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E a b d c f.

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1 e a b d c f

2 It’s half past two It’s quarter past six It’s quarter to nine It’s twentyfive past one It’s ten to eight

3 3 6

4 4 1 2 5


6 Return home from school
Get up Have lunch Have dinner Have breakfast Go to school Do homework Have a bath Go to bed

7 I get up at seven o’clock and have a shower
I get dressed and have breakfast I go to school by bus I have lunch at the school canteen with my friends at twelve clock I arrive home at quarter past four I usually do my homework from half past four to six o’clock I have dinner with my family and I go to bed at around half past nine

8  He gets up at seven o’clock
 He goes to school by bus  His first lesson starts at 8 o’clock  He has his dinner with his family



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