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Assessment at Trinity St Stephen First School October 2014.

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1 Assessment at Trinity St Stephen First School October 2014

2 The new curriculum In September the new National Curriculum became statutory There is greater challenge, particularly in maths A greater focus on core knowledge and learning facts Foundation subjects do not have the same level of detail in the new curriculum, allowing teachers to be more creative with their teaching

3 Assessment English, maths and science SATs will remain, but will be more demanding Children will be ranked against the national cohort by decile. (A decile rank is a comparative rank where something is measured against other similar things. The child would be given a score between 1 and 10, where a score of 1 would mean they were in the top 10%, a score of 2 would mean they were in the top 20%) There is a proposed baseline test for Foundation children on entry into Reception

4 Assessment National Curriculum levels will be removed and not replaced. Year 2 and the Foundation year will continue to work with the old curriculum and assessment procedures this year It will be up to schools to decide how they measure progress and attainment Schools will be expected to achieve targets of at least 85% of pupils attaining the expected attainment for each year group

5 Assessment At Trinity St Stephen the staff have worked together on a system of assessment which is based on Key Objectives for each year group You will be given a copy of the key objectives for maths, reading and writing on parents evening and they will be published on line Your teacher will have identified one key objective which your child is working towards and you can support them in at home Your child will have a copy of this glued into their exercise book or reading diary so that they also know what their next step is too

6 Assessment Teachers will be scoring each child against each key objective Scorecriteria 0Children have not come across this topic 1 (emerging)Children have been introduced to the topic and may have started to use the skill. 2 (expected)Child knows how to use and apply the skill. 3 (exceeding)Children has moved beyond the objective

7 Assessment If there are 15 objectives your child will be expected to score 30 points, but the maximum total points will be 45 by the end of the year Please be aware there are a different number of objectives for each year group Progress towards the end of year expectation will be reported on in the Spring Term reports

8 Finally… At Parents Evening you can expect to receive: A copy of the Key Objectives for Maths, Reading and Writing Your copy of the Key Objectives will indicate which key objective you can help with at home Any other information your teacher thinks will be useful, especially based on how they have settled into their new year groups

9 Any questions

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