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Perspectives on Green Business ENVS 5150 Brian Milani

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1 Perspectives on Green Business ENVS 5150 Brian Milani

2 Course Overview Focus on overall economic context some attention to practical business problems Postindustrial: the Redefinition of Wealth Sectors & use-value Distinctions between – protection & alternatives – big & small business; corporate & community Importance of values-driven or mission- driven business? Relationships within and outside of the firm

3 What is Sustainability? Bruntland: "…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

4 Durability Definition "…refers to the ability of a society, ecosystem, or any such on-going system to continue functioning into the indefinite future without being forced into decline through the exhaustion or overloading of key resources on which that system depends." - Robert Gilman, Context Institute

5 Wish List definition : "Our vision for the future is of a region characterized by sustainable development, including economic vitality, justice, social cohesion, environmental protection and the sustainable management of natural resources, so as to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." -- Committee On Environmental Policy for the Economic Commission For Europe

6 More Qualitative Sustainable development is a dynamic process which enables all people to realise their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the Earths life support systems. --Forum for the Future (used by Interface)

7 Postindustrial Most Qualitative: …development focused directly on human and environmental regeneration through both the unleashing of human creative potential, and the benign integration of economic activities within natural systems.

8 Green as Postindustrial from mechanics to organics from machinery to the landscape culture-based development substitutes intelligence for resources (people-intensive) focus on end-use, or human and environmental need from quantity to quality: redefining wealth

9 Structural obstacles to sustainability Nature of the Corporation Centrality of Economic Growth Ownership patterns inconsistent with Stewardship Alienated relationship to human need – Creating rather than responding to it

10 The Business Case for Sustainability Single Bottom Line Sustainability (SBLS) Essential to large corporations Not sufficient to create ecological economies Corporations need outside help!

11 Internal & External Action The balance is different for big & small business Relationship between democracy & economic evolution Centrality of Stakeholder relationships Importance of New Enterprise Networks

12 Market Transformation Social & Environmental Values become drivers of mindful markets Money & capital increasingly a means (not the end-goal) of economic development Involves the transformation of regulation incentives & disincentives built into everyday economic life

13 Values-Driven Business

14 5 Dimensions of Values- Driven Business

15 The Service Economy Hot Showers & Cold Beer The End-use Approach: human needs- focused Materials & Energy: a means to the end.

16 The Economy in Loops

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