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Benkler: “...battle over the institutional ecology of the

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1 Benkler: “...battle over the institutional ecology of the
The Network Economy New role of Culture in Economics Implications for the nature of Markets, Property & Ownership Creativity & Work Commons & Ecology Benkler: “...battle over the institutional ecology of the digital environment”

2 Redefining Wealth Quantitative: Qualitative: Money & Material
Accumulation Qualitative: Well-being Regeneration

3 McLuhan on Technology Extension of human senses & functions
Civilization: extending muscles & bodily functions like heating Electronic technology: extending the human mind & nervous system

4 Questions Is capitalism an intrinsically material-based and scarcity-based system? How does information redefine property? How do we support or remunerate culture-based production? What is the appropriate balance of commercial & non-market production in the economy? Does ‘globalization’ of information require economic globalization?

5 Related Questions Who are corporate allies in the quest to free up culture flows? What business models can tolerate non-proprietary information? What are possible negative impacts of mass collaboration? What are the implications for university research & education?

6 Knowledge-based Development
Dematerialization: intrinsic: substituting information for resources Detoxification: ...great potential to tune into benign process & substances. Decentralization: intrinsic part of the network economy

7 Hardware & Sustainability
Electronics: design for obsolescence. The Waste Economy. Design for monopoly: incompatibility E-waste & toxicity Electronics & global labour exploitation. Crucial role of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in reducing & reusing. New possibilities for efficiency in the “World Wide Computer”

8 Work (Creativity) in the Info Economy
a growing proportion of work is involved in the production of “meaning & value” a break from the historic role of worker as cog in the Megamachine the decline of bureaucracy people as means & ends of ‘development’; inversion of ‘investment-consumption’ relationship all-round human development: underlying basis for “creative class” economy: freedom & individuation. N.B.: The overwhelming portion of ecological development—green building, permaculture, renewable energy, eco-industrial networks, reuse-based waste management etc.--all require greater knowledge

9 Commons in the Info Economy
Sharing & conservation: key role of design. Sharing: flip side of the new importance of creativity. Green goods and info goods as “public goods”, not easily served by market exchange. Key struggles today: over control of the Commons—the “2nd Enclosure”

10 Democracy & the New Commons
the Digital Divide Net Neutrality & the Information Highway Struggle over Bandwidth

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