have selected who will receive the message click OK and you can begin to compose the message. You can also choose to send to course faculty or all course members at once.

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