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Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia Pushpendra Johari RMSI 2/1/20141.

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1 Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia Pushpendra Johari RMSI 2/1/20141

2 Objectives To integrate the available information on hazards and vulnerabilities of the countries of South Asia region To create a framework to facilitate easy and reliable assessment and analysis of risks of disasters in South Asia Imbed capabilities in the platform so that it could be kept up-to-date Digital Vulnerability Atlas – an integral part of the South Asia Disaster Knowledge Network 2/1/2014 2

3 Technology used (.Net Framework 3.5) Open Source GIS Libraries (Open Layers, ExtJs, Map Fish, Geo Server, Geo Web Cache) PostgreSQL - Powerful, open source object-relational database system. Apache Tomcat - Open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and Java-Server- Pages technologies Internet Information Services (IIS) 2/1/ Advantages of Open Source Platform - Full Control on source code - Low ownership Cost – no license fee - Quality and Excellence due to availability in public domain

4 Technology 2/1/2014 4

5 Main Functionalities DVA is an interactive web-based GIS mapping service with following functionalities: – Query by Location Very useful tool to perform real time analysis, e.g. identifying districts that are located within 100 km of epicenter – Query by Attribute Allows user to select features based on the attributes attached to it, e.g. user needs to identify the Humla district of Nepal – Map Creation Enables user to create and export map using maximum of 3 layers. – Search and HazardProfile Report Enables user to search and map any location and generate a comprehensive risk profile report 2/1/2014 5

6 Advantages Central resource of up-to-date information on Hazards and associated vulnerabilities for SAARC countries Provides comprehensive Hazard Profile Reports for highest available administrative resolution (district and sub district) Includes hazard Information for 7 major hazards – Earthquake, flood, landslide, heat wave, cold wave, cyclone, and tsunami Presents vulnerability information for four major classes – Physical, Social, Human, and Economic Supports Google Maps for better visualization Based on open source GIS platform 2/1/2014 6

7 DEMO 2/1/2014 7

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