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TIME CLAUSES. She _________ (start) to cry as soon as she ________ (hear) the bad news yesterday. I ___________ (love) you until I _________ (die). Ali:

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2 She _________ (start) to cry as soon as she ________ (hear) the bad news yesterday. I ___________ (love) you until I _________ (die). Ali: “_______ you help me when you _______ (finish) your work?” Mustafa: “Sorry, I have other things to do.” While Sarah _____________ (carry) boxes, she _________ (fall) down. started heard will love die Will finish was carrying fell

3 My tears ______________ (not dry) until you come back. My tears ______________ (not dry) until you came back. When he _________ (be) at home, I ____ (go) shopping a few hours ago. I want to go out tonight. So, before I _______ (have) dinner, I ______ (finish) my homework. I was very tired yesterday evening. So, after I ________ (have) dinner at 6, I ____ (go) to bed and woke up at 11 at night. will not dry didn’t dry waswent have will finish hadwent

4 I am very tired. So, after I ______ (have) dinner, I _______ (go) to bed. The baby __________ (cry) until his mother _____________ (come) back. I visited my grandmother last weekend. As soon as she _______ (see) me, she ____ (get) very happy. I’ll go to Istanbul this holiday. When I ______ (get) there, I _______ (visit) Hagia Sophia. I ________(leave) early today if I ______ (finish) the work. have will go cried came sawgot get will visit will leavefinish

5 When my grandpa _______ (come) to our home, I ______ (not be) home. I and my best friend were playing outside. While Osman ________ (listen) to music, the teacher ______ (walk) in the class and said “Hello everyone!”. _____ he ______ (help) you if you _____ (help) him? I didn’t think he was in our class until you ___________ (tell) me. I will never forgive you until you __________ (tell) me the truth. came wasn’t was listening walked Willhelp told tell


7  When my father was a child, he ______________ (have) a bike but his cousins did.  Fatma and Ayşe ____________ (be) very good friends before, but not now.  What kind of music did you use to listen to when you ______ (be) at primary school?  Which singers _______ he ______ (like) when your dad ______ (be) at high school?  We ________ (be) wealthy but now, we are. didn’t use to used to be were did use to like were didn’t use to be

8  We are not happy now but 2 years ago, we ___________ (be) very happy.  When I was a kid, I ___________ (watch) Pokemons because I didn’t like it.  My dad says when he was at university, he ______________ (study) so much.  I _____________ (have) a computer five years ago but now, I do.  He _________ (like) Fenerbahçe but now, he thinks Beşiktaş is better than Fenerbahçe and he is a Beşiktaş fan. used to be didn’t use to watch used to study didn’t use to have used to like

9 Parallel Verbs Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. 1.Jill likes to (swim) and (sing) in the pool. 2.When we left the post office, we were (walk) and (play) all the way home. 3.Marian (drive) an old car her father gave her and luckily (have) no trouble with it.

10 4.As soon as I (get) to the office, I (turn) on the computer and (start) reading my e- mail. 5.Last week, during the holiday shopping spree, my parents (get) me a new watch, (buy) my brother a new computer, and (purchase) a vacation to the Mediterranean. 6.In the morning, Andy (wake) up before everyone else, (brush) his teeth, and (go) downstairs to make coffee.

11 7.Manny’s new job is exciting. He (prepare) sales reports, (do) Power Point presentations, and (travel) around the country attending meetings. 8.Mike is (try) to finish school. He is (take) a full load of classes and (work) full time. Louis loves (play) outside with his friends in the daytime and (watch) TV in the evening.

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