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Building an airport on St. Helena

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1 Building an airport on St. Helena
Robbie Lyle Commonwealth Disaster Management Agency

2 St. Helena Airport Access Project
with the Department for International Development as Project Promoter

3 Brief History of St Helena
Strategic role Staging Post East India Company Napoleon

4 Government Supported Project Finance Initiative
First of its kind 18 year pay back period, including 4 year building stage Special Purpose Vehicle comprising: Government (DFID) Private Investors (St. Helena Leisure Company – SHELCO) Contractors (Impregilo and others) BNP Paribas ECGD and SACE guarantees

5 The Three Cases for an Airport
Moral Strategic Disaster Risk Reduction Financial

6 Moral Creation of Sustainable Island Economy Social Welfare
Access to Essential Services, such as Healthcare Ecological & Geophysical Monitoring Air Safety Maritime Safety (Monitoring Cruise Liners, Cargo Ships & Fishing Fleets)

7 Strategic Radionuclide Monitoring
Regulating International Fishing Agreements eg. ICCAT Administering strategic investment strategies in the South Atlantic (Oil and Gas) Aiding International Disaster Relief Programmes for both South America and Africa Monitoring Climate Change Pivotal for Trade Routes

8 Financial Creation of Sustainable Island Economy
Reduction and eventual Removal of DFID Subsidy Offtake Programme which Finances Airport Construction

9 Map of South Atlantic Flight Information Regions

10 Possibility of Carbon Credits
An environmentally friendly airport? St Helena as an en route alternate ETOPS airport fuel reduction ICAO, UNFCCC, Copenhagen St Helena, Annex 1 or Annex 2? St. Helena can act as a gateway for South America and Africa

11 Conclusion A significant new relationship between public and private financing, which coincides with requirements of international climate change initiatives Improving the lives of those on St Helena Returning St Helena to the world stage as a vital strategic post

12 St. Helena Airport Access Project Team
Robbie Lyle – CDMA Graham Johnson, Fiona Brenner, Quentin Macfarlane – Pall Mall Consult Patrick Perry – Financial Adviser 88 St James’s Street London SW1A 1PL Tel:

13 CDMA Robert Lyle founded CDMA in 2000 with Sir Humphrey Maud, former Deputy Secretary General of The Commonwealth. CDMA offers insurance to small states vulnerable to natural disasters. CDMA are currently in negotiations with the state of Qatar on the creation of a dedicated Insurance Company to cover the risks of natural disasters for the Governments of small states.

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