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STORAGE CORP. Michael E. Thomas CEO / Chairman / President Pocomoke City, Md. 1.

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1 STORAGE CORP. Michael E. Thomas CEO / Chairman / President Pocomoke City, Md. 1

2 Todays TV is being replaced by a device having billions of times smaller optical densities that can be constructed into large macro objects. Reprogrammable OLED Plasmon Flat Panel Displays and Screens is the Future. Imagine a flat screen TV that gives higher quality pictures with an infinite lifetime display with no color degradation using less power while at the same time protecting your family from high energy microwave electro magnetic radiation. 2

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4 The use of electron clouds in ferroelectric materials can be used to increase color intensity or lower intensity as seen in the animation by inhibiting or changing the decay of a phosphorus display. The pixel also has a data bit value associated with it and a cheap non-contacting Fet interface could read the ferroelectric pixel electric field potential representing data. The physics of the OLED switch allows for tens of thousands of display colors to be displayed. 4

5 The ferroelectric molecule acts as a reprogrammable molecular battery or DC source that can Store Independent Variable Analog Bit Cell Voltages from - 6v to + 6v in.05 v step increments in random read write patterns for use in display, audio and video markets. Photon induced electric field poling will allow the individual OLED's contrast, brightness, color spectrum, and length of time display to be controlled. 5

6 3D Volume Photon Emission VPE Flat Panel OLED Laser TV 6

7 The outstanding potentials of ferroelectric molecular materials will revolutionize optical display technologies along with several challenges in design, optimization, fabrication, and characterization and provide for further extensive research and development activities in the field of ferroelectric materials. The Display using thin film ferroelectric material including integrated electronics can be made a few thousands of an inch thick. 7

8 The use of electron clouds in ferroelectric materials can be used to Turn ON / OFF a phosphorus display with NO light energy source requirement for Infinite ON / OFF Non- Destructive ( switch with memory ) switching with NO Refresh Rates. 8

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10 The bistable state nucleus in the center of a ferroelectric dipole molecule can therefore be used to create a re- programmable OLED light source for many applications like computer display, credit card display, cellular phone display, television screen, monitors, special displays, automobile, camera, etc. with 200 Terapixel to 4 Petapixels possible. 10

11 Phosphor example used would be the basic formula of rare earth aluminate long persistence phosphor SrAlO4: Eu, Dy. By modifying its composition with different additives, the phosphor can emit a color of green, yellow, blue, white or other colors. 11

12 After activating by either visible light or ultraviolet, its emitting duration can reach up to 12 hours and its intensity is much higher than zinc sulphide (ZnS). These features make the rare earth long persistence phosphor a much better candidate over other phosphors such as ZnS in many applications. Currently this phosphor is widely used as a pigment added into paints, rubbers and plastics for applications such as billboards, traffic signs, decorations and toys. 12

13 Ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals offer the possibility of controlling and manipulating light within a UV/Deep Blue frequency. The small size of ferroelectric transparent structures makes it possible to fabricate nano-optical devices like OLED ferroelectric displays that can be used to make nano, macro or ANY SIZE displays. 13

14 Technology the lends itself to IPOD, IPhone, Palm, Blackberry, PDA, Pocket PC, XBOX, or Handheld Video TV 14

15 Dual use OLED Display and Atomic Holographic Storage Device will allow for both fast multi-color display and 4 Gigabytes of fast non-volatile rewritable optical storage on a SINGLE card of ferroelectric coated substrate. Two tracks along can be used for storing 2 Gigabytes per track. The tracks will use an upper and lower fixed optical head assembly. 25 plus tracks can easily be added to increase the data capacity to >50 gigabytes without hurting performance or reliability. 15

