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Objectives to Outcomes

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1 Objectives to Outcomes
Jason Zigmont, PhD System Director, Experiential Learning

2 Are you doing this to improve outcomes or to check a box?

3 Education does not equal learning
Core Beliefs We believe that everyone participating in experiential learning activities is intelligent, well-trained, cares about doing their best and wants to improve. Adapted from the Center for Medical Simulation, Cambridge, MA The goal is to improve outcomes through experiential learning Education does not equal learning

4 Bloom’s Taxonomy

5 Learning Outcomes Model Improved Patient Outcomes
The Individual Experiences Well-Tuned Learning Orientation Mental Models Analogical Reasoning Challenging Emotionally Charged Mistakes or Errors Improved Patient Outcomes Skilled Mentors Evidence Based Medicine Products and Protocols Environment Zigmont et. al., 2011) Theoretical Foundations of Learning Through Simulation. Seminars in Perinatology, April 2011, Vol 35, Issue 2, p

6 Problem Identification and Needs Assessment
Health Care Problem - Current Approach Ideal Approach Evaluation and Feedback Targeted Needs Assessment Individual Learners Program Learners Learning Environment Implementation Goals and Objectives Obtaining Political Support Securing Resources Addressing Barriers Introducing the Curriculum Administering the Curriculum 7 Broad Goals Specific Measurable Objectives Educational Strategies Content/Method/Simulation Kern DE, Thomas PA, Howard DM, Bass EB. Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-step Approach. Johns Hopkins Press; 1998.



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