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Blogs and RSS John Dorner

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1 Blogs and RSS John Dorner

2 What is a Blog? Short for Web Log An online journal Soap box Usually personal Easy to post Often allow comments

3 Examples for Extension Demonstration updates Your observations and thoughts Departmental updates Crop observations Extension office News Extension Newsletters

4 Blogs to check out TechTalk – Tech, Knowledge and Community – /dcoates/ The Beef Blog Presentation Zen Creating Passionate Users

5 Why Blog Share Information! Everyone else is doing it Public expectations Share information Can be personal Can be organizational

6 Where do I start? ($) MANY others

7 What is RSS? Rich Site Summary Really Simple Syndication News Feed –Your own AP or Reuters

8 Uses For Agents Keep up-to-date –How do you find all the stuff you do? I dont, it finds me – Kevin Gamble, eXtension Read Blogs Push your content

9 Online Feed Readers Online –Google (personalized home page) –Yahoo (personalized home page) –NewsGator –Bloglines –MANY MORE

10 Other News Readers FireFox Thunderbird MSIE 7 Dedicated readers –FeedReader –Sharpreader –Aggie –NetNewsWire (Mac) –Many others

11 Questions? John Dorner This PowerPoint is available at:

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