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Leadership Supports Renewable Energy

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1 ARMY EUL PROGRAM BRIEFING Financing Solar Energy Conference Alexandria, VA May 21, 2009

2 Leadership Supports Renewable Energy
“…we will invest $15 billion a year to develop technologies like wind power and solar power; advanced biofuels….” -President Obama /24/09 "By making greater use of alternative and renewable energy, Army initiatives will bring energy savings and security to the Army, reducing the risk of power disruption." -Pete Geren Secretary of the Army Obama Energy Plan as it relates to renewables and solar: -As part of a larger plan for a diversified, clean energy future, Barack has proposed doubling research funding for clean energy projects such as solar power while requiring that 25% of electricity consumed in the U.S. be derived from clean, sustainable energy sources by 2025. -Ensure 10 percent of Our Electricity Comes from Renewable Sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025. -Help create five million new jobs by strategically investing $150 billion over the next ten years to catalyze private efforts to build a clean energy future. “By investing in groundbreaking research, making homes and businesses more energy efficient and deploying solar, wind, biomass and other clean energy, this budget will help ensure that America once again leads the world in confronting our global economic, energy and climate challenges." -Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy 2

3 Army Energy Consumption and Cost
Consumption & DESC Purchases Cost 190 4.1 176 2.9 Trillion Btu $ Billion FY 2007 – 2008 Trillion Btu Increase = 8% FY 2007 – 2008 Cost Increase = 40%

4 Army Energy Consumption

5 Defense Science Board and GAO Findings
Feb 2008 February 2008 Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force On DoD Energy Strategy - “More Fight – Less Fuel”

6 Army Senior Energy Council
Secretary of the Army Chief of Staff of the Army Senior Energy Council ASA / 3- and 4-star equivalents SEC Advisory Board DASA / 2-star equivalents SEC Working Groups O-6 level Offices of Primary Responsibility Co-Chairs – Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Asst Sec of the Army (Installations and Environment) Executive Secretary / Senior Energy Executive – Dep Asst Sec of the Army (Energy and Partnerships), DASA(E&P) Members – Over 25 major Army organizations, including HQ staff Chair – DASA(E&P) Members – DASA (ESOH) and other SEC principal offices Members – Reflects all SEC organizations Coordinates with offices across the Army to implement the Army energy security strategy SEC provides enterprise leadership, strategy and accountability for energy security



9 Renewable Energy - Solar


11 What is Enhanced Use Lease?
Authority under Title 10 USC 2667 for Military Departments to lease land and/or facilities for no less than the fair market value of the real property leased EUL gives the Army the ability to leverage available non-excess property for in cash or in-kind consideration that can be used towards improvements in infrastructure, facilities, and quality of life on our installations Off-set declining Operation & Maintenance budgets Avoid cost of maintaining or razing old building Free-up space for increased or new missions Bring tenants who are synergistic with missions of installations Increases the real value of our property over the course of the development/lease

12 EUL is not… Sale of Garrison land
Public-private partnership; all risk is on selected developer Meant as a build-to-suit for federal tenants or as a replacement for MILCON This is a Notes Page in Power Point. Whenever you do a presentation, it is recommended that you do a Notes Page with each slide. This allows a presenter other than the preparer to know facts and speaking points to present.

13 EUL Roadmap Identify Non-Excess Finalize & Close Assets With Developer
Perform Economic/ Market Analysis Develop & Market Application Evaluate Proposals Develop Business & Leasing Plan Finalize & Close With Developer This is a Notes Page in Power Point. Whenever you do a presentation, it is recommended that you do a Notes Page with each slide. This allows a presentor other than the preparer to know facts and speaking points to present.

14 Fort Irwin National Training Center Mojave Desert, CA
Commercial Grade Photovoltaic Solar Power Leveraging 300+ Days of Sunshine per Year Contribute to ARMY 25% Renewable by 2025 Contribute to California’s 33% Renewable by 2017 EUL generates In kind service value to garrison Heightened security through self generated power

15 Fort Irwin UNIVERSE China Lake Lewis Elementary School: 609
Tiefort View Intermediate School: 453 Fort Irwin Middle School: 342 Silver Valley High School: 543/250 Fort Irwin Students Alternative Education Center: 61 Newberry Elementary School: 182 Yermo School: 145 Silver Valley Intermediate: 173 Total count: 2508: 1654 are Fort Irwin Population (66%) 15

16 Five Sites Offered for Lease
Goldstone Sites (3) Main Gate Site Red Pass Lake Site

17 Red Pass Lake Site – Site Characteristics
Well water adjacent to site - Flow approx. 4,500 g.p.d. 2,000 ac. (+/-) and level topography Adjacent to LADWP 500kV and 287kV transmission lines

18 Red Pass Lake Site Map

19 Red Pass Lake Site

20 Fort Irwin Cantonment Area
Main Gate Site 800 acres (+/-) of usable topography Treated waste water available from Garrison for steam generation Adjacent to substation and SCE transmission Fort Irwin Cantonment Area Main Gate Site

21 NASA Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex
Goldstone is operated by ITT Industries, Systems Division under contract to NASA/JPL National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology

22 Project Milestones Dec 15, RFQ base Notice of Opportunity to Lease (NOL) released Mar 4, EUL Industry Day at Fort Irwin 250 ATTENDEES Apr 20, Proposal Offer Due Date MULTIPLE RESPONSES RECEIVED June Developer Selection - Due Diligence begins / environmental study start Mar Design approval June Complete Environmental Assessments, CA Permits Sept Ground Breaking for plants Sept First Phase Plants Completed

23 California and Federal Stakeholders


25 Sierra army depot, herlong, ca
Renewable Solar Energy EUL proposed High kV transmission on site Rail and 10,000’ runway 50 miles north of Reno, NV One by seven square mile site Advertisement in Summer 2008

26 How to stay plugged in HTTP://EUL.ARMY.MIL Bob Penn 410-962-3000
Tom Kretzschmar This is a Notes Page in Power Point. Whenever you do a presentation, it is recommended that you do a Notes Page with each slide. This allows a presentor other than the preparer to know facts and speaking points to present.


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