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ONE STOP Real Estate Services G ill G roup

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1 ONE STOP Real Estate Services G ill G roup
Contact: Cash Gill 1 (800) ill ONE G roup STOP Real Estate Services Gill Group offers multiple services for due diligence: Market Studies ~ Mark-to-Market ~ Real Estate & M.A.P. Appraisals ~ Nursing Home Appraisals ~ Physical Condition Assessments ~ Project Capital Needs Assessments ~ Phase I Environmental Assessments ~ Section 42 Tax Credit Inspections and Compliance Audits ~ REAC

2 G G Cash Gill Phone: (800) 428-3320
Fax: (877) P.O. Box 784 512 N. One Mile Road Dexter, MO G G

3 Inspections – REAC/PCNA
Both inspections have extremely similar elements. REAC is completed to determine deficiencies and health/safety issues. PCNA is completed to determine the same things but also the cost to correct. There are many inspection guides available for conducting PCNA inspections. The Uniform Physical Condition Standards checklist is used for REAC inspections. This checklist is an all-inclusive checklist, which makes it an excellent guide to follow for the PCNA inspection as well.

4 G G

5 Site L-3 H&S L-3 H&S L-3 H&S L-3
Potholes/Loose Material (Parking Lots/Driveways/Roads) – Hazards/Tripping Damaged/Broken Equipment (Play Areas and Equipment) – Hazards/Other Site L-3 H&S L-3 H&S Erosion/Rutting Areas (Grounds) Graffiti (Market Appeal) L-3 H&S L-3

6 G G

7 G G

8 Building Exterior L3 L3 L3 L2
Exposed rebar – Spalling/Exposed Rebar (Foundations) No recent rain – Damaged/Clogged Drains (Roofs) Building Exterior L3 L3 Missing/Damaged Components from Downspout/Gutter– paint damage Missing/Damaged Components from Downspout/Gutter– no damage L3 L2

9 G G

10 G G

11 Leaking Central Water Supply (Domestic Water)
Missing Covers (Electrical System) Building Systems L3 L3 Leaking Central Water Supply (Domestic Water) Not Operable (Elevators) L3 L3

12 G G

13 G G

14 G G

15 Common Area L-2 L-3 Ceiling L-2 Door - L3 Wall L-2 Graffiti - L1
Hallway ceiling – Holes/Missing Tiles/Panels/Cracks Components failed – chutes damaged/missing components Common Area L-2 L-3 Damaged Frames/Threshold/Lintels/Trim (Doors) - Graffiti Water Stains/Water Damage/Mold/Mildew (Ceiling) - Water Stains/Water Damage/Mold/Mildew (Walls) - Air Quality/Mold and or Mildew Observed Ceiling L-2 Wall L-2 Air H&S Door - L3 Graffiti - L1

16 G G



19 Unit Sink L-3 Cabinets L-1 L-2 L-3 L-2
Lavatory Sink - Damaged/Missing (Bathroom) - Bathroom Cabinets - Damaged/Missing (Bathroom) Water Closet/Toilet - Damaged/Clogged/Missing (Bathroom) Unit Sink L-3 Cabinets L-1 L-2 Holes/Missing Tiles/Panels (Ceiling) – unit above exposed Holes/Missing Tiles/Panels (Ceiling) – unit above not exposed L-3 L-2

20 Health & Safety H&S H&S H&S H&S
Common Area - Electrical hazards- Exposed wires Building Exterior - Emergency/Fire Exits- Blocked/Unusable Health & Safety H&S H&S Unit - Infestation - Insects Common Area - Garbage and Debris - Indoors H&S H&S

21 G G

22 Top 20 Correctable Deficiencies
The following are examples of maintenance items that, if repaired prior to the physical inspection, could make a significant difference in the overall inspection score. Be sure that… Water Heater – the pressure relief valve discharge tube extends to within 18 inches of the floor. Misaligned Chimney – the vent stack on gas operated water heaters or furnaces are properly aligned. Missing HVAC Covers – there are covers on all baseboard heaters. Access to the Electrical Panel – access to the electrical panels is not blocked by furniture or other items not easily removed. Missing Covers – electrical panels that have interior covers (aside from the panel lid box itself) are present to prevent exposure from the wire connections. Open Breaker/Fuse Ports – open breaker/fuse ports are covered. Door Damaged Seals – the factory installed seals on exterior doors, such as building or unit doors, are in place and undamaged Doors Damaged Hardware – exterior door hardware locks or latches properly and fire doors function as designed. Security Doors – security doors do not have dual-side key locks. Kitchen – stove burners are working.

23 Cont’d Plumbing – pipes and faucets are not leaking, and areas around any leaks are cleaned up and repaired. Damaged Sinks/Showers – any hardware problems are repaired, diverters are working, drains have stoppers, hot and cold water handles are in place and working. Clothes Dryers – are properly vented to the outside from units or laundry rooms. Storm Water Sewers – are not clogged with trash or leaves. Sanitary Sewer Damaged Covers – caps located in the grass on the exterior of the building that have been damaged by a lawn mower are cleaned out and repaired. Trash Chutes – hardware is in place and the chute door closes properly. Trash Receptacles – are not overflowing and are adequate in size for the property. Auxiliary Lighting – the back up lighting works even when the test light does not work. Leaking Domestic Water – there are no leaks in the domestic water supply, including the hose bibs located on the exterior of the building. Outlet and Switch Plate Covers – are not cracked or broken.

24 L3 L3 H&S L3 H&S L3 Misaligned Chimney/Ventilation (HVAC)
Common Areas - Electrical Hazards - Exposed Wires/Open Panels L3 L3 H&S Exposed Electrical Connections – Missing Covers (Electrical System) Missing Drain/Cleanout/Manhole Covers (Sanitary System) L3 H&S L3



27 Critical Repairs - PCNA

28 Non-Critical Repairs - PCNA

29 Questions? G G

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