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25-26 Oct. 06 ISDR Workshop Geneva1 Disaster Risk Reduction A Tearfund Perspective.

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1 25-26 Oct. 06 ISDR Workshop Geneva1 Disaster Risk Reduction A Tearfund Perspective

2 Who are Tearfund? Christian Relief & Development agency. UK-based, formed in 1968 83 countries, 358 partners 8 operational programmes 2005-06 budget: £58m. E.86.5m Funded by churches, individuals, institutional donors, DEC, trusts

3 TF Sectoral Priorities HIV and AIDS Health, Water & Sanitation Basic Education & Literacy Disaster Management Children at Risk

4 Approaches to DRR Linking policy with practice at community level DRR into development - tackling causes of vulnerability DRR into relief - using the opportunity created by disaster Integration with climate change adaptation Outworking of Hyogo Framework

5 Hyogo Framework for Action 1. Priority for DRR at all levels 2. Assess & monitor risks; better EWS 3. Education and Awareness 4. Reduce underlying risk factors 5. Strengthen disaster preparedness

6 HFA 1: Priority within Tearfund A focus since 2001- corporate priority area Conceptual framework - Pressure- Release (Crunch) Model Essential component of new Country Strategies Key area 5 of recent Strategic Review DM input to 25 priority countries

7 HFA 1: Priority for Policy Work Research on donor policy & practice Advocacy with DFID & other major donors to prioritise DRR Mainstreaming DRR tool produced and disseminated (6 areas of agency work, 4 levels of attainment) Policy component of DFID-funded project, covering 7 countries

8 HFA 2: Assess & monitor risks HVCA Tool to assess disaster risk at community level. Emphasis on last mile - ie effective warning systems for at risk communities (eg India, Bangladesh, Sahel Combination of technology & local warning signs/signals.

9 HFA 3: Knowledge & Awareness Participation in ISDR Calendar - DRR begins in School Use of community radio to enhance local preparedness (eg Afghanistan) Public education campaigns (eg Bangladesh, Kashmir)

10 HFA 4: Underlying risk factors Earthquake resistant building design (eg. Kashmir, Indonesia) Improving food security (eg Ethiopia, Malawi, Bangladesh) Alternative livelihoods plus savings/credit schemes (eg Bangladesh, India) Water conservation schemes (eg India, Malawi, Zimbabwe)

11 HFA 5: Increased Preparedness Community-level DM Committees and contingency plans (eg India, Kashmir, Bangladesh) Linkages of community plans with Govt. measures (eg India) Selection & training of local volunteers Mobilising resources of local church networks - volunteers, buildings, education

12 DRR in Conflict Zones Thorough analyses of conflict using appropriate tools Minimising negative impacts of activities (eg water for both sides in Darfur) Maximising positive impact of activities to promote peace (eg health clubs in Darfur) Advocacy for root causes to be addressed

13 Networking in DRR Participation in BOND network - OC Regular meetings with other recipients of DFID DRR funding - UK & oseas partner groups Joint development of community- level DRR impact indicators (against HFA) Participation in international fora for DRR and Climate Change

14 The end! Any questions?

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