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STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN1Global Crossing Proprietary Waves Overview Gert Nieveld Global Crossing Europe.

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1 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN1Global Crossing Proprietary Waves Overview Gert Nieveld Global Crossing Europe

2 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN2Global Crossing Proprietary 1727: Giovanni Pittoni, Monument to Isaac Newton Waves History: Early Wave Experiments

3 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN3Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Wavelength Services Only 1 year on the market: Monday April 24, 2000, Rochester, N.Y. Global Crossing (NYSE:GX) Introduces Wholesale Optical Wavelength Service Tuesday May 9, 2000, Las Vegas, NV Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:LVLT) today announced the introduction of Global Wavelength services. Wave Definition (GX): 2.5 & 10 Gb/s optical route through the network via an interconnection at the optical multiplex systems Note that: –Full transparency not always guaranteed –Wave may actually be muxed into higher aggregate stream (i.e. 40 Gb/s)

4 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN4Global Crossing Proprietary PREFERRED: Overhead Transparent Carrier Network Customer Mesh Network Can the full 2.5 G capacity be used for IP? Packet Customer view: End-to-end link: Protection handled at IP multiplex layers Protection features of SDH/SONET are generally unexploited. Transparent end-to-end link allows in-band TMN signaling Signal protocol must be consistent (i.e. SONET OR SDH)


6 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN6Global Crossing Proprietary Global Transparency: SDH Overhead at 2.5 Gb/s level 1454320 STM-16 Payload STM-16 Frame 38880 BYTES/FRAME * 8 BITS/BYTE * 8000 FRAMES/SEC = 2.488 Gb/s bit

7 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN7Global Crossing Proprietary 1.Semi-Transparent transmission of RSOH overhead bytes 2.Semi-Transparent transmission of MSOH overhead bytes 3.Recalculates B1 and B2 bytes Transparency Example: 2.5 Gb/s – 10 Gb/s multiplexers

8 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN8Global Crossing Proprietary

9 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN9Global Crossing Proprietary Multiplexing Methodologies High Capacity Fault Tolerance Multiplexing Quality of Service Global Addressing Feature/Product SONET/ SDH 1 IP 2+ Comm. Process Layer ATM 2+

10 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN10Global Crossing Proprietary …Like the final supernova of a brilliant star, SONET will blow up to thousands of times its original brightness - - just before it caves in in itself to a dark, silent death. George Gilder, Forbes ASAP, 1999 Wavelengths will rule the network by end 2002

11 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN11Global Crossing Proprietary Share of Traffic over SDH/SONET falls as Waves mature

12 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN12Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Fibre Cable CL <<< Visible Light (500 nm) Infrared (5000 nm) >>>

13 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN13Global Crossing Proprietary C and L-band lambda overview (terrestrial applications) Supervisory Chan 100 50 Extended L Band (nm) (THz) 1570 186.0185.0184.0183.0182.0 1605 16101615 1620162516651630 190.0189.0 1575158015851590 188.0187.0 16001595 1565 191.0 (nm) (THz) 190.0189.0 15701575158015851590 188.0187.0 16001595 (50GHz), 81 channels ITU G.692 10G or 40G (100 GHz) 192.0193.0194.0196.0195.0 1555 1530 1535 1540 15451550 15601565 ITU Grid Reference Point (193.1THz) 191.0 100 50 Extended C -Band 1525 1520 197.0 50 10G only (100 GHz) XC-Band XL-Band (50GHz) 10G or 40G (100 GHz) 10G only (100 GHz)

14 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN14Global Crossing Proprietary Subsea Fibre Cable, armoured Courtesy: Alcatel

15 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN15Global Crossing Proprietary AC –1 Cable Route

16 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN16Global Crossing Proprietary Depth Chart of Atlantic Ocean

17 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN17Global Crossing Proprietary Cableship

18 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN18Global Crossing Proprietary

19 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN19Global Crossing Proprietary Subsea Repeater

20 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN20Global Crossing Proprietary

21 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN21Global Crossing Proprietary

22 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN22Global Crossing Proprietary

23 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN23Global Crossing Proprietary Ajigaura, Japan 04 August 1999 Terminal Stations: Reason #1 for Waves

