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Skills/Tips for success in IB Biology/ESS Exams

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1 Skills/Tips for success in IB Biology/ESS Exams

2 1. Know the command terms…….
DEFINE: Give the precise meaning of the word, phrase or physical quality. DRAW: Represent by means of pencil lines (always label unless told NOT to do so). APPLY: Use an idea, equation, principle, theory or law in a new situation DESCRIBE: Give a detailed account. DISTINGUISH : Give the differences between two or more different items. ANALYSE: Interpret data to reach conclusions. COMPARE:Give an account of similarities and differences between two (or more) items, referring to both (all) of them throughout. DEDUCE: Reach a conclusion from the information given. DERIVE: Manipulate a mathematical relationship(s) to give a new equation or relationship. DISCUSS: Give an account including, where possible, a range of arguments for and against the relative importance of various factors, or comparisons of alternative hypotheses. EVALUATE: Assess the implications and limitations. SUGGEST: Propose a hypothesis or other possible answer. *The above list is incomplete – consult your textbooks/syllabus to get all the command terms

3 2. Use the command terms while filling in the answers in Essential Biology /ESS booklets (which will be a very useful resource for revision later)

4 3. Drawing good diagrams can get you top marks (so practise diagrams – In ESS practise system diagrams)

5 4. Learn the definitions….(easy marks in the exam)

6 5. Internal assessments help build skills essential for success (remember to use the checklists given as a guideline to improve your lab reports- IA’s count for 20% of the overall grade)

7 6. Review the concepts learnt in lessons…
6. Review the concepts learnt in lessons… (remember practice makes perfect!) About twice a week set side a couple of hours at home to review what you learnt in lessons over the week (should not be more than 2-3 hours work!) Keep your notes up to date (i.e. make sure you complete the Essential Biology/Essential ESS booklets). Do not procrastinate writing your Internal assessments up – the longer you wait the more likely you are to forget important observations Make sure you get feedback on your first drafts of the IA’s (which is only possible if you stick to the deadline for submission) Clarify anything you haven’t understood as we go along– do not wait till the end of the topic to catch up (i.e. do not study only for tests). Ask questions! (Asking good questions is one of the most valuable skills you will learn in IB)

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