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Scalar (Dot) Product. Scalar Product by Components.

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1 Scalar (Dot) Product

2 Scalar Product by Components

3 Meaning of Scalar (Dot) Product

4 Vector (Cross) Product

5 Vector Product by Components

6 Vector Product by Determinant

7 Meaning of Vector (Cross) Product

8 Products of Vectors Example

9 Chapter 1 Summary Units, Physical Quantities, and Vectors

10 Chapter 2 Outline Motion Along a Straight Line Velocity and Acceleration Average Instantaneous Graphical representation Motion with constant acceleration Kinematic equations Free fall Motion with varying acceleration Equations for position and velocity

11 Displacement in One Dimension

12 Average Velocity in One Dimension

13 Instantaneous Velocity in One Dimension

14 At any point, the slope of the position vs. time graph will give the instantaneous velocity.

15 Acceleration

16 Acceleration vs. Position


18 Motion with Constant Acceleration

19 Free Falling Bodies

20 Free Fall Example

21 Velocity and Position by Integration

22 Chapter 2 Outline Motion Along a Straight Line


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