24 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN24Global Crossing Proprietary ATM Switch ATM Switch OTU/Tx Transponder OTU/Rx Transponder Optical Multiplexer Transmit Amplifier Receive Amplifier Optical De-Multiplexer DWDM Terminal Global Crossing POP IP Router IP Router OC48 STM16 SDH/ SONET OC48 STM16 SDH/ SONET ODF/ FDP Vendor Colocation Meet Me / Mid Span Meet 2.5 & 10G ITU G.957/G.691 Local Loops Customer Colocation Optical Network Components GigE, 2.5G, 10G

25 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN25Global Crossing Proprietary Waves with SDH/SONET versus IP: Protection vs. Capacity POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s SDH / SONET: 2.5 G max 2.5 G fallback capacity IP/ATM Router: 5 G max 2.5 G fallback capacity POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s POP A POP B 2.5 Gb/s IP/ATM Router: 7.5 G max 5 G fallback capacity

26 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN26Global Crossing Proprietary SAC PAC MAC AC-1 PEC PC-1 GAL EAC AC-2 PEC North American Crossing Global Crossing Wavelength Deployment (06/01)

27 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN27Global Crossing Proprietary Global Networks in 2001 Waves on terrestrial and subsea will support Networking with N+1 protection (N > 2) Reduced protection investment is highly effective: >> Reason # 2 for Waves Equipment needs to support both a Ring and Mesh network Market pull for Optical Switches

28 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN28Global Crossing Proprietary Next Wavelength Technology: Optical Mux / Lambda Router / Optical Wave Cross-connect System GigE / 2.5 Gb/s ODF/FDP Customer Interface x OTU n 2.5 / 10 / 40 Gb/s DWDM Optical Mux/ Router/ Cross-Connect

29 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN29Global Crossing Proprietary Optical Cross-Connects: Lambda Router * Input Optical Fibre Bundle Output Optical Fibre Bundle MEMS control cables Hermetic Enclosure Input MEMS Array Output MEMS Array Inherently bit-rate and protocol independent fabric < 5 ms switch time Scalable fabric to 1024 x 1024 Cross-connects implemented by re-orienting mirrors Design for low loss, mechanical stability, simplified assembly *) WaveStar Lambda Router is a Lucent Technologies product 0.5 mm

30 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN30Global Crossing Proprietary Global Crossing Europe SDH Network Structure AC-2 AC-1 SDH

31 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN31Global Crossing Proprietary Global Crossing AC-2 AC-1 s s s s s s s s Present: –Waves 10G on subsea and terrestrial networks –Waves GigE & 2.5 G on Metro Rings –Implement Optical Cross-Connects on subsea (AC-1&2) Mid 2002: Implement OXCs on terrestrial networks

32 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN32Global Crossing Proprietary Electrical/ Optical Services SDH/SONET E Hybrid Cross Connect (Electrical Switching Fabric @ STS-1/ AU-4) O 10G/ 2.5G/ 622M/ 155M/ 51M O Metro/ Access IP Router ISW Router GigE/ 2.5G/ 10G O Grooming Switch (Electrical Switching Fabric @ STS-1/ AU-4) O O Metro/ Access ISW Optical Interconnectivity Architecture Long Distance WAVES 10G G Photonic Cross Connect (Optical Switching Fabric) 10G/40G Intelligent Software (ISW) DWDMDWDM 10G/40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G 10G/ 40G O O O O O O Long Distance DWDMDWDM DWDMDWDM DWDMDWDM

33 STAR TAP Waves Overview 01/06/05GN33Global Crossing Proprietary Wavelengths and the Future Optical Wave services have caused a network revolution: –Core long distance SDH/SONET Rings will be replaced by Meshed networks using Wave Cross-Connects –Re-invention of PDH-like (pre-SDH) network architecture –Semi-Automated optical route protection done < 50 ms Improved transport infrastructure will exist for IP/packet services Electrical/Optical Grooming switches will emerge at periphery Automated Restoration (algorithm/GMPLS driven) becomes technically feasible. Operational implementation will take beyond 2002 In the mean time… keep on surfing the waves. mail:

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