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Political Science 110J Power in American Society.

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1 Political Science 110J Power in American Society

2 Course Website 2010 All course documents (syllabus, lecture slides, essay prompts, online readings) can be found here

3 Key terms & ideas Ideal types – Abstracted for understanding – Never found in pure form

4 Power and authority – Legitimacy Sources of Power (broadly): – Force – Economy – Politics Sources of Legitimacy: – Law – Culture, religion, custom – Charisma

5 Two Kinds of Liberty Ideal types, almost never encountered in pure form Negative – Liberty is having no masters Absence of constraint Positive – Liberty is being your own master Constraint can be used to help you act as you would if you had better understanding

6 Telos The end of a thing as a part of that thing – Example: acorns & oak trees Teleology (teleological) – Understanding a thing with its telos in mind – Linear movement toward the telos of a thing

7 Two major political philosophies inform the structure of American government – liberalism & republicanism

8 Liberalism Emphases: – Primacy of reason – Reason vs. passion, interest – Universal rights – Negative liberty – The market – Individuals

9 Republicanism Emphases – Value of citizenship – Ties that bind citizens to state and vice versa – Community & communal identity – Positive liberty – Virtue and corruption (faction, interest) – Classicalist

10 What is power? How do we talk about it? What does it mean to be free? What is America? Who is an American? What is the American telos? Is there one? Who are we, and what will we do?

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