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Equality Exchange Network Conference 8 June 2011 Meet the Challenge, Lead the Change. View from the private sector Wayne Gwilym, Rockwool.

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1 Equality Exchange Network Conference 8 June 2011 Meet the Challenge, Lead the Change. View from the private sector Wayne Gwilym, Rockwool

2 Equality Exchange Network Conference 8 June 2011 Contents: Rockwool – Who & What? A look at two Challenges – Employment & Security Who doesnt like change? Why Values matter and how we use them Engagement of Employees v. Authenticity of Leaders From Last to First Our passion for society

3 ROCKWOOL Who are we? What do we do? ROCKWOOL Who are we? What do we do?

4 Rockwool Group Worlds leader in stone wool Quoted in Copenhagen Origins from 1909 Main shareholders: Rockwool Foundation - 23% The Kahler Family

5 The Rockwool Foundation

6 Planned factory Factory Sales office, administration, etc. Rockwool Locations 8,800 employees55 Sales offices in 37 countries27 factories in 17 countries

7 7 Create and protect

8 Protect people and buildings from the environment We protect against cold, heat, fire, noise We help create beautiful buildings from durable materials We improve safety, comfort and property value

9 9 Create products and systems to protect the environment from buildings Our products reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing energy consumption of buildings; We enable customers to create more beautiful, healthier environments We borrow our material – stone – from nature, and return it when were finished

10 An Employment Challenge: Addressing Workforce Gender Imbalance

11 Workforce Gender Imbalance Prior to 2008 – Middle aged, white, working class, male With a new recruitment process and a few Ladies Nights we tipped the balance THEN Construction market crashed - so did sales.. BUT The Ladies are still with us…. When times are really tough….dare to think long term Between June 2007 & November 2008 we invested 100m in new production & logistics facilities in our Pencoed plant

12 Q: Who doesnt like change? A: Depends whats changing, whos affected and how Sustainable improvement in an organisations performance needs engagement of the critical stakeholders – its employees. You have to talk with your people in their world. If they resist, its probably because they have a reason. It takes patience, time, humanity and vision…but when its done, its done. For good. At Rockwool UK & I we have a partnership model where all employment policies are jointly developed by managers and workforce The Security Challenge One of our first joint policies was Dignity & Work This significantly opened the culture to new perspectives But we had to ignore the advice about nicknames……

13 Our Group Values

14 Why Values Matter @ Rockwool. Every organisation has values…So whats different? The Group Values have continuous focus at Group and local OPCO level. Each employee has an element of values in their performance review. We believe in dialogue and invest in feedback. Employees participate 360 feedback to their colleagues.* Also through one to one dialogue between members of each work team. This opens with What I most appreciate about you.. The business was founded by the Kahler family so their values are deeply embedded, but we inherit the duty to continue in their footsteps. Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions A production manager recently attributed significant productivity gains to the fact that his shift managers had participated in a Values feedback dialogue..

15 Engagement of Employees v. Authenticity of Leaders When organisational values are brought to life on a daily basis employees are inspired to give of their best.. There is an increasing obsession with Employee Engagement But Scandals from the banking Crisis to MPs Expenses tell us that people long for leaders who are honest and – authentic. Would these problems have occurred if leaders had participated in receiving honest feedback from their people? Trust is critical to gaining high commitment in turbulent times….

16 From Last to First Despite high inflation, £ms of operational cost savings delivered in 1 year. The team that delivered this are on average 56 years of age with 29 years service. We benefit from the remarkable passion and dedication of our people. At the start of the recession, after completion of our investment programme, Rockwool UK was the least productive and efficient factory in the Group. Now, with a more diverse workforce and through the dedication of all, Its the most efficient and amongst the most cost effective – even compared to E Europe. When visitors from around the Group investigated……..they realised that employees had totally bought into what needed to be done. A massive financial target for 2010 was broken down into tangible actions for employees to implement. It was followed up rigorously by a cross functional team.

17 Finally – Our Commitment to CSR Fuel Poverty – A Social Challenge Most of the buildings we will inhabit in 2050 have already been built Refurbishment of this stock runs at less than 1% per year Fuel poverty affects around 4.5m people in the UK 3.75m people are in the most vulnerable category Average fuel prices rose 80% between 2004 and 2008 Indoor comfort is critical to eradicating health inequality We work actively with partners such as BTCV and through the WAG Arbed programme on these urgent issues Community factory visits prior to community retrofit programmes


19 Thank You

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