16 The optical storage will be simple and low energy. The spindle drive motor, spindle circuitry will rotate disk for the fixed heads. No servo head assembly drive motor circuitry will be required. Head 0 / 1 will read/write 516 byte sectors, H0 1 to 3900 and H1 3901 to 7800 sectors. Data can be read from or written to the OLED storage drive independently of the Display operation. The data bit densities will be low at around 40 gigabits/ due to the newness of the technology going thru a learning curve to higher densities of > 200 Terabits/ to 40,000 Terabits/ The data transfer rates can be > 300 Kbytes/sec determined by the speed of the linear spindle rotation motor. 16

17 As the tracks are fixed mechanically there is no need for servo heads, servo circuitry and other positioning electronics. The cost will be one tenth the storage cost of Toshibas 2.0GB/4.0GB 0.85-inch HDD. The energy requirement will be one hundredth the storage needs of Toshibas 2.0GB/4.0GB 0.85-inch HDD. Since the read/write function is non-contact an expensive air bearing chassis design is not needed. One moving part for increased reliability of the OLED storage / display device. Low cost, simple design, reliability, good performance, low power requirements are key. The drive is.75 in. size which makes it the worlds smallest disk drive beating Toshiba. 17

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22 Programmable Refracting OLED Lens ZOOM PANCAKE LENS For hundreds of years light amplification has been done thru glass refracting lenses of various curvatures, lengths and material densities. Our new concept for a reprogrammable lens allows either positive and/or negative refraction to be programmed within our molecular film, thereby allowing the objective image to be changed at the virtual image focal point. 22

23 The weight, cost, quality, speed, versatility, and wide range of focus will bring a new area into optical imaging applications yet to be realized. Atomic Holographic Nanotechnology will allow for the first time a functional method for reprogrammable molecular lenses that will allow incoming light to be rejected, modified internally, or allowed to pass un altered thru a transparent Optical Lenses. 23

24 By being able to use Plasmonic Physics to program optical lenses many applications based on light and color can be developed like Zoom pancake lenses, chromatic light filters, antireflection, and polarizers for light weight fast action cameras, and multi-focal glasses. 24

25 25

26 Supporting Research Hot-Pressed (Pb,La)(Zr,Ti)O3 Ferroelectric Ceramics for Electrooptic Applications.Ferroelectric Optical and Ferroelectric Properties of Barium Sodium NiobateFerroelectric ELECTRO-OPTICAL PROPERTIES IN RELAXOR FERROELECTRIC MATERIALS AND THE DEVICE APPLICATIONSRELAXOR FERROELECTRIC Ferroelectric ceramic electrooptic materials and deviceselectrooptic materials Sputtered films for display devicesdisplay devices Electrically controlled Fresnel zone plates made from ring-shaped 180° domainsFresnel zone plates Ferroelectric Ceramics : Processing, Properties & Applications Ferroelectric Ceramics Analysis of the Hysteresis Phenomenon in the Intrinsic Half-V- Shaped Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal ModeFerroelectric Liquid Domain structure-property relations in lead lanthanum zirconate titanate ceramicsceramics Ferroelectric LCDs Ferroelectric Liquid crystals in displaysdisplays USDC Flexible Display Report USDC Flexible Display Report 26

27 Privacy Enhanced Computer DisplayComputer Display Photo-aligned Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display with Memorized Gray ScaleFerroelectric Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal DisplayCrystal Display Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal-Based Electro-Optic DevicesElectro-Optic Devices High-resolution ferroelectric liquid crystal displayferroelectric Time-Multiplexed 3D DisplayMultiplexed 3D Display A Ferroelectric Material Reveals Unexpected, Intriguing BehaviorFerroelectric Stamp-Sized Ferroelectric Electronic DesignLCD Can Power 50-in. TV ScreensElectronic Design DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES FOR CONSUMER TELEVISIONTELEVISION Ferroelectric Displays High-speed infrared phase modulators using short helical pitch ferroelectric liquid crystals ferroelectric A 50" time-multiplexed autostereoscopic displaydisplay DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES IN JAPAN DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES Dot Inversion Spontaneous Polarization Structure in the Half-V- shaped Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal ModeSpontaneous Polarization Canon takes second shot at LCDsLCDs 27

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