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Dr.A.S.Deshpande, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, India.

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1 Dr.A.S.Deshpande, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, India

2 Whats Product Data ? Product Data Management (PDM), use of software or other tools to track and control Product data. Technical specs, Manufacture and development data, costs in creation and launch of the product. e-Manufacturing…PDM importance growing.

3 PDM – A central knowledge repository for process and product history. Promotes integration and data exchange among all business users interacting with the product viz. project managers, engineers, sales people, buyers, QA teams etc. Information on products/services-along entire Product Life.

4 PDM Provides a unified perspective & helps integrate business processes The need to manage, exchange & interpret product data has increased awareness of the role & benefit of PDM The benefits of reduced costs & shorter times to market have also made PDM popular There is a clear evolution from CAD data exchange to Product Data exchange

5 Product data management (PDM) is the business function often within Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that is responsible for the creation, management and publication of product data.

6 PDM if used with World Wide Web (www) technology can enable a company to build an open system and make engineering information available throughout its operations.

7 ConceptDesign Plan/Mfr.SalesService Concept/Design/Plan/Mfr./Sales/Service PDM Sequential Engineering Concurrent Engineering


9 Design Plan/Mfr.Proj.MgrsSales/Service Buyers PDM Product e-LEARNING C e-Learning @ n Locations


11 Airbus 3XX, double deck,wide-body jet airliner Worlds largest passenger airliner…Airports had to expand facilities. Maiden flight, April 2005. January 2012, 253 orders…only 69 delivered.

12 For the Airbus A380 programme the use of global partners was essential, one reason being to share the burden of the huge $10Bn development costs. The use of suppliers as partners who would invest in the development phase was needed; these partners are known as risk sharing partners (RSP).


14 CAD system used – CADD5 & Majority of suppliers used – CATIA V4

15 3 FUNCTIONAL INVOLVEMENT THROUGH PRODUCT LIFE Project Inception Research and Technology, Engineering Processes & Methods Design / Structures Flight Physics Future Projects Product Integrity Production Support in service Planning and Control Human Resources, Engineering Resource Development Manufacturing Engineering First Flight Entry into Service Procurement / Supply Chain Management Out of Service Systems


17 – A Digital Mock-Up is a simulation based on numerical and/or digital models that represents partially or globally a product or part of a product (airframe, systems, avionics, …). Why use a Digital Mock-Up? – To support the analysis of the product during its different phases (project, feasibility, definition, post EIS). – DMU is used to ease design, understanding, validation, modification, information, selling, support & maintenance,... – DMU is used to replace partially or totally the physical mock-up.

18 Multiplicity of incompatible CAD/CAM/CAE tools Proprietary (native) formats for data storage Inconsistencies and incompleteness in data Absence of neutral standards addressing above Ever-changing software platforms Unlimited boundaries…e-Domain

19 A.S.Deshpande Cell No.+91 9449065500

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