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Junior Seminar # 4 8/9 May 2013. Junior Seminar # 1 College Match –Know yourself: what you want; how do you learn –Know the university: develop a list.

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1 Junior Seminar # 4 8/9 May 2013

2 Junior Seminar # 1 College Match –Know yourself: what you want; how do you learn –Know the university: develop a list of important characteristics that you want in a university Investigate universities to determine if they match your profile # 2 Researching Universities –Naviance, UCAS, university websites and reps, graduates, counselors and parents Types of universities to which to apply: –Safety –Match –Reach

3 Junior Seminar # 3 Testing for University Types of applications –EA, ED, Rolling, Priority, Regular Junior Conference Application Timeline Junior Conferences Testing schedule –SAT Reasoning –SAT II –TOEFL –Other? Identifying Universities Finding the Right Fit Using and Updating Naviance

4 Junior Seminar # 4 Application Process Applications Deadlines Application Shortlist Financial Statements/Forms Online Persona Ownership of the Application and Process Campus Visits

5 Application Process Finalize your list of universities (no more than 10) Obtain the applications online by registering on the university’s website or through Common Application or UCAS or other website Request teacher recommendations (only 2) in Sept!! Complete Transcript Request Form by ISB deadline and turn in to the registrar’s office. Complete your application and essay well before the due date. (Who’s seen your essay?) Submit any additional materials before ISB deadline. All materials which can be submitted on line will be. However, some must be mailed and additional time must be allowed.

6 Verifying Authenticity of Applications May include: –Resume –Certificate of Activities –Essay –Submission of application w/counselor

7 Workshops / University Labs Essay writing Application completion Common App UCAS University of California

8 Deadlines All Transcript Request Forms (and additional materials) must be submitted to the registrar’s office before ISB deadline (which will be well before the university deadline and the winter holiday). All requests for applications due before 15 February 2014 will be processed before the winter holiday! Teachers/counselors must be given at least 3 weeks notice to write letters of recommendation.

9 University Deadline Notes UK: medical, dental, veterinarian, and Oxbridge (15 October) **UCAS Med, vet and dental exams must be done before returning to Senior year. Check with British Council. University of California and Cal State: 1-30 November Japan/Korea/Singapore: application window Early Action or Early Decision: 1 or 15 November

10 Short List –6-8 universities –Includes safety, match & reach universities –Have major(s) of interest –Student profiles are similar to own –Are within family budget –Should be firm by August 2013! –Remember a total of 10 applications can be submitted by any student!!!!

11 Senior Year –Meet with counselor to review short list by the end of August –Request letters of recommendation (2) in September –Submit Transcript Request Forms & additional materials by ISB deadline –Submit all official test score requests to testing agency (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

12 Financial Considerations A serious conversation with parents should address: how much can and will they be able to offer for education. Be sure to research: tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, living expenses, transportation, insurance and emergency funds. US Citizens should consider doing the FAFSA Non US citizens applying to the US must submit a Certificate of Finance with your application. Form available in September. It is important to know that many universities do not offer financial aid to non-citizens.

13 Virtual Existence Email: appropriate, for university use, and checked regularly! Online Persona –Facebook –Twitter –Tumblr –Blogs There is no such thing as PRIVACY!

14 The Ownership Issue (I vs. WE) Student Responsibilities Take admissions test & send official scores to universities Keep Naviance updated Know & adhere to all deadlines Be aware of admissions requirements for all universities Determine: Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision with your counselor Write your own essays and complete your own applications Request letters of recommendation according to deadlines Submit transcript requests according to deadlines Correspond with universities about application & financial aid concerns Select your top choice university Parent Responsibilities  Be involved but not in control.  Be aware of deadlines.  Help to organize time & space.  Be realistic about your son’s/ daughter’s strengths & challenges.  React positively to your son’s/ daughter’s choices.  Know that universities have changed since you applied.  Communicate with your son/ daughter about expectations, limitations, financial matters, concerns, etc.  Help arrange university visits when possible.  Do not complete the application/forms.  Do NOT contact the university for your son/daughter.

15 Campus Visits  Is the best way to investigate a university  Arrange before arrival:  Information session  Guided tour  Appointment with admissions officer, coach, etc if appropriate  Take pictures and write down impressions immediately after. Don’t ignore gut reactions.  Stay overnight, visit a class, eat a meal, pick up a student newspaper. Don’t’ just drive through the campus!  Do only two university visits a day. With your last visit being the school in which you are most interested.  ** Refer back to your university handbook for more details.

16 Next Step? Research universities! Visit Campuses and websites Create your short list of universities See your counselor with questions Review/revise your online persona Have a great and productive summer!

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