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BIT 115: Introduction To Programming1 Sit in front of a computer Log in –Username: 230class –password: –domain: student Bring up the course web.

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1 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming1 Sit in front of a computer Log in –Username: 230class –password: Spr@2012 –domain: student Bring up the course web page: Google for “Panitz 115” Introduce yourself to the people around you

2 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming Instructor: Mike Panitz ( 2012Sp/BIT115/ 2012Sp/BIT115/ Or, Google for “Panitz 115”

3 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming3 Why take this course? For people who have no prior programming XP: –Curious about programming –Other fields (web, networking, biz, etc) –Plan to Xfer to UWB, but no prior experience PreReq: –Enjoy figuring out how things work –Comfortable using Windows –Math 95

4 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming4 Objective: Learn Basic Programming! Learn Java! You’ll learn by doing –Practice, practice, practice! Solve small problems Understanding is the key!!

5 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming5 How To Study: Skim Topic –Get an idea of the goal, what you’ll generally do Read through an example Try it out Try to modify it Think about how you’d use this in your programs Practice, practice, practice!! –Make sure you remember it!

6 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming6 Today Go over syllabus, grading Learn about the simulated robots we’ll be using. How to create simple Java programs, using the jGRASP development environment.

7 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming7 Today Reading review for this class: –Skim Section 1.1 –Study Sections 1.2 through 1.5, and 1.7 –SKIP Section 1.6 –This covers the material for the first couple of sections of homework assignment #1

8 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming8 Next Lecture Reading for next class: –Section 1.5 –Section 1.4.5 – program tracing We will start with a 4-point quiz –You’ll need to move the robot around the city, have it pick up & drop off a Thing –ALL FROM MEMORY

9 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming9 Syllabus If info isn’t on here, you should ask before it’s an issue. YOU are responsible for knowing the syllabus! Details may change –However, exams will occur on the specified dates.

10 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming10 Syllabus : Book, info Required Book –Get this now!! You need this immediately, so don’t delay!!! –Best to do the reading before class I.e., Ch. 1.5 - 1.7, before next class More work this week, but you’ll get more out of it. Class Meeting time, Office hours, Contact info –If you need help, ask!! –Better sooner than later!! Bookmark the webpage –You can get lecture notes, in class exercises, homework assignments, and late-breaking announcements there!

11 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming11 BYOLaptop (if you want) If you have your own laptop, and you feel comfortable bringing it to class feel free to do so (There’s wireless/ethernet in this room) If you have a laptop & run into problems installing the software, bring your laptop to class & we can look at it together (regardless of whether you bring it regularly)

12 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming12 No Cheating! If you cheat: –First offense: everyone involved will get a 20% penalty –Second offense: everyone involved gets 0 for that assignment –Third offense: You’ll be given a choice of Withdrawing from the course (if you still can), or else you’ll get a zero for the term. Period. If you cheat on assignments and I don’t catch you, you’ll do badly on the exams (midterm & final) –Exams are ~30% of your grade – if you get flogged on these, you’ll do badly overall

13 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming13 Behavior Rules Quiet while I’m lecturing –Whisper, if you talk at all –Minimize typing If you want to type, sit towards the back of the room –If you have trouble hearing me, sit towards the front Work during I.C.E. time –If you finish a section, try the next one –If you finish everything, chose a project on your own

14 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming14 Pairwise Reading: Grading Group up in pairs Triples are ok, if there is an odd number of people 10 minutes to: –Introduce yourself to each other –Download the syllabus, locate the “Assessment” section –Read the section closely –Summarize important parts –Prepare your presentation (on a unique topic) 5 minutes to present your summary to another pair, and listen to their presentation. I’ll then ask someone to summarize it for the class, and ask y’all questions till you’re clear

15 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming15 Details in syllabus You’re responsible for everything there, even if I don’t talk about it now. 900 points for the quarter Every point has the same weight as any other 4 Homeworks, 100 points each –Each homework will have 4 (or so) parts – start working on them after each lecture! –Each homework will be graded, returned, then you get 1 week to hand in a revision. –The revised grade replaces the original grade. 2 exams: 150 points each In class participation: 200 points –Each class is 10 points: 2 point quiz about prior lecture, 8 points for making a genuine effort on the In Class Exercises (ICEs) Grading

16 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming16 Stuff To Do: Send me an email from an account you read – –In the Subject, put the word “BIT115” Subscribe to the Google Group –During the term, you are REQUIRED to keep these up to date – if your email address changes, update these!! Fill out the Personal Data Sheet

17 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming17 End-of-class slides

18 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming18 Homework: Start Working on A1!! HW is located at the top-left corner of the main web page It’s due at the start of class on Monday, October 10 th At this point, you’ve seen enough to start working on Assignment 1 (A1)

19 BIT 115: Introduction To Programming19 THE QUIZ!! We’ll START the next lecture with a quiz –FOUR POINT QUIZ!!!! You’ll need to download a.Java file from the class website Open it up in jGrasp Add commands (FROM MEMORY) to move the robot around, pick Things up, put Things down, etc 10 minute time limit –Quizzes normally have a 5 minute time limit

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