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Lesson Plan 4 Diversity. Note to teacher These slides provide all the information you need to deliver the lesson. However, you may choose to edit them.

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1 Lesson Plan 4 Diversity

2 Note to teacher These slides provide all the information you need to deliver the lesson. However, you may choose to edit them and remove some of the detail to make them appropriate for your students. To edit these slides, you should save them to your computer with a different file name.

3 Would Bassetts sell these?

4 Would these be more popular?

5 Which is more interesting?

6 Your views On paper, list numbers 1-5. As each question is revealed, choose your answer from A-E and record your chosen letter against each number on your paper. No discussing your answers!

7 Your views Question 1: What is your favourite food? a)Roast dinner b)Curry c)Chinese d)Pizza e)Pasta

8 Your views Question 2: Which of the following sports do you like most? a)Martial arts b)Dance c)Football d)Tennis e)Skiing

9 Your views Question 3: Which style of music do you like most? a)Pop b)Hip hop and R n B c)Indie d)Dub step e)Heavy metal

10 Your views Question 4: What is your favourite colour? a)Black b)Red c)Green d)Blue e)Pink

11 Your views Question 5: Which of the following statements do you agree with most? a)I think it is wrong to talk about people behind their back b)I dont believe in God c)I do believe in God d)I believe everyone is born free and equal e)I think it is important to protect the environment.

12 Your views QuestionABCDE 1: What is your favourite food? 2: Which of the following sports do you like most? 3: Which of the following styles of music do you like most? 4: What is your favourite colour? 5: Which of the following statements do you agree with most?

13 What is diversity? Diversity is a range of different things. We are going to explore and celebrate diversity in our country. Todays learning outcomes: –Understand our country has a diverse population. –Know where our diversity comes from. –Appreciate the benefits of diversity and celebrate difference.

14 What do these arrows show?

15 Diversity in Britain 1700 onwards: Indians and Chinese arrived because of Britains growing Empire and trade with far off countries. 1946: After the Second World War many refugees came to Britain from Eastern Europe. Today: Immigrants continue to arrive from the EU and around the world, adding to the diversity of our country. 43-410AD: Romans invaded, bringing the first black people with them from North Africa. A few hundred years later they returned to Italy leaving those who wished to stay. 1555-1833: African and Afro-Caribbean people arrived because of Britains involvement in the slave trade. 1840 Many people came to England to escape a terrible famine in Ireland.

16 Diversity of the UK Britain, down to its deepest roots, has always been a diverse nation. Our diversity is a result of invasion, expansion, empire and Commonwealth, and being a safe haven for people fleeing danger. For over 2000 years people have arrived in Britain, contributing their own cultural influence. The previous map shows just some of them!

17 Diversity of the UK Much of our diversity comes from the British Empire, which at its height governed over one quarter of the worlds population – thats 458 million people! After the British Empire collapsed, people from the Commonwealth migrated to Britain, and countries such as the Caribbean and India were invited to help strengthen our workforce.

18 Diversity of the UK Today, people continue to move all around the world. The expansion of the European Union has seen a number of Europeans come to the UK in recent years. Our current population of over 60 million people includes a mix of people from different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. The 2001 Census shows that about 7.9% of the population are from minority ethnic backgrounds. So what mix of culture does this mix of people bring to our country?

19 A mix of food

20 A mix of music and dance

21 A mix of sports

22 A mix of fashion

23 Our cultural life Ethnic diversity has made our society rich in culture and contributed to our economic, social and democratic development. Everything in modern Britain – from music and fashion to food and language – has been influenced by different ethnic communities, cultures and social groups...

24 Our cultural life Asian cuisine has become part of the British diet with chicken Tikka Masala being one of our most popular dishes!

25 Our cultural life British young people set the fashion trends worldwide by combining a unique mix of ethnic styles.

26 Our cultural life British music combines influences from all over the world. Some of our most successful musicians are from ethnic minority groups.

27 Our cultural life Sportsmen and women from ethnic minority groups have made huge contributions to our sporting success and achieved world class status.

28 Our cultural life Can you imagine our country without these people?

29 Without immigration, some England players wouldnt live here.

30 How does diversity impact your life? Two minute challenge In pairs, list things in your everyday life that are influenced or come from other countries. It can be a person in your family or a friend, music or food, fashion or sport. List as many things as you can. Each pair will share as a class and there cant be any repetition. Can you imagine life without these things?

31 Diverse people, diverse identities When we talk about diversity, we dont just talk about race and ethnicity. Diversity includes all different people, each contributing their own uniqueness, making Britain a more interesting place to live. So diversity includes people of different gender, ages, sexual orientation, disability, religion, beliefs and more. It is important that everyone respects and celebrates each others differences so we can all get along, learn from each other and share an exciting mix of cultures and experiences.

32 Diversity Factor Working in groups of 4-5s, you are going to create a pop group to enter the Diversity Factor! Your pop group needs to celebrate, respect and represent diversity in the UK and appeal to our diverse population!

33 Diversity Factor Each group will have 20 minutes to create the following: Pop group name Pop group members (think about a diverse range of people) Statement that sums up why your pop group has the Diversity Factor Some sample song names, lyrics and / or dance moves

34 Your audition After 20 minutes, each group will present their pop group to the judges! Be as creative as you can to present your pop group. It could be a speech, performance, a PowerPoint, a song, a poster or a written piece.

35 Judging Each group will play judge once and will provide feedback. You should provide two ticks (positive feedback) and one target (area for development). Use your judging sheet to record your feedback. When providing feedback think about: –Does the pop group include a mix of people? –Did their pop group combine a mix of culture? –Did it celebrate and promote diversity? –Did they present their pop group effectively? We have no nasty judges in this competition, so always clap each performance.

36 Ready, steady, rehearse...

37 Respect our differences It is important to celebrate and respect that we are all different. Remember, we are all different in our own way (each one of you), and we all add something special to the diversity of our country. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same! Finding out about different cultures and discovering the different ways that people live and think is fascinating, and helps everyone to get along and understand each other better. So lets show some respect for difference.

38 What have we learnt? That our country has a diverse population. Where our diversity comes from. That diversity has many benefits and we should celebrate difference.

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