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Using the Equality Duties to address Hate Crime October 2011 Celia Hart Equality Manager 01978 292808.

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1 Using the Equality Duties to address Hate Crime October 2011 Celia Hart Equality Manager 01978 292808

2 Co-dependent Community Cohesion Equality & Human Rights

3 Hate Crime in Wrexham Community Cohesion Group & team lead Linked to Community Cohesion Groups Third Party Reporting Centres across Borough Manage reports & referrals Community tension monitoring Community connections Myth busters / DVDs Support growth of network of local groups Partnership approach

4 The Law Human Rights Act 1998 –Right to life –Freedom from discrimination –Freedom from torture, inhumane and degrading treatment –Right to liberty, security, fair trial –Freedom of thought, belief and religion, and expression –Respect for private, family life, home –Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property Equality Act 2010 –Outlaws discrimination in a wide range of settings and circumstances –Public sector duties

5 Equality Act - General Duty …eliminate conduct which the Act prohibits …advance equality of opportunity… …foster good relations…

6 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: collect info about compliance with the duties –Hate crime reports monitoring statistics from start to outcome –Domestic abuse monitoring – all protected characteristics –Community tension monitoring –Intelligence finger on the pulse World / national / regional / local –Police –Community contacts etc –Planning representations –complaints

7 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: set equality objectives / engagement Present information about different types of hate crime Ask specific questions – of public concern? Risks different across protected characteristics? Lack of evidence? Flag it / discuss it anyway Fear of hate crime – impact on social inclusion? Local / regional / Wales issue

8 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: assess the likely impact of decisions and policies EASI system questionnaires for each protected characteristic How will this activity help to foster good relations between persons who possess this protected characteristic and those who do not? Understanding Impact Guidance: this is particularly important when an activity may be perceived as favouring one group more than any other

9 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: publish / monitor action plan Strategic Equality Plan integral part of Council Plan Cross referenced to Community Cohesion / Community Safety Strategies etc Co-ordinate reports to Scrutiny Committees –Monitoring / reviewing role

10 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: engagement provisions Developing objectives –Regional N. Wales event 20 September –Wrexham public event – 22 November –Staff events 10/15 November –Surveys (with equality monitoring and Whats it got to do with you? EIAs – in developing EASI system and guidance notes, recording engagement across protected groups and outcome

11 Specific Duties for Wales Regulation: Promote knowledge and understanding of the general duty – use performance assessment to identify needs Training needs analysis – appraisal checklist Training Plan –Munch and learn sessions (PCs) –Managers programme –Briefing sessions Resources Valuing Diversity series / myth busters, DVDs

12 Making sense of it all … WCBC - Equality Improvement Award WCBC – Equality Improvement Group Strategic Equality Plan - eventually EIA tool Co-ordinate information / messages from different sources Co-ordinate, monitor engagement

13 Making it happen Scrutiny Committee – refuse to accept reports without EIA evidence Executive Board / Scrutiny report formats and guidance and sign- off report checklist Departmental Equality Co-ordinators champions Staff induction – law, local diversity, myth busting Managers / Elected Member training - roles and responsibilities Using familiar systems and arrangements for monitoring / reporting progress Scrutiny - confirmation EIA completed & summary –Report sign-off sheet – Scrutiny and Executive Board –Guidance on report template – Scrutiny and Executive Board Corporate Equality Improvement Group Advisory role to departments and schools

14 Equality Improvement Award Internal award scheme – based on EIF Focus on using existing and familiar tools Twenty criteria from equality stock-take 2010 (Modified EIF self assessment) Departments can submit evidence and apply for bronze, silver or gold Wires Community Cohesion One Wrexham Charter into internal equality activities / Personal equality objectives

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