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Internet Peer-to-Peer Application Infrastructure Darren New Invisible Worlds, Inc.

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1 Internet Peer-to-Peer Application Infrastructure Darren New Invisible Worlds, Inc

2 BEEP and APEX Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol draft-ietf-beep-framework-11.txt draft-ietf-beep-tcpmapping-06.txt Application Exchange framework draft-mrose-apex-core-00.txt draft-mrose-apex-access-00.txt draft-mrose-apex-presence-00.txt

3 Why BEEP? Stop Reinventing the Wheel Design the Application, Not the Support Framing, Encoding, Reporting Parallelism, Synchronization, Flow-Control Authentication, Privacy Extensible but Simple (but not too simple!) draft-mrose-beep-design-01.txt

4 BEEP Introduction Connection-Oriented Message-Oriented Peer-to-Peer

5 BEEP is Connection-Oriented Ordered Delivery of Messages Reliable Delivery Flow-Controlled Multiple Sub-connections (channels) per Connection (session)

6 BEEP is Message-Oriented Loosely-Coupled Application-Specific Syntax 1 1 or 1 N Messaging

7 BEEP is Peer-to-Peer Bi-directional Channel Initiation Bi-directional Message Delivery Multiple Independent Channels Asynchronous Message Delivery Can be Client-Server

8 BEEP Architecture Sessions Channels Profiles Privacy and Authentication Other Goodies No Naming or Authorization

9 BEEP Sessions One or More Underlying Connections (Right now, just a single TCP connection) One User Identity One Privacy Policy One or More Channels (One for control, many for application)

10 BEEP Channels Control Channel Always Open Zero or More Data Exchange Channels Messages Pass Both Ways on Channels Intra-Channel is Sequential Inter-Channel is Unsynchronized

11 BEEP Profiles Messages on Control Channel Open and Close Other Channels Greeting Offers Multiple Profiles Profiles Define Syntax and Semantics Profiles Are Extensibility Mechanism Tuning Profiles vs Data Exchange Profiles

12 Privacy and Authentication Use Initial Tuning Profiles First Greeting Can Offer TLS (All channels closed, encryption starts, new greeting sent) Greeting Can Offer Any SASL Mechanism (All channels take on new identity) Either Peer Can Start TLS Either or Both Peers Can Start SASL

13 Other BEEP Goodies Standardized Error-Reporting Available Segmentation of Messages Flow-Control of Delivery Implementation-Checking Redundancy

14 Naming and Authorization Not Directly Addressed by BEEP Each Profile Will Have Different Naming Requirements Authorization Depends On Naming

15 BEEP Tools SpaceKits in Tcl, Java, Perl, Python Ethereal and TCPDump modules SEP, ASP, APEX, IDWG (maybe), reliable syslog, XRP, WCIP Eventually, Apache2 Module, C library

16 APplication EXchange Framework (APEX) Extensible Asynchronous Application Message Relaying Built on Top of BEEP Applications Inject Requests to be Delivered to Other Applications Relay Mesh Delivers Messages Provides Naming, Authorization, Presence

17 APEX Addresses Addresses Are URIs in im: Multiple Applications Per User im:fred/ Services Have Special Addresses

18 APEX Messages XML: Sender, Receivers, Flags, Content (Internal or external reference to content) Best-Effort Store-and-Forward Datagrams (Applications generally use time-outs and cancellations) Can Request Delivery Receipts, Traces Routing Based on DNS SRV Records Soon, End-System Reliable Multicast

19 APEX Access Service Determines Which Services May Do What For Each User Combination Accessed via im:apex=access@domain Get and Set Permissions for Data Delivery and Each Services Operations Relay Mesh Enforces Permissions

20 APEX Presence Service Determines Available Communication Protocols and Applications for a User Accessed via im:apex=presence@domain Each User Specifies Set of Destination URI (I.e., end-point identifier) Application Info URI (defines protocol) Available Until and Capabilities Publish, Subscribe, Watch

21 APEX Applications Instant Messaging Wide Area Multi-cache

22 Summary BEEP - High-Quality Standardized Framework for Peer-to-Peer Connection- Oriented Internet Protocols APEX - High-Quality Standardized Application for Peer-to-Peer Datagram- Oriented Internet Protocols for More Info

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