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National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) February 2010.

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1 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) February 2010

2 To: Purpose of NBPTS promote the teaching profession & recognize accomplished teachers establish standards for what accomplished teachers should know & be able to do focus teachers attention on knowledge, performance, & professional judgment

3 ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS OF NBPTS Baccalaureate Degree AND Three years teaching experience with a valid state teaching license (certificate) OR Three years teaching experience in schools recognized & approved by the state (if no license/certificate offered)

4 Fees The assessment fee is $2,500, inclusive of a non-refundable fee of $500 and a non- refundable $65 processing charge due at the time of application.

5 Monetary Benefits of Becoming A NBCT in Kentucky Rank I (the highest rank in Kentucky) Must have already achieved Rank II in accordance with KRS 161.1211KRS 161.1211 $2,000 annual salary supplement provided by KDE for the life of the certificate (10 years) KRS 157.395KRS 157.395

6 State Assistance for Kentucky NBCT Candidates Teachers National Certification Trust Fund KRS 161.133 KRS 161.133 and KRS 161.134KRS 161.134 Up to75% reimbursement for out-of-pocket certification expense upon completing National Board Certification Contingent upon funding Substitute reimbursements up to 5 release days Up to $400 stipend Mentoring services

7 Federal Assistance (contingent upon funding) First-time candidates may receive $1,250 in federal subsidies if the candidate: has made application with NBPTS. is employed in a public school. has paid the $500 initial non-refundable fee.

8 Choosing the Right Certificate Determine the age range of students & subjects taught. if the teaching experience is best represented by a generalist or a subject specific certificate. readiness by reviewing the NB standards document for the selected certificate area.

9 NBPTS Assessments Portfolio The portfolio is designed to capture teaching practice in real-time, real-life settings, thus allowing trained assessors to examine how the teacher translates knowledge and theory into practice.

10 NBPTS Assessments Portfolio Required to submit four entries: Three are classroom based, where video recordings and examples of student work serve as supporting documentation. A fourth entry relates to your accomplishments outside of the classroom with families, the community or colleagues and how they impact student learning.

11 NBPTS Assessments continued The online assessment portion of the National Board Certification process asks the teacher to demonstrate content knowledge in response to six exercises developed and designed by practicing professionals in the certificate area. Assessment Center

12 National Board Certified Teacher Data

13 KENTUCKYS LEGISLATIVE GOAL KRS 161.131 …by the year 2020 there will be at least one (1) national board certified teacher in every public school in Kentucky.

14 Top 12 States New NBCTs - 2009 RankingState New NBCTs 2009 Overall State Total 1North Carolina1,50915,695 2Washington1,248 3,964 3South Carolina798 7,293 4Illinois732 3,923 5Florida65113,281 6California3494,581 7Maryland305 1,669 8Oklahoma296 2,599 9Arkansas2801,397 10Virginia234 1,992 11Alabama2331,781 12Kentucky2321,832

15 Apply with NBPTS between January 1 - December 31, 2010 Submit to EPSB Statement of Intent. The completion of this form is MANDATORY and must be returned within 30 days of receiving confirmation that National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) approved the candidacy. This enrolls the candidate in the state incentive program. ENROLLMENT

16 Submit to EPSB Substitute Reimbursement Form Submit portfolio to NBPTS prior to spring deadline date as established by NBPTS Take assessment according to schedule as established by NBPTS Submit to EPSB 75% Reimbursement Form

17 National Board Contact Information National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Kentucky National Board Incentive Trust Fund EPSB - Sherri Henley, Program Consultant (502) 564-4606 National Board Kentucky Salary Supplement (KDE) (502) 564-3846

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