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StarLight, the Facility Joe Mambretti, Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown Alan Verlo, Linda Winkler.

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1 StarLight, the Facility Joe Mambretti, Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown Alan Verlo, Linda Winkler

2 StarLight: A 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Exchange Abbott Hall, Northwestern Universitys Chicago downtown campus StarLight hosts electronic switching and routing for United States national and international Research and Education networks Since November 2003, StarLight has been optically switching wavelengths between Chicago and Amsterdam

3 StarLight History NSF-funded support of STAR TAP (1997-2000) and STAR TAP2/ StarLight (2000-2005), and the High Performance International Internet Services program (Euro-Link, TransPAC, MIRnet and AMPATH).

4 StarLight, the Facility *Flexible* facility for scientists by scientists; input from: –E-science and C-science researchers –Technical leaders of NSF cyberinfrastructure –Academic national and international R&E networks –Next-generation Federal networks –Metro/regional efforts A GE and 10 GE exchange for R&E Networks A MEMS-switched Optical Research Network Exchange A specialized co-location space for new implementations and integrations of infrastructure Home to fiber and circuits from SBC, Qwest, AT&T, Global Crossing, Level3, T-Systems, Looking Glass, RCN, and I- WIRE, custom integrators, like MCI for DREN

5 StarLight Facility-Connected US and International Networks US National Abilene/HOPI DREN (DOD) ESnet (DOE) NLR NASA GSFC NISN (NASA) NREN (NASA) UltraScience Net (DOE) US Other CAVEwave FermiWave I-Light (Indiana) I-WIRE (Illinois) LONI (Louisiana) via NLR MiLR (Michigan LambdaRail) MREN (Midwest) NIH OMNInet2 TeraGrid TRECC UltraLight (HEP) via NLR USGS WiscWave (Wisconsin) ASnet (Taiwan) CA*net4 (Canada) CERNET (China) GLORIAD-CSTNet (China) via CA*net4 GLORIAD-Russia via CA*net4 GLORIAD/KREONet2 (Korea) via CA*net4 HARNET (Hong Kong) JGN-II (Japan) SINET (Japan) SURFnet (Netherlands), which also carries NORDUnet and CESNET TaiwanLight (Taiwan) via CA*net4 TransLight/StarLight IRNC UKLight (UK) US LHCnet (CERN)


7 E-Science and C-Science Experiments in StarLight Co-Lo Space OMNInet2 – Joe Mambretti, Nortel/SBC DARPA DWDM-RAM – Joe Mambretti and Nortel Networks NSF/DOE Caltech/CERN Cluster for Data Grid development (GriPhyN, PPDG, iVDGL, EU DataGrid) – Harvey Newman NSF Distributed Optical Testbed (DOT) – Joe Mambretti and Valerie Taylor NSF Logistical Networking – Micah Beck and Yotta Yotta NSF National Center for Data Mining Cluster – Bob Grossman NSF OptIPuter visualization cluster – Tom DeFanti and Jason Leigh NSF MEMS Optical Switching – Tom DeFanti and Jason Leigh University of Amsterdam Itanium for Optical switching; Generic AAA – Cees de Laat USGS map storage

8 StarLight Provided Major iGrid 2005 Support

9 OptIPuter: Major NSF-funded Research Initiative Utilizing StarLight Capabilities

10 The OptIPuter Project – Removing Bandwidth as an Obstacle In Data Intensive Sciences An NSF-funded award that focuses on developing technology to enable the real-time collaboration and visualization of very-large time- varying volumetric datasets for the earth sciences and the biosciences OptIPuter is examining a new model of computing whereby ultra-high- speed networks form the backplane of a global computer NIH Biomedical Informatics NSF EarthScope and ORION Research Network

11 OptIPuter is a Global Virtual Computer Hardware: clusters of computers that act as giant storage, compute or visualization peripherals, in which each node of each cluster is attached at 1 or 10GigE to a backplane of ultra-high-speed networks Software: Advanced middleware and application toolkits are being developed for lightpath management, data management and mining, visualization, and collaboration Commodity GigE Switch Fibers or Lambdas

12 The Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment To Manage Visual Content on Scalable Tiled Displays SAGE runs on LambdaVision, a display-rich collaborative work environment (11x5 LCDs)

13 Moving Data Over these Networks: Ultra-High-Speed Transport Protocols Reliable Blast UDP designed for ultra-high-speed bulk data delivery applications Developed originally in 2000 Achieved 18Gb/s out of 20Gb/s available bandwidth on TeraGrid in 2003. LambdaStream designed for ultra-high-speed streaming applications that need high throughput but low latency and low jitter (such as streaming graphics) Developed in 2003/04 LambdaStream achieves this by adaptive rate adjustment AND attempting to predict the CAUSE of loss using techniques from Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs).

14 EVL 10GE OptIPuter CAVEwave on the National LambdaRail Source: Tom DeFanti, OptIPuter co-PI

15 Calient DiamondWave Switches at StarLight and NetherLight 128x128 Calient O-O-O 3D MEMS switch at StarLight 64x64 Calient switch at NetherLight 1% the cost of routing

16 Photonic Interdomain Negotiator (PIN) Application-Centric Scheduling of Photonic Networks Visualization EVL (Chicago) Cluster OC-192 PIN Cluster Calient Photonic Switch Cluster Calient Photonic Switch Glimmerglass Photonic Switch Correlation / Filtering StarLight (Chicago) Data Access UvA (Amsterdam) Muxed & DeMuxed DWDM PIN PPBAC PDC Joe Mambretti (NU), Eric He, Cees de Laat (UvA), Oliver Yu (UIC)

17 Bring Us Your Lambdas

18 Thanks to our Sponsors and Collaborators StarLight planning, research, collaborations, and outreach efforts have been made possible, in major part, by funding from: –US National Science Foundation (NSF) awards SCI-9980480, SCI- 9730202, CNS-9802090, CNS-9871058, SCI-0225642, and CNS- 0115809 –State of Illinois I-WIRE Program, and major UIC cost sharing –Northwestern University for facility space, engineering and management US NSF/CISE and US DoE/Argonne National Laboratory for StarLight and I-WIRE network engineering and design Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE and Kees Neggers of SURFnet for networking leadership Larry Smarr of Calit2 for I-WIRE and OptIPuter leadership

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