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UNOPS Safer Hospitals Global Platform for DRR May 2013.

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1 UNOPS Safer Hospitals Global Platform for DRR May 2013

2 Implementation and operationalization of safer hospitals programmes The importance of safe hospitals Progress has been made, but action is still needed - More than 50 countries have engaged in the initiative - More than 1800 health facilities have been assessed Roles and responsibilities

3 Local risk and vulnerability assessments Priority countries High exposure to hazards Current hospital safety Local commitment Prioritizing action on a global scale Institutional and regulatory development

4 New and existing buildings need to be safe Hospital safety can be enhanced at any stage of the disaster cycle

5 A systematic and locally owned approach Be systematic Be informed by assessments Ensure government capacity Strive for innovation Action to improve hospital safety should: Prioritized action for improved hospital safety

6 Local direct technical capacity development Infrastructure assessment and data collection Data analysis and infrastructure planning Local institutional capacity development Implementation and advisory services for infrastructure works National Infrastructure Assessment Capacity Prioritizing and implementing action locally

7 There is still a long way to go but we can make it shorter if we take a systematic approach There is a role for multiple stakeholders The challenge is both technical and institutional, and requires a combination of political will, investment and capacity development Summing up...

8 Thank you. For more information please visit:

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