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6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti1 Optical MetroNetworks, OMNI, and OMNInet Joe Mambretti Director, International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern.

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1 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti1 Optical MetroNetworks, OMNI, and OMNInet Joe Mambretti Director, International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University Director, Metropolitan Research and Education Network STAR TAP Forum Stockholm, Sweden June 5, 2001

2 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti2 iCAIR Mission To Accelerate Leading Edge Innovation and Enhanced Global Communications through Advanced Internet Technologies, in Partnership with the Global Community Creation and Early Implementation of Advanced Communications Technologies for the Digital Age Next Generation Internet -- a Revolution within a Communications Revolution All Optical Networks

3 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti3 iCAIR: Mission Areas Advanced Applications –Specific Applications –General Applications Middleware (Metasystems) Advanced Infrastructure, NGI Testbeds Policy Studies, Forums

4 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti4 Partnerships STAR TAP/StarLight Regional Research Labs: EVL, ANL, NCSA Corporations Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN) National Research Labs National Research Networks International Research Networks International Research Labs National Federal Agency Networks Standards Forums (eg IETF) Research Forms (eg, Global Grid, Globus, etc.) etc.

5 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti5 An Advanced Network for Advanced Applications (initial Grid foundation) Designed in 1993; Initial Production in 1994, Managed at L2 & L3 Created by Consortium of Research Organizations -- over 20 -- (also EREN) Model for Next Generation Internets Developed Worlds First GigaPOP Optical MREN Project

6 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti6 By Linda Winkler & CANARIE, CERN, SURFnet, APAN, SingAREN NGI nets (eg ESnet etc.)

7 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti7 Global Grid Global Grid: Leading Edge Technologies for Advanced Science Multiple Partners (including iCAIR), Projects *International Focus* STAR TAP/StarLight are Key Facilities New Advanced Applications Globus Services Advanced Middleware Optical Infrastructure New Technologies, Techniques

8 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti8 iCAIRs Optical Metro Network Initiative (OMNI) Goal: Create Reference Model: Design and Develop Optimal Optical Metro Network, Using Leading Edge Architectures and Technologies Initiated in November 1999, Announced at CANARIE Workshop Nov. 2000 Research and Development Early Implementations and Trials (Crash and Burn Testbeds- eg OMNInet currently a concept - vs Production) OMNInet partners, include EVL, ANL MCS, CANARIE New Architectures and Protocols Very High-Performance, Large-Scale Metro Opt Networks Hybrid Systems Advanced Photonics, Dynamic Switching, Wavelength Routing Next Generation OMN Management Systems Performance & Measurement Tools

9 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti9 Next Generation Metro Optical Nets New Optimal, Open Architectures for Multi-Functional Optical Metro Networks IETF considerations as well as ITU IP-Based Control Plane within OptNet Allows for More Optimal Architecture: –High-Performance Core - Less Reliance on SONET –Complexity Pushed to Edge - Smart Ingress Systems – Gateways and Interfaces to Traditional Systems, eg, ATM, SONET –Gateways and Interfaces to Supplemental Tributary Systems –GE, 10GE, Wireless BB, etc Designed for Expandability, Scalability, Flexibility, Customization at Edge, Dynamic Provisioning, Efficient Management, Cost Effectiveness

10 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti10 Metro Networking Issues Detailed Requirements Analysis Multiple Entities Dense Areas Multiple Functions New Architectures and Protocols High-Performance, Large-Scale Backbones Required Multiple Gateways Interchanges Multiple Edge Systems

11 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti11 City Multi-Function Optical Grid: Func(1) 1 1 1 11 1 1

12 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti12 City Multi-Function Optical Grid: Func(2) 2 2 2 22 2

13 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti13 Optical MetroNet Optical Amplifier Optical Line Amplifier ADM 2 ATM Net SONET

14 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti14 Optical MetroNet (L3, L1) AS 123 321.10.10.0 AS 231 431.10.10.0 AS 321 532.10.10.0 AS 412 AS 515 645.10.10.0

15 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti15 L0 Issues Fiber Builds as Construction Projects Cost-Efficient Approaches Hardened, All Weather, Physical Infrastructure Leveraging Rights of Way Minimize Street Demolition/ Trenching via Use of Existing Structures = Lowers Costs by 50% Vaults, Conduits, Tunnels, etc. Existing City Infrastructure New Infrastructure Foundations for Fiber Partnerships with Other Infrastructure Developers, eg. Transportation, Sewer, Utilities, etc. Wireless Infrastructure Considerations

16 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti16 L1 Issues Future-Proof Fiber Builds Accelerate Decline in Cost of Fiber and Access Ensure Ubiquitous, Inexpensive Fiber - Commodity Fiber Cost-Effective Deployments, eg, Tunnel Robots Condominium Fiber Dark Fiber/Dimly Lit Fiber DWDM Fiber SMF-28 vs MM vs Leaf vs MetroCore Alternative Types of Metro Fiber, eg, Support for ZDF and CWDM New Types of Fiber, eg, Plastic Fiber Wireless Fiber Gateways/Interfaces for Tributary Systems, including cable, DSL, CM, GE, 10GE, etc.

17 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti17 Optical Component Issues Core Backbone Architectural Orientation Toward Digital Communications vs Traditional Connection-Oriented, Circuit Switching, eg IP-Based Control Planes within OptNet Minimalization (Elimination over Time) of Traditional SONET (eg, Reduction of Complexity Cost, and Inefficiency - 50% Not Utilized) Introduction of Emerging Technologies within Optical Core New DWDM Techniques, Static Bandwidth Lightpath OCX Incremental Wavelength Provisioning, New Types of Framing Lightwave Mesh Architecture and Technology Autonomous Lightpath Peering Options New OCXs, DWDM Control Systems, Amplification Components Dynamic Switching, Wavelength Routing Advanced Buffering Techniques Orientation Toward NG Optics vs Current Offerings

18 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti18 CivicNet: Tomorrows Internet Today CivicNet - A City-Wide High Performance Digital Infrastructure Oriented to Development of Backbone Infrastructure With Gateways to Tributary Systems High Performance Networking Always On, Always Available E-Z High-Performance Low-Cost Internet Connectivity Foundation = Existing City Fiber Builds More Fiber in More Places Faster Ubiquitous, Pervasive: 2000 Locations

19 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti19 Global Advanced Optical Networking Leadership: Tom DeFanti Kees Neggers Bill St. Arnaud Steve Goldstein Acknowledgments

20 6/05/2001OMNInet -- Mambretti20

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