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Developing NYS-Canadian Opportunities Focus 2010: Are You Ready for an Improving Economy? Watertown, NY James Fayle North Country Regional Director, ESD.

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1 Developing NYS-Canadian Opportunities Focus 2010: Are You Ready for an Improving Economy? Watertown, NY James Fayle North Country Regional Director, ESD

2 ESD Overview

3 Empire State Development ESD is New York States primary agency for economic development ESD Leadership David A. Paterson New York State Governor Dennis M. Mullen Chairman & CEO

4 What does ESD do? Partners with affiliates within the public and private sectors to create an environment that spurs innovation and drives economic growth and development, helping companies grow and compete in the global economy Seeks ways to enhance the states competitive advantage as the world capital for industries ranging from finance and media to technology and agriculture

5 How Does ESD Help Business? Works closely with individual companies to: oIdentify creative solutions to challenging business problems oGenerate enhanced growth opportunities oAssist in the achievement of their short- and long-term goals Helps entrepreneurs and businesses: oStart a company in New York State oEstablish a presence in New York State oImprove business efficiency through expanding and upgrading existing operations in New York State oRetain and enlarge their workforce in New York State oCompete more effectively and profitably in the domestic and international marketplace

6 Assists existing New York State businesses to expand operations and compete more effectively and profitably in domestic and international markets Identifies capital for export expansion and job creation Offers consultant services, including: oProviding customized market intelligence oDistinguishing global trade leads oIdentifying potential agents, distributors and sales partners International Division Creates opportunities for businesses to compete in the international marketplace Helps foreign businesses relocate to or establish a presence in New York State

7 ESD Global Offices

8 Trade with Canada

9 Canadas Trade with the U.S./2006 Imports: $218 billion Exports: $359 billion Canadas Trade with NYS/2006 Imports: $14.4 billion Exports: $28.7 billion Trade with Canada Canada is one of New Yorks largest trading partners with annual two-way trade exceeding $43 billion

10 Two-way trade of more than $1.58 billion in goods and services each day Open border policy 60% of all Canadian imports come from the U.S. 80% of all Canadian exports go to the U.S. Canada is the worlds seventh largest market economy Canadian real GDP $1.1 trillion Canada-U.S. Statistics

11 Canada-U.S. trade relationship largest in world U.S. exports to Canada have grown over 65% since 1995, thanks to NAFTA Business practices and attitudes are similar Proximity reduces costs, transit times Language compatibility Sound financial and distribution systems By starting to export to Canada you will soon be looking at other international markets Why Canada?

12 Motor vehicle engine and parts ($957) Engines, turbines, power transmission ($841) Semiconductors, electronic components ($493) Motor vehicle parts ($316) Computer and peripheral equipment ($312) Chemical products ($301) HVAC ($230) Jewelry ($205) Other: instrumentation, gold, silver, electrical equipment, plastic products, pumps, compressors, sawmill-related, pharmaceutical and medicine Largest NYS Export Sectors to CDN (2006, in millions of dollars)

13 Approximately 2 million jobs in both the U.S. and Canada are directly related to cross border exchange of goods and services Trade represents a chance for manufacturers to enlarge their markets and increase products Generates new jobs, tax revenue and keeps companies located in their home Why Export? Success for both countries

14 Collaborative Successes

15 The Cross-Border Exchange Initiative o Fostering collaboration in the medical industry Photonics Research Ontario and University of Rochester joint alliance ESD Toronto has co-operated with Ontario Export Inc. for Who is Who in IT in Ontario to bring a delegation of high-tech firms from Buffalo, Rochester and other cities to Ontario for partnering Public-Private Partnerships

16 American Orthopedic Appliance Group (Cornwall, NY), a manufacturer of Thera Glove Hand and Wrist Support, signed national distribution agreement with North Jefferson of Vancouver, BC Orelube Corporation, (Plainsview, NY), a manufacturer of industrial lubricants, reached an agreement with Davley Darmex Lubricants of Mississauga, Ontario to supply Davley with private label lubricants Nova Bus (Quebec) recently opened an assembly plant to manufacture buses plant in Plattsburgh, NY Hundreds of Canadian firms do business in NYS o Pratt and Whitney, Bombardier, Quebecor, MDC Partners Inc., PBB Global Logistics, JDS Uniphase, Brookfield Properties, Trans Canada Pipelines, Bric Engineering, Metro Paper, Allen Vanguard, banks, and more Other Business Examples

17 ESD Assistance

18 Funding and Support Grants oReduces the costs of acquiring or improving hard assets and enhances business operations Direct loans oOffers below-market rates to lower overall blended rates with conventional sources oLowers the cost and increases the accessibility of capital Tax incentives oAvailable to certain firms in specific locations or targeted industries oAttracts new businesses and enables existing businesses to expand and create new jobs Technical support oAllows businesses to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively Entrepreneurial assistance Job training International trade expertise

19 Market entry Agent/distributor/rep search Market overview Trade shows, trade missions Contacts and company lists Services of Canadian Offices NYS offices in Toronto & Montreal promote NYS interests through international trade and FDI

20 Provides customized research conducted by our trade specialists at home and abroad o Foreign-based offices provide local intelligence for the markets you select and identify the best possible parties to represent your companys sales interests abroad Offers a range of for-fee services, such as: o Agent-distributor searches o Distribution channel analysis o Customized market research o Identification of strategic venture partners o Competitive pricing analysis Export Marketing Assistance Service Helps NYS companies find sales representation abroad

21 Matching grants to advance the export prospects and global competitiveness of small and mid-sized firms through: o Preparation of customized global market, product, industry and engineering studies o Participation in the international marketplace, notably through selected overseas trade shows o Implementation of effective export strategies Global Export Marketing Assistance Matching grant that helps businesses expand through increased export activity

22 CEO training program to improve exporting skills Weekly over an eight-month period Brings together various resources to focus on issues ranging from international financing and strategic marketing plans to distributor contracts and differing business cultures Formal academic instruction, experienced industry professionals One-on-one consulting to develop an international business plan ExportNY International business institute for key executives

23 James Fayle North Country Regional Director Empire State Development 315-785-7932 For More Information

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