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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The Science Edition (Created by Mrs. Tara Stortzum)

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1 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The Science Edition (Created by Mrs. Tara Stortzum)

2 A desert plant’s shallow roots are an example of a(n) ___________. adaptation adaptation

3 The name for the hot, humid biome near the equator is the _________. Tropical rain forest Tropical rain forest

4 A biome with trees that lose their leaves each autumn is called a(n) ____________. Deciduous forest Deciduous forest

5 The first species to live in an otherwise lifeless area is called a(n) ___________. Pioneer species Pioneer species

6 Anything that controls the growth or survival of a population is called a(n)________________. Limiting factor Limiting factor

7 Parasitism is one kind of ______. symbiosis symbiosis

8 A sandy or rocky biome with little precipitation or plant life is called a(n)_______________. desert desert

9 A relationship in which one kind of organism lives in or on another organism and may harm the organism is called _________. parasitism parasitism

10 The cold, treeless biome of the far north is called the _________. tundra tundra

11 The final stage of succession is the ______________. Climax community Climax community

12 The relationship between yucca moths and yucca trees is an example of ____________. mutualism mutualism

13 True or False? Pioneer species are always plants. False. False.

14 True or False? Climax communities stay largely unchanged unless a major event occurs. True True

15 True or False? A climax community usually takes a year to develop. False. False.

16 True or False? A pioneer community is the same thing as a climax community. False. False.

17 The relationship between rain forest orchids and rain forest trees is an example of __________ and ___________. Symbiosis and commensalism Symbiosis and commensalism

18 True or False? Each biome has a unique climate. True True

19 True or False? All biomes have the same kind of soil. False. False.

20 True or False? The rain forest has a greater number of plant and animal species than the tundra. true true

21 True or False? Desert biomes can be found all over the world. True True

22 When a relationship between two kinds of organisms benefits both of them is called__________. mutualism mutualism

23 The land on Earth is divided into six major kinds of large ecosystems called _________. biomes biomes

24 The gradual replacement of one community with another. Ecological succession Ecological succession

25 Thank you for playing Who Wants To be a Millionaire! Good luck on your test!!

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