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Medical Dental Building Seattle, WA

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1 Medical Dental Building Seattle, WA
Combining Historic and New Market Tax Credits Presented by George Petrie

2 Master Tenant Structure Diagram

3 Sources and Uses Total Percentage Bank of America Permanent Loan
50,000,000 67% TriSail Mezzanine Financing 4,310,000 6% Federal HTC 6,260,000 8% NMTC Equity 1,830,000 2% Deferred Developer Fee & Equity 11,840,000 16% Total Sources of Funds 74,240,000 100% 62,400,000 Land 13,500,000 Building 25,000,000 Hard Costs 21,290,000 Soft Costs and Financing Costs 14,450,000 Total Development Costs

4 Floor Corridors Before

5 Floor Corridors After

6 Floor Elevator Lobby Before

7 Floor Elevator Lobby After

8 Main Lobby Entrance Before

9 Main Lobby Entrance After

10 All Star Fitness Lobby Before

11 All Star Fitness Lobby After

12 All Star Fitness Facility

13 All Star Fitness Facility

14 Wintergarden Before

15 Wintergarden After

16 Wintergarden After

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