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2 This course is now in the catalog as SYCS 501, 3 credits Being offered this Fall CIRTL Students + others Math Department has asked for a variation of this course (probably at a 1-credit level) for Spring 2011

3 ulang tahun verjaardag Cumpleaños

4 There are: 365 days in a year 25 people in a group So whats the chance that for a given group of 25, two people will have the birthdate (not necessarily the same year)? 365 days …………. 25 people ……. 25 365 = 6.8% Something that occurs with 6.8% probability occurs once every 14.6 times

5 Arizona Diamondbacks Active Roster 6Stephen DrewL-R60185 03/16/83 4Rusty RyalR-R62200 03/16/83 1

6 Chicago Cubs Active Roster 45Sean MarshallL-L67220 08/30/82 24Marlon ByrdR-R60245 08/30/77 2

7 Florida Marlins Active Roster 2Hanley RamirezR-R63230 12/23/83 12Cody RossR-L510195 12/23/80 3

8 Kansas City Royals Active Roster 57Brad ThompsonR-R61190 01/31/82 3Yuniesky Betancourt R-R511210 01/31/82 4

9 New York Mets Active Roster 25Pedro FelicianoL-L510190 08/25/76 19Gary MatthewsS-R63225 08/25/74 5

10 New York Yankees Active Roster 29Francisco CervelliR-R61210 03/06/86 38Marcus ThamesR-R62220 03/06/77 6

11 Toronto Blue Jays Active Roster 21Randy RuizR-R63250 10/19/77 19Jose BautistaR-R60195 10/19/80 7

12 Philadelphia Phillies Active Roster 21Wilson ValdezR-R511170 05/20/78 28Jayson WerthR-R65220 05/20/79 8

13 St Louis Cardinals Active Roster 4Yadier MolinaR-R511230 07/13/82 47Ryan LudwickR-L63220 07/13/78 9

14 San Diego Padres Active Roster 54Joe ThatcherL-L62230 10/04/81 18Tony GwynnL-R511195 10/04/82 10

15 San Francisco Giants Active Roster 52Brandon MeddersR-R61195 01/26/80 56Andres TorresS-R510190 01/26/78 11

16 Seattle Mariners Active Roster 32Rob JohnsonR-R61215 07/22/82 5Mike SweeneyR-R63225 07/22/73 12

17 Washington Nationals Active Roster 32Brian BruneyR-R63235 02/17/82 16Josh WillinghamR-R62215 02/17/79 13

18 Hopes for the Course Think of a question where your first instinct is a qualitative analysis Learn how to recast the problem computationally Acquire some tools to facilitate the computations Design approaches to teaching the computational approach Carry out the computational solution and the TAR approach

19 Example 2: Oprah Winfreys Cars There is a lady named Oprah She has a television show She gives away cars to some of her fans But she has a problem She only has ten shows left before she retires But she has 500 cars to give away But being a fair person, she doesnt want to give an additional car to one of her audiences that increase the ratio between the number of persons per car

20 SOLUTION: The Oprah-Huntington-Hill Algorithm

21 Example 3: Counting Heads How do we take a census? 1, 2, 3, 4, … HTC Tracts What are they, where are they, how big are they Undercount How to estimate it, whats the potential cost Sampling techniques

22 Example 4: Pay Baseball Players or Soccer Players? I use some of my retirement income and buy the New York Yankees and Manchester United Will I get a better return (in terms of wins) by paying higher salaries to my baseball team or my soccer team?

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