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STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN1Global Crossing Proprietary Waves Overview Gert Nieveld Global Crossing Europe.

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1 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN1Global Crossing Proprietary Waves Overview Gert Nieveld Global Crossing Europe

2 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN2Global Crossing Proprietary 1727: Giovanni Pittoni, Monument to Isaac Newton Waves History: Early Wave Experiments

3 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN3Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Wavelength Services Only 1 year on the market: Monday April 24, 2000, Rochester, N.Y. Global Crossing (NYSE:GX) Introduces Wholesale Optical Wavelength Service Tuesday May 9, 2000, Las Vegas, NV Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:LVLT) today announced the introduction of Global Wavelength services. Wave Definition (GX): 2.5 & 10 Gb/s optical route through the network via an interconnection at the optical multiplex systems Note that: –Full transparency not always guaranteed –Wave may actually be muxed into higher aggregate stream (i.e. 40 Gb/s)

4 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN4Global Crossing Proprietary PREFERRED: Overhead Transparent Carrier Network Customer Mesh Network Can the full 2.5 G capacity be used for IP? Packet Customer view: End-to-end link: Protection handled at IP multiplex layers Protection features of SDH/SONET are generally unexploited. Transparent end-to-end link allows in-band TMN signaling Signal protocol must be consistent (i.e. SONET OR SDH)


6 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN6Global Crossing Proprietary Global Transparency: SDH Overhead at 2.5 Gb/s level STM-16 Payload STM-16 Frame BYTES/FRAME * 8 BITS/BYTE * 8000 FRAMES/SEC = Gb/s bit

7 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN7Global Crossing Proprietary 1.Semi-Transparent transmission of RSOH overhead bytes 2.Semi-Transparent transmission of MSOH overhead bytes 3.Recalculates B1 and B2 bytes Transparency Example: 2.5 Gb/s – 10 Gb/s multiplexers

8 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN8Global Crossing Proprietary

9 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN9Global Crossing Proprietary Multiplexing Methodologies High Capacity Fault Tolerance Multiplexing Quality of Service Global Addressing Feature/Product SONET/ SDH 1 IP 2+ Comm. Process Layer ATM 2+

10 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN10Global Crossing Proprietary …Like the final supernova of a brilliant star, SONET will blow up to thousands of times its original brightness - - just before it caves in in itself to a dark, silent death. George Gilder, Forbes ASAP, 1999 Wavelengths will rule the network by end 2002

11 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN11Global Crossing Proprietary Share of Traffic over SDH/SONET falls as Waves mature

12 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN12Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Fibre Cable CL <<< Visible Light (500 nm) Infrared (5000 nm) >>>

13 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN13Global Crossing Proprietary C and L-band lambda overview (terrestrial applications) Supervisory Chan Extended L Band (nm) (THz) (nm) (THz) (50GHz), 81 channels ITU G G or 40G (100 GHz) ITU Grid Reference Point (193.1THz) Extended C -Band G only (100 GHz) XC-Band XL-Band (50GHz) 10G or 40G (100 GHz) 10G only (100 GHz)

14 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN14Global Crossing Proprietary Subsea Fibre Cable, armoured Courtesy: Alcatel

15 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN15Global Crossing Proprietary AC –1 Cable Route

16 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN16Global Crossing Proprietary Depth Chart of Atlantic Ocean

17 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN17Global Crossing Proprietary Cableship

18 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN18Global Crossing Proprietary

19 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN19Global Crossing Proprietary Subsea Repeater

20 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN20Global Crossing Proprietary

21 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN21Global Crossing Proprietary

22 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN22Global Crossing Proprietary

23 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN23Global Crossing Proprietary Ajigaura, Japan 04 August 1999 Terminal Stations: Reason #1 for Waves

24 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN24Global Crossing Proprietary ATM Switch ATM Switch OTU/Tx Transponder OTU/Rx Transponder Optical Multiplexer Transmit Amplifier Receive Amplifier Optical De-Multiplexer DWDM Terminal Global Crossing POP IP Router IP Router OC48 STM16 SDH/ SONET OC48 STM16 SDH/ SONET ODF/ FDP Vendor Colocation Meet Me / Mid Span Meet 2.5 & 10G ITU G.957/G.691 Local Loops Customer Colocation Optical Network Components GigE, 2.5G, 10G

25 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN25Global Crossing Proprietary Waves with SDH/SONET versus IP: Protection vs. Capacity POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s SDH / SONET: 2.5 G max 2.5 G fallback capacity IP/ATM Router: 5 G max 2.5 G fallback capacity POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s IP/ATM Router: 7.5 G max 5 G fallback capacity

26 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN26Global Crossing Proprietary SAC PAC MAC AC-1 PEC PC-1 GAL EAC AC-2 PEC North American Crossing Global Crossing Wavelength Deployment (06/01)

27 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN27Global Crossing Proprietary Global Networks in 2001 Waves on terrestrial and subsea will support Networking with N+1 protection (N > 2) Reduced protection investment is highly effective: >> Reason # 2 for Waves Equipment needs to support both a Ring and Mesh network Market pull for Optical Switches

28 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN28Global Crossing Proprietary Next Wavelength Technology: Optical Mux / Lambda Router / Optical Wave Cross-connect System GigE / 2.5 Gb/s ODF/FDP Customer Interface x OTU n 2.5 / 10 / 40 Gb/s DWDM Optical Mux/ Router/ Cross-Connect

29 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN29Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Cross-Connects: Lambda Router * Input Optical Fibre Bundle Output Optical Fibre Bundle MEMS control cables Hermetic Enclosure Input MEMS Array Output MEMS Array Inherently bit-rate and protocol independent fabric < 5 ms switch time Scalable fabric to 1024 x 1024 Cross-connects implemented by re-orienting mirrors Design for low loss, mechanical stability, simplified assembly *) WaveStar Lambda Router is a Lucent Technologies product 0.5 mm

30 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN30Global Crossing Proprietary Global Crossing Europe SDH Network Structure AC-2 AC-1 SDH

31 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN31Global Crossing Proprietary Global Crossing AC-2 AC-1 s s s s s s s s Present: –Waves 10G on subsea and terrestrial networks –Waves GigE & 2.5 G on Metro Rings –Implement Optical Cross-Connects on subsea (AC-1&2) Mid 2002: Implement OXCs on terrestrial networks

32 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN32Global Crossing Proprietary Electrical/ Optical Services SDH/SONET E Hybrid Cross Connect (Electrical Switching STS-1/ AU-4) O 10G/ 2.5G/ 622M/ 155M/ 51M O Metro/ Access IP Router ISW Router GigE/ 2.5G/ 10G O Grooming Switch (Electrical Switching STS-1/ AU-4) O O Metro/ Access ISW Optical Interconnectivity Architecture Long Distance WAVES 10G G Photonic Cross Connect (Optical Switching Fabric) 10G/40G Intelligent Software (ISW) DWDMDWDM 10G/40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G O O O O O O Long Distance DWDMDWDM DWDMDWDM DWDMDWDM

33 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN33Global Crossing Proprietary Wavelengths and the Future Optical Wave services have caused a network revolution: –Core long distance SDH/SONET Rings will be replaced by Meshed networks using Wave Cross-Connects –Re-invention of PDH-like (pre-SDH) network architecture –Semi-Automated optical route protection done < 50 ms Improved transport infrastructure will exist for IP/packet services Electrical/Optical Grooming switches will emerge at periphery Automated Restoration (algorithm/GMPLS driven) becomes technically feasible. Operational implementation will take beyond 2002 In the mean time… keep on surfing the waves. mail:

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