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Routing Registries1 Abha Ahuja

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1 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries1 Abha Ahuja

2 Internet Routing Registries2 What is the Routing Registry? zDistributed database collectively known as Internet Routing Registry (IRR) yRADB, RIPE, CW, ANS, Canet zProviders register routing policy zUsed for planning, debugging and generating backbone router configs z

3 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries3 What is the Routing Registry? zCan be used by anyone worldwide ydebugging yconfiguring yengineering routing yaddressing

4 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries4 What is the Routing Registry? ycontact names, email addresses and telephone numbers for an AS yrouting policy for an AS (what other ASes does it connect to, which routes do they exchange) yinformation about routes (most important is which AS originates the route) yseveral other types of information

5 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries5 What happens if I dont use a database? zRouting Horror Stories yAS7007 xfiltering would have prevented this yannouncing bogus routes

6 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries6 So, I need to use the database because….. zFilters generated off the IRR protect against inaccurate routing information zMakes troubleshooting and debugging easier zKeep track of policy zSecurity zFilter! Filter! Filter!!

7 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries7 Why Bother with all of this? zView of global routing policy in a single cooperatively maintained database zto improve integrity of Internets routing zgenerate router configs yprotect against inaccurate routing info distribution yverification of Internet routing

8 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries8 Why Bother using the database (con) zMany providers require that you register your policy ypeering ycustomer relationship zRoute Servers

9 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries9 What is Internet2 going to do? zMerit is setting up a database for I2 community ysource: I2 yregister Internet2 routing policy and information zWill be RPSL zUp by end of July

10 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries10 Policy Languages zexpress policy with aut-num objects, route objects, AS-MACROS zcurrently RIPE-181 zmoving to RPSL ymore policy control

11 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries11 What is RPSL? zRouting Policy Specification Language zDesigned to replace current language (RIPE-181) zEnhanced and more generalized

12 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries12 How does the language work? zObject-oriented zExpress policy in objects yperson ymntner yrole yaut-num yroute zCan make sets of objects

13 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries13 Describing Policy zUse the language to describe your relationship with other Peers yroutes importing yroutes exporting yspecific policies xinterfaces, MEDs, communities

14 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries14 Querying the Database zwhois -h AS237 zwhois -h MAINT-AS237 zwhois -h

15 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries15 How to Register your IRR policy zRegister one or more maintainers zRegister AS and policy information zRegister Routes zDescribes your import and export policy yAt the very least, provides contact information

16 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries16 Register your maintainer mntner: MAINT-AS237 descr: Maintainer for AS 237 admin-c: Abha Ahuja upd-to: mnt-nfy: mnt-by: MAINT-AS237 auth: MAIL-FROM changed: 941219 source: RADB

17 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries17 Register your Routes route: descr: Merit Network, Inc. descr: University of Michigan descr: 4251 Plymouth Road, Suite C descr: Ann Arbor descr: MI 48105-2785, USA origin: AS237 mnt-by: MAINT-AS237 changed: 931113 source: RADB

18 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries18 Register your aut-num zDescribe your policy! zPeering relationships zimport-from zexport-to zcan use AS-sets

19 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries19 Register your aut-num (con) aut-num: AS237 as-name: MICHNET-ASN descr: MichNet Primary AS descr: Merit Network Inc. descr: Ann Arbor, MI USA as-in: AS3561 accept ANY as-out: AS3561 announce AS237 admin-c: JMD24 tech-c: JMD24 notify: mnt-by: MERIT-MAINT-MCI changed: 980202 source: CW

20 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries20 Register your aut-num (con) as-set: AS237:AS-CUSTOMERS descr: ASs for which MichNet provides descr:transit service members: AS229,AS237,AS238,AS7016,AS10330 tech-c: MichNet NOC admin-c: MichNet NOC remark: transit ASs of MichNet notify: mnt-by: MAINT-AS237 changed: 990222 source: RADB

21 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries21 Router Configuration zCurrently configs by hand - slow and inaccurate zConfiguring routers using the IRR ylots of tools available!!! yRtConfig by ISI xroute and Aspath filters. xImport and export zFiltering is a good thing...

22 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries22 Router Configuration zCurrently configs by hand - slow and inaccurate zConfiguring routers using the IRR ylots of tools available!!! zFiltering is a good thing... zPlans for some routers to support RPSL directly

23 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries23 Router Configuration

24 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries24 How do I use the IRR to generate configs? zTools available to generate config files ygated yrsd yCisco zRAToolSet y yRtConfig yAoe, Roe

25 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries25 yRIPE181 whois queries, flags, objects yRPSL whois queries, flags, objects yComplete support for RAToolSet queries (fast!) yCisco configuration and management interface yComplete automated mirroring support What does the RADB support now?

26 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries26 How do I participate? zRegister your policy zRun IRRd locally ylocal copy of db for configs y

27 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries27 Resources z z z z z charter.html z z

28 ahuja@merit.eduInternet Routing Registries28 Specifics zRegister your policy in the RADB yMerit can assist ( zQuestions? Need help?

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