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Governance in a Coercionless Society A Semester Course in 20 minutes by Marc D. Stiegler Sponsored by Home of the KeyKos Capability OS.

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1 Governance in a Coercionless Society A Semester Course in 20 minutes by Marc D. Stiegler Sponsored by Home of the KeyKos Capability OS

2 Goal zDescribe zAttract zAchieve zSample zReflect

3 Imagine... A Pretend World Wall, Locks, Teleporters The End of Coercion The Purple Mohawk Problem

4 Cyberspace Problems zSeveral to address, focus on hardest: security zActive X Jokes zSETI Lost Opportunities

5 CyberSecurity: Todays Physical Metaphor 4-year-old Children with adult ID Badges

6 Capability Based Security zChildren with keys zLove Bug versus Capzilla

7 Reputation Based Systems Ebay Global Village Bonding(Escrow), Arbitration 80% Solution

8 Exercises In Ethics zMoney back guarantee zSpam zMind Control zCopyrighting Bits

9 Copyrighting Analysis (Software)

10 When Worlds Collide zCoercionless Web, Coercive Earth zThe Final Exam, The Last Question

11 References (1) zEarthWeb: www.the-earthweb.comEarthWeb: zAgorics KeyKos: KeyKos: zIntroduction to Capability Based Security: to Capability Based Security:

12 References (2) z E Programming Language: E Programming Language: z EROS-OS: EROS-OS: z Critlink: Critlink:

13 Questions Full Text(1) zA product is advertised on the Web. It sounds good, but the offerer has no Web reputation. What arrangement would you consider adequate to go ahead and procure the product. zSearching for a decision analysis tool on the Web, you find a review in which the reviewer raves about a particular product. You buy the product and discover it just doesn't work. You desire to prevent this person's ravings from harming anyone else--and you desire to prevent the product from disappointing anyone else. zYou have brought out a remarkable new product. There is a competing product making claims you know are false. You want to make sure anyone going to their site finds out your product is better. zSomeone claiming to be you starts roaming the Web making wild claims. You want to make sure people know it isn't really you.

14 Questions Full Text(2) zYou start receiving thousands of emails from organizations you don't know, all hawking their wares. You want it to stop, just stop! zYou are the CEO of Bloomberg News, one of the most prestigious (and expensive) stock information services in the world. An article circulates on the Web, based on a mock-up of the Bloomberg News information page, claiming that PairGain Corp. will be acquired by ECI Telecom. PairGain stock rises 32% in 8 hours. Investigators later find that the false report was created by a PairGain employee about to cash in his options. You want to ensure that your brand is never used like this again. zA product you buy based on a rave review opens your email address book, grabs your entire list of friends, sends itself to them, and sends your password files to a mysterious IP address. It's too late now, but which features would you install before ever touching your computer again? zYour elderly aunt sees a drug advertised on the Web that promises relief from arthritis. She dies shortly after starting to take the drug. You think the drug, and the company that made it, is at fault. Meanwhile the company is sure they didn't have anything to do with it. You want justice.

15 Questions Full Text(3) zYou are appalled by the lifestyle of your neighbors. They perform sinful acts, and think heretical thoughts. You want to force them to conform to the true path. zYou hear a joke that someone, somewhere, would probably find offensive. You wish to tell your precocious 17-year-old daughter, who is a student at Yale. The Common Decency Act Version 2 has just passed; it is a $100,000 offense to send such material electronically to a minor. You want to send it anyway--it is a very funny joke. zYou wish to play poker with your friends. They live in Tampa Florida, you live in Kingman Arizona. This is illegal in the nation where you happen to be a citizen. You want to do it anyway.

16 Questions Full Text(4) zYou have written the most brilliant pop rock song of all time. You want to enforce copyright. zHillary Clinton has decided to publish a book, "How To Make $100K in 9 Easy Months With No Knowledge Or Experience Through Cattle Futures". By turning all poor people into cattle futures traders, it will eliminate poverty. But she feels she deserves to earn a few bucks for giving away this secret, i.e., she wants to enforce copyright. zYou have written the most brilliant stock-market-analyzing program of all time. But it needs confidential data from the user that the user would absolutely not want to give you, since you could use his data to make his profit before he could move. But you don't want to give your code to the user, either, i.e., you want to enforce copyright.

17 Questions Full Text(5) zYou live in North Korea. Three days ago the soldiers came to your tiny patch of farmland and took the few scraps of food they hadn't taken the week before. You have just boiled the last of your shoes and fed the softened leather to your 3-year-old child. She coughs, a sickly sound that cannot last much longer. Overhead you hear the drone of massive engines. You look into the sky, and thousands of tiny packages float down. You pick one up. It is made of plastic; you cannot feed it to your daughter. But the device talks to you, is solar powered, and teaches you how to use it to link to the Web. You have all the knowledge of the world at your fingertips; you can talk to thousands of others who share your desperate fate. The time has come to solve your problem in the most fundamental sense, and save the life of your daughter.

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