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Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia

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1 Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia
Pushpendra Johari RMSI 3/27/2017

2 Objectives To integrate the available information on hazards and vulnerabilities of the countries of South Asia region To create a framework to facilitate easy and reliable assessment and analysis of risks of disasters in South Asia Imbed capabilities in the platform so that it could be kept up-to-date Digital Vulnerability Atlas – an integral part of the South Asia Disaster Knowledge Network 3/27/2017

3 Technology used Advantages of Open Source Platform (.Net Framework 3.5) Open Source GIS Libraries (Open Layers, ExtJs, Map Fish, Geo Server, Geo Web Cache) PostgreSQL - Powerful, open source object-relational database system. Apache Tomcat - Open source software implementation of the Java Servlet and Java-Server-Pages technologies Internet Information Services (IIS) Advantages of Open Source Platform - Full Control on source code - Low ownership Cost – no license fee - Quality and Excellence due to availability in public domain 3/27/2017

4 Technology 3/27/2017

5 Main Functionalities DVA is an interactive web-based GIS mapping service with following functionalities: Query by Location Very useful tool to perform real time analysis, e.g. identifying districts that are located within 100 km of epicenter Query by Attribute Allows user to select features based on the attributes attached to it, e.g. user needs to identify the Humla district of Nepal Map Creation Enables user to create and export map using maximum of 3 layers. Search and HazardProfile Report Enables user to search and map any location and generate a comprehensive risk profile report 3/27/2017

6 Advantages Central resource of up-to-date information on Hazards and associated vulnerabilities for SAARC countries Provides comprehensive Hazard Profile Reports for highest available administrative resolution (district and sub district) Includes hazard Information for 7 major hazards – Earthquake, flood, landslide, heat wave, cold wave, cyclone, and tsunami Presents vulnerability information for four major classes – Physical, Social, Human, and Economic Supports Google Maps for better visualization Based on open source GIS platform 3/27/2017

7 DEMO 3/27/2017

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