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Bluetooth™ and Java™ Technologies in the Wireless Environment

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1 Bluetooth™ and Java™ Technologies in the Wireless Environment
Michael T. Portwood, MS President & CEO Exuberance, LLC

2 Agenda What is Bluetooth™ wireless technology What is Jini™ technology
Technology Overview Weaknesses Strengths What is Jini™ technology Bluetooth, Jini™ technology, and the Wireless Environment Conclusion Question & Answer

3 What is Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology Overview
Technology started by Ericsson Named after 10th century Viking king (Harald Blatand) A global wireless technology specification “Always on” communication Radio frequency based Inexpensive Intended for … Portable devices Desktop machines Peripherals

4 Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology Details
Baseband protocols Circuit switching Packet switching Uses 24 GHz globally available unlicensed ISM radio band Effective range is 10 meters Slow communication rate (721Kbps) Small number of stations 8 devices / piconet 3 voice channels Secure Spread spectrum

5 Comparison of Wireless Technologies
Feature & Function Infrared Wireless LANs HomeRF Bluetooth™ Connection Type Infrared, narrow beam Spread spectrum Spectrum Optical 850 nm RF 2.4 GHz RF 2.4 GHz Transmission Power 100mW 1mW Data Rate 16Mbps 1Mbps, 2Mbps 1Mbps Range 1 meter 100 meters Typical home 3 meters Supported Devices 2 127 8 Voice Channels 1 VOIP 6 3 Addressing 32 bit physical ID 48 bit MAC

6 Bluetooth™ Technology Strengths
Inexpensive Superior range compared with IR Omnidirectional, not requiring line of sight Designed for ad hoc networking Both voice and data channels Well defined specification Large number of implementing companies

7 Bluetooth™ Technology Weaknesses
Slow communication rate (1 Mbps) Short networking range Limited number of network connections Large and complex specification (over 1000 pages)

8 Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology Application Areas
Pure computing applications Presentations Card Scanning Synchronizing Data Remote Synchronization Printing Scanners Ubiquous Applications Communicator platforms Electronic Books Travel Home Entertainment System Applications In-vehicle systems Payment Systems Behavior Enforcement Collaboration Mobile E-commerce

9 What is Jini™ Technology
Jini™ Technology is designed for reliable distributed computing Features Simplicity Reliability Scalability

10 What Jini™ Technology is not
Jini is not a name server Jini is not JavaBeans or Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) Jini is not RMI Jini is not a distributed operating system

11 Five Key Features of Jini™ Technology
Discovery Lookup Leasing Remote Events Transactions

12 Discovery Discovery is the process of finding available lookup services The Jini discovery protocol is the means by which Jini-aware code finds Jini communities

13 Jini™ Discovery Protocols
Multicast Request Protocol Multicast Announcement Protocol Unicast Discovery Protocol

14 Lookup Lookup refers to the things that you can do with the lookup services that are determined via discovery Lookup is similar to a name server A process Keeps track of all services that have joined a Jini community Differs from a name server Richer set of semantics than provided by traditional name server

15 Lookup Actions Publishing a Service Downloading a Proxy
Finding a Service

16 Leasing Leasing refers to the process of allocating resources to community members Leases are granted for a specified period of time Addresses problems with network fragility

17 Remote Events Remote event is a technique for members of the community to notify one another of change Asynchronous notifications Consistent with events used in Java

18 Differences Between Local and Remote Events
Local Events Easier to deliver events in the order that they were generated Always delivered Cost of delivery is low The sender knows that it can safely deliver the event to the consumer Remote Events Difficult to deliver events in the order that they were generated Events may be undelivered Cost of delivery is high The sender does not know if it can safely deliver the event to the consumer

19 Transaction A transaction is a unit of work
Transactions are used to complete complex units of work that may fail before complete Two phase commit Transactions are not heavily used in Jini™ applications

20 Transaction (cont.) Transaction provide… Atomicity Consistency
Isolation Durability

21 Jini™ Key Concept Overview
Discovery and Lookup establish a Jini community Leasing helps Jini communities ensure stable, self healing, and resilient networks in spite of inevitable network failure Events help Jini communities asynchronously communicate Transactions help successfully complete complex operations and provide resolution for incomplete operations

22 How Bluetooth™ Complements Jini™ Technology
The key concepts found in Jini™ technology are found in Bluetooth™ wireless technology Bluetooth™ technology is hardware what Jini™ technology is to software Platform independent A “standard” Widely accepted

23 Bluetooth™ and Jini™ Both Bluetooth and Jini work well together
Ad hoc networking Hardware specification complements software specification, and visa versa Broadly accepted technologies

24 Using Jini™ Technology

25 Additional Resources Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology Jini™ Technology
Jini™ Technology

26 Conclusion Bluetooth™ and Jini™ technologies compliment one another
Bluetooth™ technology excels at short duration ad hoc networking Jini™ technology complements Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology Many of the features of Jini™ technology can be found within the Bluetooth™ specification

27 Question & Answer

28 For Additional Information
World Wide Web site Presentation Presentation notes contact

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