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By: Zaid Ayman Abu-Mowis Grade: 8G

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1 By: Zaid Ayman Abu-Mowis Grade: 8G
Types of Phrases By: Zaid Ayman Abu-Mowis Grade: 8G

2 Prepositional Phrases
A simple prepositional phrase consists of two main parts: A Preposition ( On, Behind, In…etc.) A Noun or Pronoun which is the Object of the Preposition. A prepositional phrase can be used to tell or to describe locations, time, direction, or to provide some details about the word it modify. A prepositional phrase is divided into two types: An Adjective ( or Adjectival ) Phrase An Adverb ( or Adverbial ) Phrase

3 The man in the park was the security guard.
Adjectival Phrases An Adjectival phrase carries out the same role of an adjective which is modifying a noun or a pronoun. They answer questions like what kind? and which one? ( Hint: Adjectival Phrases usually come after the noun or pronoun they modify ) Example: The man in the park was the security guard. Prepositional Phrase The Noun Modified

4 Mohammad agreed with his parents
Adverbial Phrases An adverbial phrase carries out the role of an adverb. It modifies verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. The answer the questions when? Or where? Or what way? Or to what extent? ( Hint: Adverbial Phrases are not always close to the words they modify) Example: Mohammad agreed with his parents Adverbial Phrase The Verb Modified

5 Appositives and Appositive Phrases
An appositive is a noun or pronoun that provides information about the preceding noun or pronoun. An appositive also provides information, but consists of modifiers ( An adjective or adjectival phrase ). Examples: Appositives: My teacher, Mr. Gamal, is a great teacher. Appositive The Noun described

6 Verbals and Verbal Phrases
A verbal is any verb form not used as a verb but used as another part of speech. Verbals can be modified by an adverb or adverbial phrase. Verbals can be followed by a complement. Verbals act as nouns or adjectives. Verbal phrases: A verbal phrase is a phrase in which a verbal is used with a modifier or complement.

7 Verbals and Verbal Phrases
Examples of verbals: Participles Participial Phrases ( Hint: A participle is a form of a verb used most often as an adjective ) Type What it looks like Examples Present Participle Ends in -ing The startling news is true Past Participle Most end in –d or –ed; can also end in –n, -t, or -en Peeled fruit is easier to eat Participial Phrase A present or past participle with modifiers Potatoes kept in a cellar can last all winter

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